Two Instant Classics in the Muni Lot

The OBR's fan-driven underbelly has two new videos on the relatively horrific subject of Steelerfandom, and the tragedies which result. SeriousFans document the almost-nauseating Yinzer beverage eco-system while tdc productions offer up some solace for the OBR webmaster...

The off-season's exploration into all things Yinzer started somewhat unexpectedly, with a link sent from T-Dog to your OBR webmaster-type person, providing the shocking and disturbing news that one of his favorite bands (Fountains of Wayne) was fronted by a Browns-hating yinzer

Reacting to that news as one would expect, namely, being shocked and disturbed, our webmaster-type person offered up a blog of distress, which caught the attention of tdc productions, they of the many videos on the Muni Lot. Answering quickly, nonee posted a video revisting the FoW's classic Sink to the Bottom. Never before has legume-abuse been so fiercely captured on film, and to such positive webmaster-shock-reducing effect.

Not to be outdone in documenting the horrors of Steelerfandom, our friends from Serious Fans have at it again, and present Part Three of their epic series of documentaries on The Stoolers. How these have escaped the notice of the Motion Picture Academy of Arts and Sciences, or Deloitte and Touche, or whoever makes up those Oscar lists is a mystery.

We should warn you that the epic display of Stoolerdom captured by Seriousfans displays all elements of the Yinzer adut beverage ecosystem, and may not be suitable for those under 18. Or under 40, for that matter, considering the subject matter. So, consider yourself warned.


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