Browns Fans Rally to Preserve Tailgates

<B>We have been informed that ANYONE, not just Cleveland residents, can attend tonight's Council meeting. Read for more details.</B><BR>With another fan tradition under attack, Browns fans find themselves with only a short time to coordinate a response. As usual, though, Browns fans are starting to work together to preserve what has become a time-honored tradition. Learn how to help...

As we reported on Saturday, Browns fans are now facing a multi-pronged attack on the fan tradition of public lot tailgating. Mayor Jane Campbell threatens to triple parking rates and devises bizarre colored-cup-not-clear-cup rules around alcohol consumption in public lots. Not fans of pre-game drinking, The Cleveland Browns market expensive "official" tailgates as an alternative and push fans to the stadium earlier.

Pre-game tailgating is an important part of the gameday experience and fan tradition in the eyes of many, and a group of fans are now attempting to rally against the new restrictions.

According to fans organizing via the Internet, a key event is likely to be a City Council meeting on Tuesday night.

Being an objective journalist who never expresses opinions when someone messes with my homies, we will simply reprint an email received from one of the scurrilous "webmasters" lurking on the net without further comment about why Browns fans should support this effort. Because, you know, there are multiple points of view and maybe there's some person out there who wants to stamp out tailgating as evil or something. These same people hate puppies and balloons. So, we'll remain objective and above-it-all, because this is a serious football coverage site now.

Dear Browns Fan,

Please read all of this email as it concerns a great tradition for Browns fans that is in drastic trouble. It is NOT just about no more alcohol or tripling the parking fees, but about our tradition of being able to tailgate period!

Two of our loyal Browns fans, Anne and Leann, are going to talk with the Mayor and city council of Cleveland on Tuesday night about the city parking lot and tailgate issues and drastically need your help and support.

They need people who actually live in the Cleveland city limits and want to state their opinions to the mayor, plus ALL fans that live in the Cleveland area as support. We need BIG numbers to show up! PLEASE!

If this email finds you out of the Cleveland area please contact a friend or relative in Cleveland and have them go in your place.

They will be going to the Cleveland Town Meeting at the below address at 6:30PM Tuesday Night. 9/17/02

Lady of Angels Hall
3644 Rocky River Drive
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

Below are direction to the Town Meeting: (Directions are from Downtown)

1. Take the I-90 WEST 6.0
2. Take the MCKINLEY AVE exit towards LAKEWOOD, exit #164 0.2
3. Continue on N MARGINAL DR 0.1
4. Turn Left on MCKINLEY AVE 0.2
5. Turn Left on RIVERSIDE DR 0.0
6. Continue on ROCKY RIVER DR 1.0

Here is a map

Thanks and let's speak up for our right to tailgate as other fans do in the other 31 NFL cities!


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