Taylor Chat Transcript

John Taylor was back, live in chat, last Thursday night, and we've got the transcript. Well, the edited bits of it deemed safe for human consumption, anyway. As always, get unique insight and the latest buzz - minus the political correctness - from OBR Insider John Taylor

<ramllov> John, did you hear anything on moss, RB who got cut so quick?  Mental?

<JohnTaylor> Slow down Ram.  I got plenty of beer, which equals plenty of time.

<JohnTaylor> It's as simple as he wasn't good enough to be offered a contract.  Plus, there were still some lingering medical concerns.

<Number1BrownsFan> Are the Browns going to give Dawson any "real" competition?

<JohnTaylor> They tried when they talked to the Dolphins about Mare, but I doubt they bring anyone in now.  Although they should.

<MCORF> John, Adam Caplan isn't very high on Brady.Says he got passed over for a reason and his mechanics are bad.What do you think?

<Number1BrownsFan> What do you think the Browns record will be this year?

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: And he went into the 2006 season being the consensus top pick for the 2007 draft.  I didn't notice his mechanics changing from 2005 to 2006.  I think it's (bad word), to be honest.

<ramllov> John, Brady Quinn, starts first game or after the bye week.  Taking into consideration that their is a new offensive line, new offensive coaching staff?

<JohnTaylor> #1BF: If they don't win six, RAC is in trouble.  Deep trouble.  I'd be very disappointed if they didn't get back to the 6-10 mark.  Still kinda early, though.

<JohnTaylor> ram: open competition.  Let the winner start.

<Brownsfan91171> John out of our first three picks this draft, who do you see as having potential to be probowlers?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: All three have the potential.

<PhotoCityDawg> I read that Eric Wright looked good at minicamp. Have you heard any inside info on how he really did?

<Brownsfan91171> Any news on Winslow or Bentley?

<JohnTaylor> Photo: It was a rookie minicamp.  You can't tell shiite from that.  Check back after a few days of camp.

<nudawg> Crennel got 6 wins in 2005 with less talent than what he has now.

<amore> Good article on Eric Wright in Sports Illustrated this week - says Merletti, former Secret Service Chief checked him out throoughly.

<JohnTaylor> Unless Winslow has a setback, he's still on schedule to be near 100% for training camp.

<JohnTaylor> Bentley still has to decide whether or not he wants to have the surgery.

<Brownsfan91171> I asked Adam if he thought Braylon had turned a corner maturity wise, what do you think?

<mikehey> what do you think of quinn

<ramllov> John, there is talk that Baxter could be healthy, his interview discussed in the Watercooler today.  What have you heard?

<MCORF> What do the rookies do between now and camp? Do they work out with the vets running drills, or is it mostly conditioning?

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: This is a make or break year for RAC.  It's obvious Phil has gotten him more talent.

<JohnTaylor> 91171: I hope he has.  Might want to wait 'til they have played a few games before we go declaring a new and improved Braylon.

<JohnTaylor> mike: Has the potential to be a very, very good QB in the NFL.

<MCORF> What is the surgery that Bently is considering? If he plays without it, does he put his career in jeopordy? If he has it will he play in 2008?

<Brownsfan91171> John we had a great free agency and draft, I think we turned a corner but do you think we are going to be competitive this year or are we still a year away?

<K9crew2> Whats the chances the rookies are in camp and signed in time?

<mikehey> why are clapan and mike maylock the guy from nfl network down on quinn for?

<Number1BrownsFan> Where do you think Shaffer will line up at the start of the season?

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: to repair the damage caused by the staph infection.  He's getting conflicting medical opinions, which is why this decision is taking "a long time".

<JohnTaylor> 91171: They should be more competitive.  They have better talent.

<nudawg> Do you think Tucker can be a competant right guard?

<JohnTaylor> mike: You'd have to ask them.

<JohnTaylor> #1BF: right tackle.

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: I think he would be more competent than Shaffer.  And don't dismiss Sowells at RG.

<JohnTaylor> k9: I'd say there is a very good chance.

<MCORF> How does Jamal Lewis look? Anything left in the tank? I know he is still pretty young so hopefully we can get a good year or 2 from him.

<K9crew2> Thanks

<Brownsfan91171> John, I know if you put brady quinn in next years draft, how would he rate to some of the projected quarterbacks that will be taken in the first round?

<nudawg> Are the Browns done looking for rb's?  if not who do you think they may try to get?

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: He hasn't suited up yet, so I don't have the slightest idea how he looks.  I do think Jamal has something left.

<JohnTaylor> 91171: Based on the people I've talked to, he'd be the first QB taken.

<JohnTaylor> nu: They will leave no stone unturned, but I don't know of anyone in particular that they are sniffing around.  Heard they might be interested in Cedric Cobbs, but haven't been able to confirm that.

<K9crew2> Do you think JLewis is over his injury and could improve to his original form from two years ago?

<Brownsfan91171> John what do you see as strengths to the Browns now?  Seems like when Savage got here we never could come up with one.

<JohnTaylor> K9: I don't know if he'll get back to where he was "x" amount of years ago, but I think he still has the ability to be a solid addition to the running game. Particularly if the Browns can get some real play from the QB position.

<nudawg> Cobb? Man, they are strapping the bottom of the barrel.

<Brownsfan91171> i mean before savage got here.  sorry about that

<ramllov> John, do the Browns now have an idenity, with the new left side of the offensive line?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: Depth is one of the biggest improvements this team has seen since Phil's arrival.

<JohnTaylor> ram: they won't have a new identity until they play some games.

<K9crew2> Is there a outside chance that we could see Keyshawn in a browns uniform?

<JohnTaylor> K9: there's a better chance of seeing me suiting up.

<amore> Is Antwan Peek the Browns' Mike Vrabel?

<nudawg> what position do you play, John?

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: that's all that's left, the bottom of the barrell.  What else should they do?

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: beer vendor.

<JohnTaylor> amore: in what way?

<nudawg> lol. I was hoping you may be a running back.

<TDAWG29> Who has the inside track on punt returning duties

<amore> DL/LB type picked off the scrap heap who becomes a productive contributor

<Brownsfan91171> John, if Thomas starts this year, do you see him as being a liability at LT his rookie season?

<MCORF> Is Winslow's microfracture surgery supposed to put him back to playing without pain, or will he never be 100% again?

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: "me" and "running" don't deserve to be included in the same sentence.  Unless it's a beer run.

<K9crew2> BEER RUN

<JohnTaylor> TDAWG: Nobody.  TC will determine that.

<JohnTaylor> K9: I'll buy, you fly.

<K9crew2> OK

<JohnTaylor> 91171: Not with Steinbach being next to him.

<JohnTaylor> brb....

<nudawg> Man, a professional oline in cleveland. I could just cry.

<Brownsfan91171> John, after the changes to the Defensive line, do you think we will be better at stopping the run?

<Brownsfan91171> Nudawg, I have cried tears of joy since the draft ended

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: lol.  That'd be nice.

<K9crew2> With Peek in the Lb position who will loose the most playing time?

<ramllov> McGinest

<JohnTaylor> 91171: Cannot be much worse than they have been the last three, four, eight years.

<nudawg> I really wanted Peterson but I am not disappointed in Thomas.

<Brownsfan91171> Amen John

<TDAWG29> I hear the Browns have 20 Million plus under the salary cap after the Rookies are signed. Is this true? If so will the Browns be a player after the June 1st cuts?

<JohnTaylor> K9: McGinest, eventually.

<JohnTaylor> TDawg: The Browns should have roughly $15-16 once the rookies are signed.

<Brownsfan91171> John, do you see Leon Williams as being more than a role player?

<tommybo> Do you see Baxter coming back as a CB or Safety...assuming he makes it back?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: I'll say this: the the defensive staff really likes him and his athleticism, and it would not surprise me if he challenged Andra and D'Qwell for playing time this year.

<TDAWG29> Who will be the 3rd. receiver?

<ramllov> If Sowell starts at RG and Leon Williams is starting inside LB, the 2006 draft, will be a great draft!

<JohnTaylor> tommybo: there are rumblings that IF he comes back, they may try him at safety.  That could also depend on the development of Eric Wright and progress on the part of Holly.

<K9crew2> Do you think Winslow will ever get back to 100%, or is a injury that he might have to live with?

<amore> Was signing Kevin Shafer to his ridiculous contract Savage's worst move as GM?

<tommybo> Do you see Andra as a good player or more of the Wali Rainer type...lots of tackles but too far down the field? Thanks for the time!

<JohnTaylor> TDAWG: I think that will come down to Carter and Wilson.

<tommybo> Is Shaffers contract out of line for a good RT?

<JohnTaylor> K9: Nope, he will never be "100%".

<k2thechosen1> john, what do you expect from Wimbley this year?

<nudawg> if it is carter, we are in trouble.

<ramllov> John, what is your opinion on Tim Carter, WR, who the Browns got from the Giants?

<Brownsfan91171> John, the secondary is very young and inexperienced.  Do you think that we are set there for the future?

<JohnTaylor> amore: I don't think it was a ridiculous signing or contract at all.  Put Steinbach next to Shaffer last year instead of Andruzzi and I think people would be whistling a different tune.

<JohnTaylor> K2: Sky is the limit for Kamerion.  So, so much talent.

<TDAWG29> I kind of thought Cribbs would be better in the slot

<jb42776> sorry i'm late guys what did i miss?

<JohnTaylor> tommybo: probably slightly right now, but possibly not in a couple of years.

<JohnTaylor> ram: he's a guy that needs to work on following the football.  Obvious point, but it's something Chandler will work on.

<ramllov> John, do you like Chandler as the WR coach?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: As long as Bodden stays healthy, Wright pans out, and Holly progresses, they will have a very three-deep corner position.

<K9crew2> Who will be our #1 reciever for 2008?

<JohnTaylor> ram: He's a no (bad word) coach, but not in the way that Carthon was.

<ramllov> It sounds like a lot of ifs for the Cornerback positions

<k2thechosen1> can we expect a repeat of last years season for Sean Jones?

<ramllov> Thanks John

<JohnTaylor> K9: Braylon.  I think he will progress and mature, and he's too damn talented to give up on for at least a couple of years.

<TDAWG29> What type of expanded role can we expect out of Wimbley

<Brownsfan91171> John, it seemed that Wilson was in the dog house last year.  Do you see him as a break out player this year?  Anyone else you see as a break out player?

<ramllov> John, what is your take on Peek, OLB, will he be the other pass rusher that will let Wimbley loose?

<nudawg> John, where do you see Minter fitting in. How much potential does he have?

<JohnTaylor> ram: of course there is.  Young guys, hurt guys.  But, if they play and progress to their potential, they'll be fine for now.

<JohnTaylor> TDAWG:  See QB, get QB. :-)

<K9crew2> Do you think they are selling out rac by not letting him pick his own coaching staff in a make or season?

<MCORF> Winslow at 90% is pretty good. Will he ever play pain free? This surgery, if successful, is supposed to decrease the damage in the knee.What is the best we can expect from KW?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: Could be.  He's another one with a lot of talent.  Leon Williams is another one.  And Sowells.

<BryanK> Who do you say will be starting RG on 9/8/07?

<JohnTaylor> ram: He has the potential to.  He's a better fit as a 3-4 'backer, and his forte' is getting to the QB.  Should be very interesting for opposing QBs with Wimbley and Peek on the field together.

<Brownsfan91171> After some of the things Caplan said, I wanted to cry.  With John I want to buy him a beer or a hundred of them.

<redright> John what do you like about Sowells?  Should we expect him to progress tothe level of a high quality starter?

<ramllov> John, do you see Shawn Smith as the starting NT in 2008?

<tommybo> If you had to lay odds on starting QB vs Pitt...who gets the nod?

<kcfan22> I love Cliff louis will he have a good shot at making the team over Nat Dorsey?

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: He has to get healthy and stay healthy first and foremost.

<JohnTaylor> K9: RAC is selling himself out by not getting the most out of the talent he has.

<nudawg> Is he not healthy now???

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: Probably not.

<tommybo> Caplan vs Taylor on Quinn selection...you have your I told you so's ready???

<JohnTaylor> BryanK: Tucker.

<k2thechosen1> John, what can the Browns expect from Jones this year. Another solid season?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: lol.

<JohnTaylor> redright: It's not what I like, it's what the staff likes.  They feel like he can be a very positive presence inside as far as the running game goes.

<JohnTaylor> ram: That's the Browns' plan.

<Brownsfan91171> John, out of Beck, Quinn and Russell.  How do you rate them?

<JohnTaylor> tommybo: probably Charlie, although it wouldn't surprise me if it were DA or Quinn.

<JohnTaylor> kcfan: Not familiar with him.

<JohnTaylor> tommybo: I don't do "I told you so's". :-)

<redright> John, if they like Sowells potential to be a run blocker, should we pencil him in as the right guard backing up Tucker and expect him to become our Right Guard down the line?

<BryanK> JT, how's your beer supply tonight?

<redright> what happens with McKinney?

<JohnTaylor> K2: I and the staff expects him to jump to the Pro Bowl-level, although he played there last year and only Dr. Z nationally noticed.

<kcfan22> Do you see bently going on IR or pup at the start of the season

<JohnTaylor> redright: They will give Sowells a shot at the starting position, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him take it.

<JohnTaylor> Bryan: getting thin, actually.  Thanks for the concern. :-)

<JohnTaylor> redright: depth at all three of the interior line positions.

<JohnTaylor> kcfan: Great question, but I have no idea right now.

<ramllov> John, you should buy a case prior to each draft and charge it to Barry

<MCORF> I wouldn't mind Sowells winning the spot and Tucker backing up both tackle positions.

<JohnTaylor> ram: sad part is, I did.  I have issues.

<BryanK> Great idea, Ram

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: exactly.

<K9crew2> Dont you think that the revolving door at the coaching position,Qb,Oline,Rb is what got the team where it is today 4wins.

<Brownsfan91171> John, what do you see as weakness for the Browns that will need future work on?

<JohnTaylor> K9: shitty play got the team to four wins.

<ramllov> John, now that most of the acquistions have been completed by the Browns, there is a lot to like in 2007 for this team, right?

<BryanK> JT, do you think Jamal has anything left in the tank, or will he be playing for one more big payday?

<K9crew2> That TOO

<JohnTaylor> 91171: the defensive line, first and foremost.  That MUST be addressed next offseason. RB as well.

<nudawg> I think injuries got us to 4 wins.

<MCORF> If Romeo gets canned, does Granthem take over and Tucker go to DC? I'd hate to lose either one of those guys.

<redright> John as each month passes I become more skeptical that LeCharles will return as a great center. How long can we go with fraley and McKinney?

<Brownsfan91171> John, since our return in 99, is this the best foundation the Browns have ever had talent wise?

<JohnTaylor> ram: I would agree.  There seems to be some hope, and the light at the end of the tunnel doesn't appear to be Chris Palmer's runaway train.

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: that didn't helpeither.

<kcfan22> The only real question mark on this team imo is rb. Do you think we havent seen the best from wright/Harrison due to our horrible run blocking in '06

<ramllov> John, if McKinney is healthy, could he start at center instead of Fraley?

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: I would not count out Grantham taking over for RAC IF he were canned.  He's highly respected, and there are reasons why he didn't get the MSU job.

<nudawg> What are those reasons?

<JohnTaylor> redright: if LeChuck cannot continue, that position will absolutely have to be addressed.

<JohnTaylor> 91171: Absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

<Lumpy> JT, Lumpy here....got on late sorry....RE. Grantham and MSU, do you care to elaborate? THanks.

<K9crew2> If LeCharles is not ready by this time next year do think they will draft a center high next year?

<redright> Other than Grantham saying he wouldn't rule out going to the pros, what kept him from the NFL? a Browns offer?

<JohnTaylor> kcfan: I think DL is more of a question mark, but, the Harrison thing from 2006 still has me baffled.

<JohnTaylor> Lumpy: Let's just say that I'll be writing something about that in the (somewhat) near future.

<MCORF> Does this C from Iowa State have any chance to develop into a starter down the road?

<Brownsfan91171> John, pleae tell me you don't see the Browns being winless in the division again this year?

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: don't know of him, to be honest.

<JohnTaylor> 91171: RAC better hope not.

<nudawg> ok John. Just kkep us in suspense.

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: :-)

<kcfan22> Do you see

<JohnTaylor> Gotta nail a couple things down.

<redright> John, any RB that may come available ....one that could help us this year

<JohnTaylor> redright: Honestly, I haven't even looked at potential June 1 cuts.

<kcfan22> Do you see RAC being more open to playing rookies since he has to "win now"?

<MCORF> Do you see Thomas and Quinn in camp on time? Also, is Thomas officially #73?

<ramllov> John, how did you see the Brady Quinn, fall down the draft, many teams lining up after 22 to get him?

<Brownsfan91171> John with all that cap space we have, do you see us locking up some talent on the team to long term contracts?

<redright> What do you see in Cribbs and Harrison?

<redright> can they block/

<JohnTaylor> kcfan: I would think that he would play whomever gave him the best chance to win right now.

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: Yes I do.

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: Haven't seen what his official # is.

<JohnTaylor> ram: The Chiefs would've taken him.

<mikehey> do you see quinn starting this year?

<Ravedawg> Thomas and Quinn both seem to be hardcore football players, they seem to love the game

<MCORF> Does Jurevicious have a few good years left?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: That is a very real possibility.

<kcfan22> So does frye give him the best chance to win now?

<Brownsfan91171> John, did that ratbirds really try for Quinn or were they trying to bump up the price like we keep hearing after they lost him to the Browns?

<JohnTaylor> redright: I'm not as high on Cribbs as most.  Harrison, I just felt he displayed enough in camp and preseason to be utilized more in the regular season.

<ramllov> John, I just see Frye starting with a new offensive line, RBs and new offensive coaching staff. Quinn starting after the bye week.

<JohnTaylor> mike: Yes, at some point.

<JohnTaylor> Rave: They are both all about football, especially Quinn.  That was one of their selling points.

<amore> Any chance Vickers will be used more as a RB as opposed to fullback?

<K9crew2> Do you think Harrison can carry the load if Lewis goes down?

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: Yes, but the Browns would like to see Wilson step up and allow JJ to be the third WR, where he's better suited.

<nudawg> Do you think Vickers has improved his blocking enough to start at fullback?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: Yes, the Rats' interest was real.

<redright> Thanks John,  I see us as having Jamal and then a long fall to get to Harrison, with very little coming from Cribbs. We ned a RB.

<redright> right/worng/

<MCORF> Is it true that Savage had Thomas#3,Quinn #7, and Wright #15 on his board or is that just internet rumor?

<JohnTaylor> kcfan: Check back with me in a couple of months.  I believe that Quinn is the better QB right now, but that's yet to be played out.

<redright> right/wrong?

<Brownsfan91171> John, do we finally have the pieces (players and coaches) to actually have a real offense?

<JohnTaylor> kcfan: no on Harrison.  He's a change-of-pace guy.

<JohnTaylor> amore: that's the plan for Vickers.

<JohnTaylor> absolutely redright.

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: That's not the case at all.

<ramllov> John, what is going to happen to the Cleveland Browns when they actually have a very good offensive line this year?

<Brownsfan91171> John do you know where the three players were rated?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: the talent "seems" to be there, but they MUST get better play from the QB position.  It's an absolute must.

<MCORF> Why not get Corey Dillon and let him compete with Lewis? Heard he was waiting until August to sign on wherever he had the best opportunity to play.

<kcfan22> I love the Quinn pick but I would like to see what frye can do with a much improved O-line. Hopefully both frye and quinn get plenty of PT with the first team in pre-season

<nudawg> Do you think Vickers has improved his blocking enough to start at fullback?

<JohnTaylor> ram:MCORF: Dillon might help in the immediate, but they need to get a long-term solution at the position.

<Lumpy>Going back to the fullback position....do you really think the plan is for Vickers to block for Jamal Lewis or the guy from the Ravens who blocked for him previously?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: Quinn and Thomas were top 5, Wright was in their top 30 I believe.\

<Brownsfan91171> three first rounders, can't beat that!!!

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: he is the starter, so I would say they have confidence in his ability.

<Lumpy>Great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<JohnTaylor> Lumpy: Vickers.

<JohnTaylor> brb....

<ramllov> Taylor, it is about time you call barry to deliver the next case of beer, you must be getting dry!

<MCORF> Yes, but at this point he is better than Wright. If Lewis goes down, our QB, whoever it is, is in big trouble.

<Lumpy>While JT is gone .... any updates on Shaffer folks?

<ramllov> He must be making the call to barry now

<K9crew2> Beer Run

<Brownsfan91171> John do you think any of the late round defensive lineman can be serious contributors?

<kcfan22> 90% he stays

<JohnTaylor> ram: yes, I'm running low.

<Lumpy>kc--at right tackle?

<kcfan22> yes with tucker playing guard

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: don't shortshrift Wright.  Dillon ain't the back he was even three years ago.

<JohnTaylor> 91171: They could be rotational guys ala Fraser.

<Brownsfan91171> Thomas, Steinbach, Fraley, Tucker, Shaffer and depth.  Can we actually have a real honest to goodness NFL calber offensive line.

<JohnTaylor> So, anyways, about Dale Junior...

<cws5887> How much are we under this year's salary cap?

<kcfan22> I have heard Tucker played guard with the rams is that true??

<nudawg> can't believe it, can you 91171?

<BryanK> OT:  Whats your Cavs prediction against NJ?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: as long as the name "Rehberg" is not in there, it's all good.

<Brownsfan91171> LOL john

<JohnTaylor> 5887: $15-16 million after the rookie pool is subtracted.

<MCORF> Does Dale Jr. play RB?

<JohnTaylor> kcfan: I'm 99% certain he did play some guard with the Rams.

<cws5887> Wow, any big FA sIGNINGS IN THE FUTURE?

<Brownsfan91171> I heard Dale wants 51% ownership of the Browns before he will suit up

<JohnTaylor> Bryan: Cavs in five.

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: He doesn't, but he could buy a nice one.

<JohnTaylor> 91171: LMAO

<JohnTaylor> Junior deserves better equipment and an owner that puts money back into the organization.

<kcfan22> I thought so he would seem more logical to play G then shaffer

<JohnTaylor> 5887: check back in 2008.

<jb42776> John do you think the Browns will use up some of that cap space by giving some guys money now to avoic cap hell later?

<K9crew2> Have you heard any names being thrown around who might be picked at backup Rb,It sound desparate if lewis goes down there goes the season?

<redright> Does Shaffer have enough run blocking drive to play Right Tackle?


<ramllov> John what do you think they will do with the 15 million?

<JohnTaylor> Sorry for yelling.

<MCORF> Lucky he has his sister as a partner, because she seems like the brains of that family

<JohnTaylor> K9: not really, just Cobbs that I have NOT been able to nail down.

<Brownsfan91171> John with all the money we spent on o-line, and with Braylon, Winslow and now Thomas and Quinn, could we be in cap hell in a couple years?

<jb42776> I mean guys who may have a low cap number now and bigger cap hit later, why not frontload it to save room later, like give stienbach a bonus now to soften the cap hit later

<JohnTaylor> redright: that will be the question with him on that side.  That's why you can't just snap your fingers and expect him to be able to flip successfully to the other side.

<kcfan22> thats what scares me as well alot of contracts are backloaded

<JohnTaylor> 91171: That's a possibility, but MacCracken is a HELLUVA cap guy.  Not too many are better than him.

<Brownsfan91171> Along the same line with cap hell, are we done being big spenders in free agency in the future since we now have a base.

<JohnTaylor> 2776: That's also a possibility.  It will be explored.

<ramllov> I think they will go out and get a big time DE and RB in free agency next year

<gusdawg444> Turner?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: That would be a very fair assumption, I would think.  Barring injuries, of course.

<ramllov> yes

<MCORF> We'll get some money back if Baxter doesn't make it back.

<JohnTaylor> ram: Those two would be my targets.

<Brownsfan91171> John what do you think of the back up RB from the Chargers?  Is he a real option as a future back next year?

<ramllov> John, you have taught me well!

<JohnTaylor> 91171: I'm not as high on Turner as most, and for the life of me I can't explain why.

<JohnTaylor> lol ram.

<nudawg> I think we need another pass rusher.

<MCORF> When is the next mini camp? Will the vets be there also?

<JohnTaylor> OK, you guys have me until 10:30.  The old lady is giving me the stank eye.

<ramllov> John, I don't think this will end up in a transcript, do you mind if I make some notes for the Tap Room tomorrow?

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: You can never have enough of those.

<Brownsfan91171> John what is a beind a bigger need NT or DE

<JohnTaylor> ram: I'm supposed to copy this, but go ahead and take some notes.

<nudawg> we only have one for sure. maybe two. two minimal is what is neede to be competitive.

<gusdawg444> Deuce Mccalister possibilities via trade next year.  The saints drafted Pittman and obviously prefer to get bush more touches.  Could we possibly go after Deuce if the Lewis experiment fails?

<BryanK> Does Big Ted have 15-20 plays a game in him for this year?

<Brownsfan91171> what the heck did i just type?  Ok try again.  Bigger need NT or DE?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: I'd say DE, because I think Shaun Smith will pan out.

<ramllov> I was just going to do it from memory.  It is nice that you are going to make a copy, great stuff, as always.  I am really enjoying it.

<redright> Glad to hear that John.  You have provided a lot of information tonight and it would be a shame to lose it.  This chat should be posted.

<kcfan22> percent chance bently plays by years end??

<JohnTaylor> 444: Don't get me started on Deuce.  He should've been the pick in 2001. :-)

<nudawg> even if smith does pan out you will need a reserve nt next year. I don't expect washington back.

<JohnTaylor> THANKS RAM


<Brownsfan91171> Do you see Bentley as ever coming back John?

<JohnTaylor> (Very, very, very bad word) caps lock.

<kcfan22> lol

<JohnTaylor> Pardon my French, btw.

<redright> With Smith and Ted supposed to get 15 plays each, who provides us with the rest?

<nudawg> come on John. There are children here.

<Brownsfan91171> John is cut off from the beer

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: Very true.

<K9crew2> F bomb

<ramllov> John, not that you have the time, we put up a nice  thread on the DRAFT BREW by Alwayslefty, he started it on the Browns personnel, take a read of it and let me know what you think, if you have thetime.

<JohnTaylor> 91171: OK, I'm outta here.  See ya!

<nudawg> Me for instance.

<MCORF> Any word of Bernie helping out in camp? I'd rather he be helping Quinn than having him announce the preseason games again.

<JohnTaylor> redright: I think Smith will get more plays than Big Ted.

<Brownsfan91171> Do you think Bernie will ever coach for the Browns?

<JohnTaylor> will do ram

<K9crew2> MORE BEER?

<JohnTaylor> No, beer's almost gone.

<redright> good...Smith should be better than Ted over the course of the season.  is there a 3rd?

<Lumpy>IMO, both Washington and McGinest were very poor showings last year on the field....I only hope their presence on the practice field and locker room helped the team in a positive way...With THAT in mind, how important is the development of Antwaan Peek and Shaun Smith as contributors to the defense?  I think they hold a critical key cuz the 2 vets we picked up from the Pats need to retire to coaching. Any thoughts??

<JohnTaylor> 91171: No.  Front office is much, much more likely.

<nudawg> No doubt smith is one of the big mysteries for next year. if he doesn't produce or gets hurt we are in real trouble.

<ramllov> I thought Washington will get 20 -25 plays and Shawn Smith the rest.  I just wonder if Shawn Smith could play a few plays at DE while washington was playing NT on a few downs?

<JohnTaylor> Lumpy: Disagree slightly on Washington.

<kcfan22> It s up yo bernie he said he has been offered positions in the org but said he didnt want to commit to them

<Brownsfan91171> John is Andre Davis overrated?

<JohnTaylor> Lumpy: Very important for those two to develop, ESPECIALLY Smith.

<JohnTaylor> kcfan: they were all FO positions.

<kcfan22> yeah

<ramllov> John, quick question, your opinion on Robaire Smith?

<Brownsfan91171> John, how important is Dorsey footbacll knowledge?  Enought to make him the third stringer?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: I think he's an average LB who plays with a shitload of heart.  The Browns could do worse.

<Brownsfan91171> I hope Dorsey's football knowledge is better than my typing

<redright> DQuell had 115 tackles last year..only 3 behind the LOS.  Can we expect a big improvement this year?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: It never hurts to have a smart veteran on the roster, especially with young QBs.

<BryanK> If Dorsey's so smart, make him a coach

<MCORF> I can't believe Dorsey is still in this league

<JohnTaylor> redright: That's the hope. I suck at predicting, though.

<K9crew2> Do you think if Wright developes into a very good corner that could be the one position that makes this d gell into a good Defence

<JohnTaylor> ram: He's an upgrade over McKinley.  Very, very good against the run.

<cws5887> What do you see the Steeler's record being this year?  I think they will be below average for the next 3 years.

<Brownsfan91171> John, what does the front office and coaches think of Chaun Thompson?

<BryanK> Since I live in Pgh, I sure hope the Steelers suck for a few years.

<ramllov> What do you think of Chaun Thompson?

<JohnTaylor> K9: His development will be important, but probably not as important as what they do with the DL next offseason.

<JohnTaylor> 5887: Steelers will go 0-16.

<Lumpy>YEAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<BryanK> Best prediction to date!!!

<JohnTaylor> 91171: I wouldn't be surprised if he were a late preseason cut.

<Lumpy>YEAH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<kcfan22> lol that would make my whole year if they go 0-16

<Brownsfan91171> that is funny, i predict the Ratbirds and Bengals to also be 0-16.

<nudawg> then we win at least two division games.

<MCORF> If Quinn came out the same year as Manning,Big Ben,Rivers, where would he fit?

<JohnTaylor> I also predicted that the Browns would go 8-8 last year, so take it with a grain of salt.

<BryanK> Quinn will be better than Eli

<kcfan22> lol

<JohnTaylor> Bryan: absolutely agree, although that wouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

<ramllov> John, do you see Brady Quinn as a real good QB?

<BryanK> Good point

<JohnTaylor> ram: Yes.  Have you not read my ATI posts? :-)

<Brownsfan91171> John is Beck and Quinn really that close as prospects?

<JohnTaylor> MCCORF: Probably right in the Rivers/Manning mix.

<ramllov> Yes, I read all your posts

<BryanK> Would you draft Jamal Lewis as your 2nd back on a fantasy team?

<cws5887> Any Browns interest in Chris Brown?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: Not even close from the scouts I talked to.

<Lumpy>JT, any insight on how the team felt about Peterson during the draft?

<JohnTaylor> Bryan: I don't play FF.  I drink instead of crunching numbers.

<MCORF> Would you rate him higher than Ben?

<BryanK> I do both

<JohnTaylor> Lumpy: they liked him a lot, but not as much as the other portion of the Big Five.

<nudawg> John, you've got to stop killing those brain cells.

<JohnTaylor> Bryan: Yer a better man than I ;-)

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: brain cells regenerate, right?  I'm good to go.

<ramllov> John, Thanks for a great chat,

<BryanK> Thats what both my wife and girlfriend keep telling me  :)

<JohnTaylor> lol

<K9crew2> One more for the road?

<nudawg> Pretty soon the caps loCK IS GOING TO GET YOU IN TROUBLE.

<JohnTaylor> No problem ram.

<JohnTaylor> LOL nudawg

<MCORF> I went looking through all my old Buchbaum and other draft books and the only QB rated higher than Brady in the past few years was Carson Palmer.

<JohnTaylor> I still have about ten minutes...

<Lumpy>Yeah, thanks again...I got on late...busy day...all good.

<Brownsfan91171> John, do you think that Quinn will need 2 or 3 years for the game to slow down like other QBs?

<jobaugh1>Are there any decent FA rb's still there

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: good point.

<cws5887> Chris Brown!

<nudawg> Problem is Buschbaum did not rate Quinn.

<ramllov> Dillion, if he wants to play this year

<BryanK> My 13 year old daughter just loves the Quinn pick.

<JohnTaylor> 91171: No.  He's a rare breed, in spite of the pre-draft tear-down.

<JohnTaylor> Bryan: you raised her right.

<BryanK> I need to get her a jersey.

<JohnTaylor> Yes you do.

<Brownsfan91171> What did you think of Russell?

<JohnTaylor> Bryan or JaMarcus?

<JohnTaylor> Brian

<redright> What is the best mix of back seven?  How do you see our defensive back 7 best working out?

<Brownsfan91171> Jamarcus

<K9crew2> Dont you think ND put too much presure on Quinn and was he the only one fron ND drafted?

<JohnTaylor> 91171: Liked him a lot, but his bust potential scared the crap out of me.  Would have taken him, though.

<BryanK> So are we finally getting to a point where we have some depth (i.e., the guys we cut in August actually get picked up by other teams)?

<JohnTaylor> redright: Pool, Jones, Baxter, Holly, Bodden, Wright, ???

<JohnTaylor> Bryan: I think they may actually be getting to that point.

<nudawg> there's not a qb out there without big bust potential. That's why I hate picking a qb in the 1st round.

<Lumpy>Baxter ?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

<Brownsfan91171> I thought it was very similar to Leak/Manning choice

<JohnTaylor> K9: There is always pressure at ND.

<JohnTaylor> Lumpy: He'd be part of the best mix IF he's healthy.

<redright> Thanks John,  It looks like our DB coach will have some decisions to make on personnel.  Last year itseemed that it was a search for bodies.

<cws5887> Who is the 2nd string back on paper now?

<Brownsfan91171> What do you think of Poole?

<JohnTaylor> nudawg: yeah, I'll bet the bengals are pissed they still kept taking QBs high because of their failure rate. ;-)

<Lumpy>Can Hamilton play that 3rd safety spot, kinda like they did with Pool last year as the old Bears 46 extra roamer/lb/fs

<JohnTaylor> 5887: Jason Wright.

<JohnTaylor> 91171: I would be really disappointed if he didn't make a Jones-esque leap this year.  Very talented kid.


<Lumpy>I know he's rehabbing (Baxter)....but do you Really expect him to contribute this season?

<JohnTaylor> Lumpy: damn, forgot about him.  Throw him in the mix.  Gracias.

<K9crew2> Ya but all the other Nd skill postions went undrafted and did they even have defence?

<BryanK> OT, Bulls up 51-35 in 3rd qtr.

<JohnTaylor> Lumpy: No.

<MCORF> Does Quinn have the the tools to develop into Carson Palmers class?

<JohnTaylor> I'd say F the Bulls, but I despise the Pistons just as much.

<JohnTaylor> MCORF: IMHO, yes.

<Brownsfan91171> Do you see Thomas as a solid starter or a probowler?

<nudawg> That's better John.

<kcfan22> bulls win series=home court in finals john!

<BryanK> I just don't want to Pisssstons to cruise in the Eastern Conf finals

<JohnTaylor> K9: The NCAA barred ND from playing defense this past season.

<K9crew2> HA HA

<redright> We have shaffer.  Do you see the Browns doing as the jets did with Dbrick and play JT from jump street?

<JohnTaylor> kcfan: great point.  Go Bulls!!! ( Now pardon me while I throw up in my mouth.)

<kcfan22> lol

<BryanK> Wash it down with your last beer.

<K9crew2> F Bulls and Pistons

<JohnTaylor> redright: I'd be beyond shocked if JT weren't the starter at LT from Game One.

<JohnTaylor> lol Bryan.

<cws5887> Steelers signed kevin Barlow today.  What do you think?

<JohnTaylor> OK giuys, 10:30.  Gotta run.

<Brownsfan91171> Before you leave, thank you John for the time.  I am that much more excited about this year.

<ramllov> good night!

<MCORF> FWIW, Kiper said Thomas is in the same class as Ogden,Bosselli?

<BryanK> Thanks, JT.  Appreciated as always.

<nudawg> Maybe the browns should have made a play for him. we have much more cap room.

<JohnTaylor> 5887: overrated locker room cancer.  Good signing by the 'Burgh. :-)

<K9crew2> Thank It been real

<redright> That's good news John,  with Thomas and Steinback we at least have a solid left side.

<Lumpy>Thanks John....have a good night all you Browns fans....!!!!!!!!!!!!

<cws5887> Sweet

<MCORF> Thanks.

<JohnTaylor> You fellas have a good one.  We'll chat again in a coupla weeks.

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