Chat Transcript: Adam Caplan

Scout's NFL Insider joined OBR subscribers for another terrific Q & A on Tuesday night. Here's the transcript, which covers such items as the team's coaching staff (Rip Scherer and Brady Quinn, pictured), the exit of Bill Rees from the front office, and Adam's assessment of the talent assembled during this busy off-season...

Adam Caplan: What you're looking for is for the players to start to grasp the system
Adam Caplan: That will be important to look at in a few weeks or so
Adam Caplan: especially in the mandatory camp
Adam Caplan: in June
Adam Caplan: That's the first time when we start to make a few judgments

Adam do you think Jamal Lewis can rush for 1000 yards this year and/or over 4 yards per carry?
Adam Caplan: BR: Ask me as we get closer to training camp. I have to see how they mesh
Adam Caplan: But Lewis is an old 27, that's why he only got a 1-year deal

With the new system in place, will Brady Quinn get a legit shot at the starting job, since both he and Charlie Frye don't know the system yet?
Adam Caplan: JD: I think Quinn will get a shot

How long before Joe Thomas takes Kevin Shaffer's starting LT job?
Adam Caplan: CV: Depends how he grasps the system, playbook etc. Way too early to tell
Adam Caplan: We have to see how he does over the next few weeks then in the veteran June camp.
Adam Caplan: That's the first really telling place for younger players

Adam, do you have an opinion on Seth McKinney and Ryan Tucker. These guys appear to be the mystery offensive linemen.
Adam Caplan: RAM: McKinney us a stop-gap guard for this season or maybe one more

How about the defense being the third year in the 3-4 system?
Adam Caplan: BL: I like front line talent and depth in most places
Adam Caplan: Depth at CB is a concern still

Brownsfan91171: Adam, we never heard anything about Leigh Bodden's surgery. Is he going to be ok for the season?
Adam Caplan: BR: Bodden is expected to be in training camp practicing once a day
Adam Caplan: Deltha O'Neal could come free at some point, I'd look at him

jdailey23: Adam, any word on Baxter
Adam Caplan: JD: Nothing new and don't expect anything for weeks
Adam Caplan: He's still rehabbing and running

jdailey23: Why would Oneal become free, not very good or money reasons?
Adam Caplan: JD: Two first round picks spent on CBs
Adam Caplan: And he played poorly last season
Adam Caplan: but he's still got a lot left./

nudawg: Adam, were you at the OTA?
Adam Caplan: NU: No, I rarely go to them, pretty much a waste of time for me
Adam Caplan: I get pretty good reports of what is going on

Adam, are we finally over the hump talent wise where we can compete with the rest of the AFC North?
Adam Caplan: BR: Not yet, if all goes well, maybe 7-9
Adam Caplan: QB situation is the biggest issue still
Adam Caplan: For this season

Adam, are you on Larry Zierline's e-mail distribution list ?
Adam Caplan: GR: Ha

Adam, can NT Washington be effective for 15 to 20 playes with a Healthy Roye and R. Smith at DE?
Adam Caplan: RAM: 15 is about the most
Adam Caplan: Shaun Smith will help

Is there any scuttlebut around the league re Vick and dogfighting ? Will ATL regret trading Schaub ?
Adam Caplan: GR: The league is still investigating
Adam Caplan: it could be a problem

who's the 3rd nt this yr
Adam Caplan: NY: Ethan Kelley or Babatunde Oshinowo

Where is Sam Adams most likely to end up ?
Adam Caplan: GR: Haven't heard anything concrete, he looked done last season

Adam, do you think we finally get our 2nd Pro Bowler since our return?
Adam Caplan: BR: Steinbach hasn't made one yet but he could this year
Adam Caplan: If all goes well

redright: Adam, Three years of Phil and RAC rebuilding and the best we can look forward to is another losing season... 7 & 9... why? why have we not been able to build as fast as other teams have? Selection? Coaching?
Adam Caplan: RED: QB situation is the one he hasn't solved and offensive line
Adam Caplan: Plus D fell off last season
Adam Caplan: OL should be improved, same with defense
Adam Caplan: QB is the big issue
Adam Caplan: If they can get at least average production from there, they'll be 7-9

Adam do you consider 7-9 a productive season?
Adam Caplan: BR: For that team, yes depending on how they look from week to week
Adam Caplan: New coaching staff almost and new talent

FairwaySeeker: Adam, do you feel there is a good chance of better than average production from the QB position this year?
Adam Caplan: FAIR: That's the question, ask me during training camp
Adam Caplan: No one can say in May
Adam Caplan: We have to see how they handle the system

Seems to me that RB is an area of concern.
Adam Caplan: NU: Somewhat, Lewis could do ok if OL does a better job of blocking up front

Do you look at these camps now as a test drive to see what they players have mentally?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Pretty much, see how quickly they pick up the offense
Adam Caplan: I really look for that stuff
Adam Caplan: that tells you how far behind the younger players or rookies are at a certain point
Adam Caplan: That's all you can really get from these players in shorts

Brownsfan91171: Adam, how has Eric Wright fit in so far? Do you think that his past is the past maturity wise?
Adam Caplan: BR: He seems to have himself together
Adam Caplan: If he does, he could be a big surprise come August and the season

Don't you think Wright's lack of experience is a problem?
Adam Caplan: NU: He had first round talent and when you look at their depth chart he will have a good chance to get a lot of PT

How do you project Quinn's career?
Adam Caplan: TO: We have to see how he progresses during training camp to start to get a semblance of an idea

ramllov: Adam, What do you expect from Harrison, RB, this year? His he a sleeper?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Change of pace RB
Adam Caplan: He needs to get off to a good start when the pads go on
Adam Caplan: That's really key for him

Mark_Zickefoose: I don't know if it's already been asked, but are there any first impressions on the gap between Fryee/Anderson/Quinn, since they're all learning a new offense? IS there a gap, even?
Adam Caplan: MAR: Frye has the upper hand obviously because he's been there since the new OC was named but it's only a slight edge.
Adam Caplan: The pressure will be on for them to win so whoever looks best in training camp and in their games will start
Adam Caplan: They blew it last year not giving Anderson a chance to play earlier

In my opinion, if its not Quinn starting...then they are in BIG trouble!
Adam Caplan: TO: Don't carried away, he's a rookie but we know what Frye is

jdawg26: Adam..just curious, how do you gather your info on players once mini-camps start ? Do you personally visit camps thruout the league? Thanks
Adam Caplan: JD: I have sources with every team
Adam Caplan: I go to training camps, not minicamps
Adam Caplan: I don't go to them because no one is in pads

Brownsfan91171: Adam, do you think that Frye has the ability to make better decisions on the field?
Adam Caplan: BR: he is what he is, I don't see him getting much better. It's up to him to make better decisions though so they don't turn the
ball over
Adam Caplan: But he can only take them so far

Adam, What is your opinion on Vickers, FB?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Upside is decent for the position, could be better than Terrelle Smith soon

ADAM, how was SF able to get a team together in their third year, when they had less talent and were in CAP hell, while we just look forward to another losing season and a likely change of coaches?
Adam Caplan: RED: There needs to be more stability with coaches and players
Adam Caplan: that's how you improve
Adam Caplan: and the younger players have to get better

Friday night draft / 17 game schedule - what do you think?
Adam Caplan: AM: I like it, I called for it on Sirius a few weeks ago

Adam is there any kind of hitting going on in minicamps
Adam Caplan: UN: No, you can't hit anyone
Adam Caplan: There's some grabbing though by linemen
Adam Caplan: Players are in t-shirts, shorts and jerseys

Adam how short a leash is Crennel on, and if they do let him go who might be on their radar for next year
Adam Caplan: SALE: I would say short

Adam - how do you rank the Brown's offseason moves - top 3, top 5, top 10?
Adam Caplan: ZA: Top-10 for sure

What is the league view on Rip Scherer - QB coach ?
Adam Caplan: GR: Decent, good teacher

Does the Rees move mean our FO is unstable or is it just normal movement?
Adam Caplan: ROY: It's a little strange that he got forced out
Adam Caplan: But then again, it's after the draft
Adam Caplan: that's when these things happen

AC, just tuned there really some sort of rift in the front office, what did you hear?
Adam Caplan: JAN: Basically he got forced out

Adam, would you rate this offensive line a 7.5 on a ten point scale?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Ask me during training camp
Adam Caplan: I have to see how they mesh

nudawg: Rees was forced out? Then you don't believe that it was a family problem?
Adam Caplan: NU: All I can say is the word is he got forced out.

Tucker - Shaffer RT & RG ?? and which plays where ?
Adam Caplan: GR: pretty much Shaffer at LT for now as Thomas learns the offense
Adam Caplan: They will make a decision closer to camp the next move
Adam Caplan: with Shaffer to RT
Adam Caplan: The worst thing to do is give Thomas the job when he's not ready

royswift: In your opinion, which players do you expect to surprise for the browns on offense and defense this year?
Adam Caplan: ROY: Harrison on offense, Peek on defense
Adam Caplan: I see that so many times where teams hand rookies jobs and they're not ready

Shrooney: How bad is the Faneca thing in P-burgh?
Adam Caplan: SH: Very

indica420: what about Travis Wilson
Adam Caplan: In: He should be their #3 WR
Adam Caplan: He also needs to get off to a good start

Brownsfan91171: Adam, if Thomas is "ready" would you trade Shaffer this year for a 3rd round pick?
Adam Caplan: BR: There is no way anyone would give anything close to a first day pick if that GM wants to keep his job

royswift: If peek shows up like you think, would we have a top-10 LB core? Damn that would be sweet
Adam Caplan: ROY: I could be totally wrong but I know he's a great fit for the system
Adam Caplan: and he played well for HOU two years ago in the 3-4

amore: Does Rees getting forced out mean Savage is on shaky ground?
Adam Caplan: AM: Doesn't appear that way

BleedingOrangeandBrown: 1,0Adam do you think Savage will be interested in Faneca next season ?
Adam Caplan: BL: Sure

ramllov: Adam, do you have any idea how they are going to spend their 15 million cap money?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Extending contracts is what teams usually do
Adam Caplan: Ask me in August.

Brownsfan91171: Adam, is Leon Williams a sleeper pick to become a starter?
Adam Caplan: BR: No

redright: ADAM, what is your assessment of the talent on the Browns entering the season at this point? Will we be facing teams that have
less overall talent than we do? Who?
Adam Caplan: RED: I don't make assessments in May but I've been on the record saying I like their draft and free agency
Adam Caplan: Lets see what training camp and preseason looks like

amore: Will Braylon grace us with his presence tomorrow or does he have more important things to do?
Adam Caplan: AM: He's supposed to be there
Adam Caplan: If not, then he gets bashed

Mark_Zickefoose: Any scuttlebutt as to why he missed practice today?
Adam Caplan: MA: Nothing going on
Adam Caplan: It's not mandatory and players some times take care of last minute personal stuff before they get there so they don't have to
deal with it later on

AC, what do you think is the problem in the front office? If Lerner is involved does he have someone guiding him?
Adam Caplan: JAN: I said two years ago after Collins got canned that they needed a team president with a football background
Adam Caplan: They still need one

Brownsfan91171: Adam, out of the young players looking to get more playing time, who interests you the most?
Adam Caplan: BR: Harrison on offense. Defensively, Wright
Adam Caplan: I really think if Harrison is used right he can make their offense better

IkoIko: Any potential June cuts look interesting for us Adam, particularly on the DL?
Adam Caplan: IK: I'll have an article next week on that
Adam Caplan: so look out for it

saleaaway: Adam, who do you think will be the surprise of camp
Adam Caplan: SALE: Too early to say, lets get to June camp first

Brownsfan91171: Could Harrison be used like a certain RB from the saints?
Adam Caplan: BR: Harrison can be used out in space to take advantage of his speed.
Adam Caplan: He's tough matchup for a LB

Adam Caplan:
Guys: That's all the time I have, see you next time.

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