Chudzinski: Answering Like a Vet

The Browns new OC handled a recent interview with the Plain Dealer's Tony Grossi like an old pro...

It's a well-known fact Romeo Crennel's third year that the Browns head coach is sticking closely to a tenet of his coaching tree: don't let the assistants talk to the media.

On rare occasions, the Browns will allow an assistant to speak to the assembled media, or will occasionally make assistants available for one-on-one interviews. The team has promised to try to make assistant coaches more available, but that is naturally subject to the philosophy of the head coach. Translated, if the team stumbles out of the gate in 2007, the wagons will get circled and the team's assistant coaches will be seen and not heard.

In the meantime, though, Browns offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski was made available to Plain Dealer Browns reporter Tony Grossi, and successfully navigated his way through the interview. In other words, he avoided saying anything that might be considered controversial.

While Chudzinski may be in his first full-time coordinator gig, he handled questions like an old pro, confirming reports you've read about the team's offensive players all off-season here at the OBR. Here are some highlights from the full Q and A:

Assess and See: Chudzinski pulled out the old chestnut about learning about his players and seeing what they can do when asked the following questions: Whether quarterbacks would be allowed to audible, whether he will closely follow the Chargers' offensive scheme, how many multiple receiver sets he plans to use, and how quarterback time will be divided in the pre-season.

Frye is the Guy: Chudzinski was in lock-step with Crennel in saying that Charlie Frye is there the team's starting quarterback heading into the Summer.

Receiver Optimism: The team's new offensive coordinator says he expects Winslow to be ready for the start of training camp and is optimistic about Braylon Edwards' off-season.

Running Back Wariness: The team is "counting on gas being in (Jamal Lewis') tank", and Chudzinski says he "wants to see" the team's backup running backs.

Ryan's Return: With the interview's last question, the team's tight ends coach under Butch Davis says that he thinks the team has "got Tucker back". He also confirms that Isaac Sowells was moved over to the right offensive guard spot.

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