Death Chat: Mid-Gund Arena Meltdown Edition

While the Cavs were collapsing, and two of our chatters were witnessing same, the remaining three of the OBR Death Chat regulars rallied to talk Browns football. Yes, it's another edition of the notorious OBR Death Chat, presented again in full-color Nerdovision!

Rich: Here i be.
John: 'Bout (ed: expletive deleted) time.
Barry: Well, that's three of us.
Rich: Almost forgot. Been so long, you know.
Barry: Well, let's do this thing then.
Barry: I actually wrote up questions, so let's use 'em.
John: Lemme grab a beer real quick
Rich: Need a little reinforcement?
Barry: Sports analysis juice
John: Yes. And go ahead

1. The organization is in lock-step right now saying "Charlie Frye is our starter" as we head into training camp. Make the call: "Veteran-Friendly Political Correctness" or "The Truth"?

Rich: PC to the nth degree.
Rich: Frye has as much chance of being the opening-day quarterback as I do.
John: Right now, it's the truth. By the end of training camp? We'll see.
Rich: Ya really think so, John?
John: Yes I do Rich. He was the starter, and RAC doesn't just hand starting jobs to "unproven" entities.
John: I fully expect both Quinn AND DA to outperform Chuck.
Barry: I say they're telling what they think is the truth, but that knocking Frye off that pedestal won't be hard to accomplish.
Barry: We're getting another off-season of wonderful reviews of Charlie's work ethic.
John: Agree with Barry 100%
Rich: RAC has more to worry about than that. A lot more.
Barry: I think RAC will want to dump him soon because RAC needs to win games this year.
John: Of course, but that's how it is when it comes to his starters, especially rook starters
Rich: Charlie doesn't have what it takes to be an effective starting quarterback in the NFL.
John: Agreed Rich

2. Chris Barclay returned a 99 yard kickoff for a TD and broke a 50+ yard run in NFL Europe last week. Is your interest piqued or does the general cynicism over NFL "Europa" override it?

Rich: Me a cynic? Surely you jest. Of course, it's NFL Europe.
John: Was that a fake question, just to test us?
Rich: And NFL Europe means absolutely nothing when it translates to the NFL.
Barry: Consider me "mildly interested", but only because Barclay was pretty good in training camp last year. Stats in NFLE mean less than nothing.
John: (yawn)
Rich: Pretty close.
Barry: Anyone remember the name of that Notre Dame running back who did great in NFLE and then promptly vanished?
John: Rudy?
Rich: LOL
Barry: Was with the Browns for a little bit as their fifth back.
Rich: Ben Gay?
Barry: No way, Rudy's too small to play.
Rich: Just kidding
John: How long?
Barry: The Legend
ed: I was thinking of Autry Denson.

3. NFL Commish Roger Goodell can simply change first-round draft times from 15 minutes to 10 minutes and lower the second round from 10 to seven, but he seems to be trying to build consensus around the change. Question: What will rule, prime-time TV friendliness, or NFL General Manager demands for every possible second to try to make deals?

Rich: Prime time friendliness.
Rich: The networks don't want to see six-hour first rounds or 11 hour first days.
Barry: Agreed. There will be some minor grumbling, and the first round of the draft will move to Friday nights.
John: The owners will make more money moving the first round to Friday night, so it will happen.
Barry: I admit, it's boring to sit through if you aren't distracted at a draft party or something.
John: Great idea by The Commish, btw.
Rich: Goodell should step in an arbitrarily say this is the way it's gonna be: 10 mins for the first round, seven for the second and five the rest fo the way.
John: He technically could do that, Rich, but he won't.
Barry: I think folks will go along with it for the good of the league ('s revenues)
John: He may need something down the line, and doesn't want to act unilaterally.
Barry: Give him another couple of years for him to start getting imperial.
Rich: If it goes to Friday night, the rules might tighten even more.
John: Even at 10 minutes per pick, yer still looking at nearly six hours.
Rich: He can always change back.
Barry: The NFL always follows the path of the most money.
John: Exactly Barry.
Rich: Five hours and 20 mins if all 32 teams takes 10 mins.
Barry: And, they will, unless Minnesota gets confused again
John: So, if they start it at 8, yer looking at 2 in the morning with 10 minutes per pick.

4. Braylon Edwards is all over the news, or what passes for Browns news in May, making speeches and donating money. Does Edwards activity give you more confidence in the "on field" Braylon?

Rich: No. What'll give me confidence is making clutch catches and not dropping footballs.
John: One has nothing to do with the other.
Rich: It's nice he's being so philanthropic, but that doesn't count on the field.
John: Precisely.
Barry: What will give me confidence is if sticks to his routes
John: And the ball sticks to his hands.
Rich: And keeps his mouth shut.
John: All of the above.
Barry: He's not Antonio Bryant when it comes to bouncing balls off his face, but I have to give the team's QBs some "credit" as well for the dropped passes.
Rich: Catch the damn ball and shut up.
John: BS Barry.
Barry: No coming up with new nicknames for me.
Barry: Throw 'em where they're supposed to go, and there won't be as many tipped INTs and dropped balls.
Rich: If he can get his hands on the ball, he should catch it.
John: He had more than his share of balls that bounced off his hands.
Rich: Too many.
Barry: Sure, but I'm not going to blame him for all of them.
John: The majority should be placed squarely on his hands.
Rich: That's your prerogative.
Barry: How come so many Browns receivers get ripped for dropping passes? Northcutt, Bryant, Edwards....
Rich: Good question.
John: Because they drop them?
Rich: It's not the quarterbacks.
Barry: That anti-staph stuff they spray must be slippery.
John: The QB play has been less-than-desirable, but the WRs still need to catch a ball that eventually finds its way to them.
Barry: Nah, I think it's because there aren't as many opportunities for big catches with the Browns, so any dropped passes take on added importance.
John: Like Rich said, you touch it, you catch it. Simple concept that's been around for 50 years.
Rich: 50 years? It's been around since the first pass was thrown back in the 1920s.
John: You were in college then, right Rich?
Rich: Post grad.
Barry: LOL
John: lmao!
John: Robiskie might have been an issue as well. Just wanted to throw that ine.
Barry: Sure. Blame the "nice coach".

5. The NFL is dropping a bomb on the media, essentially blocking websites like the OBR, Cleveland Live, and other local sites from using any audio or video from team practice, player interviews, or press conferences. Smart move by the NFL to push traffic to their sites, or will it backfire?
John: They are the NFL, they can do whatever the **** they want.
Rich: Just another dictatorial move by the NFL to control the media.
Rich: They banned local TV from the sidelines last season and this is just another move along those lines.
John: Until a group of powerful media entities stands up to them, nothing will change.
Rich: Even then I don't think it's going to do any good.
Barry: Smart move. Just run the media the hell over. Annoying whiny tards, they all are. Except us, of course.
John: They actually relaxed those restrictions for this year, I believe, Rich.
Rich: It's their football and they can do whatever they want with it.
John: And the worst part is that they know it Rich.
Rich: Can you say arrogance?
Barry: Anyone want to switch to covering Arena Football? Oh wait, they own that, too. The CFL? Oh wait... crap...
Rich: What about ArenaFootball2
John: I'm just glad this chat is taking away from the POS going on at Quicken Loans Arena.

Alright it's time for the....
Barry: Three person...
Rich: tada
John: YES!!!
Rich: be still my heart

1. Which position has weaker back-ups: defensive tackle or running back?
Rich: Running back
John: RB
Rich: not even close
John: not even close
John: ba**ard!
Rich: LOL
Barry: WRONG!! At least one of those guys (running backs) were drafted.
Rich: WHAT!!
Barry: Unless you're counting Baba
John: Who's wrong, you?
John: Fraser and Shaun Smith trump Wright and Harrison.
John: I before e except after c
Barry: I said Defensive Tackle, not Defensive Line. Fraser's a DE. Gawd.
John: Oh hell, then it's not even friggin' close Barry.
Barry: Shoulda said NT. Sorry
John: I don't pay attention to you. You should know that by now.

2. Given the talk, provide the percentage probability, from 0% to 100% that Charlie Frye is the starter in game one.
Rich: Below zero
Rich: Is that Celsius or Fahrenheit?
John: BTW, 50/50 on Chuck.
Rich: Really?!!
Barry: The correct answer on Frye question is 33.3%, BTW. Not because Frye's the best, but because RAC's stubborn.
Barry: Random one of three.
Rich: I object.
John: RAC will not give away the incumbents job unless somebody blows him away. It's not right, but that's how it is.
John: That's how RAC operates.
Rich: And that's why he'll be gonzo before midseason.
John: True dat Rich
Rich: If Brady Quinn isn't the opening-day starter, I'll be surprised.

3. Technically, the NFL allows online sites 45 seconds of audio and video to be used, for only 24 hours. How likely is it that any NFL player or coach can say anything interesting in that time span?
John: 1 in 19
Rich: Huh??
John: You bored Passan to sleep.
Barry: Answer is 25% if the player is a wide receiver with less than three years of experience, 0% otherwise.
Rich: You're reaching, Barry.
Barry: No kidding, but that's not the answer to the question

Barry: 4. Pro Football Talk dot com "reported" earlier today that the Browns front office is in distress, with one camp wanting Bill Rees to stay and one wanting him gone. On the PFT Crap-o-meter from one to ten, with a 1 representing "probably wrong" to 10 representing "completely laughably wrong", where does this story rate?
Rich: What's the question?
John: negative 18.
John: Ooops, that should be a positive 18.
Barry: Note the clever inverted scale
John: I'm not good with math.
Rich: Probably a 5. The rumor was there was going to be a shakeup in the Buffalo front office and that Rees was being considered. Then the Bills changed their minds and stayed with what they had.
Rich: And Rees was hung out to dry.
Barry: I give this one a five as well, which I guess would equate to "chuckle inducing".
Rich: cue the laugh track
John: Rees had the opportunity for a promotion. Savage would not deny any of his guys that.

Barry: May or June: In which month will I become the most desperate in trying to find ten decent questions to ask in these chats?
Rich: April
John: I call May 16.
Barry: Wrong! Trick question: correct answer is early July before training camps start. Ha!
Barry: I rule, with my trick questions and all.
Rich: Don't worry, Barry, the Browns will always find something about which to debate.

When are we going to start the lightning round?
Rich: Yeah
Barry: It's over. You were drinking during it.
Rich: Wow. Where was I?
John: I'll bet I missed some really great questions too. Damn the alcohol!!!
Barry: Missed some good answers, to, John. Some of 'em yours.
Barry: But mostly mine. See ya next week.

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