Vinny: OTAs with the Blinders Off

With the media only allowed into the OTAs once a week, it can be tough tracking the development of the team's new weapons, like Eric Wright (pictured). Vinny the Fly, though, has flown past roving bands of paid professional swatters to bring us the latest from the practice fields...

With the Cleveland Browns off-season training activities being conducted under the radar of the local media entities (media is permitted to watch practice one day a week for three weeks), getting a feel for what is occurring in Berea can be a difficult proposition. Our special thanks go out to a couple people near the Browns training facility who does not mind a "fly" landing on them and taking some notes.

The quarterback issues we reported upon during the first day of the OTA's has shown some improvement as the week progressed. All four quarterbacks in camp are getting a crash course in the Rob Chudzinski offensive scheme, with none participating separating from the pack.

*       Derek Anderson reportedly came back to the pack, though he displays the liveliest arm in camp. Anderson is displaying the ability to throw the 'touch' passes. However, he still has issues over-throwing the ball and his accuracy was inconsistent beyond 20-yards. Of all the quarterbacks, Anderson throws the most receiver friendly ball to catch, as well as the nicest looking pass.

*       Charlie Frye is being coached up on staying in the pocket to improve his pocket awareness. He is still making some poor throws, too many fluttering passes, but is getting up on his toes more often early in the OTA's and displayed improved understanding as the week continued. Frye's demeanor makes us believe he has taken questions about his leadership qualities to heart.

*       Ken Dorsey may be the most mentally equipped of the quarterbacks and possibly the smartest player on this roster. While his throws do not have the velocity of some of the others, he generally knows where the play is to go.

*       Brady Quinn has come back well from a first day where he looked tentative and overwhelmed. He has made many nice throws in recent days and is showing more velocity on his passes. Quinn has been working with assistant head coach / quarterbacks coach Rip Scherer on his arm slot, which appears directed to improve the trajectory and velocity of his passes. One concern we see is that Quinn is not throwing tight spirals consistently, which will be a problem in the Cleveland winter due to the swirling winds at Cleveland Browns Stadium.

Notes Off the Cuff

*       It will be a great surprise if rookie cornerback Eric Wright is not the starter opposite Leigh Bodden at the end of training camp, or at worse the nickel corner. Wright has been solid and consistent in OTA's, while showing a flair for making plays.

*       Running back Jamal Lewis appears quick to the line, just maybe losing some weight and being healthy will fix what hampered him. We will still reserve the right to note he is playing on a one-year deal and has some additional incentive.

*       Nose tackle Shaun Smith is very active and talkative. It is going to be interesting to see what happens when the pads go on, because Smith may be the real deal in the middle of the Browns defensive line.

*       This may only be the OTA's, but the safety combo of Sean Jones and Brodney Pool appear to be more athletic and cover more ground than we can remember seeing from the team at this position.

*       Starting left guard Eric Steinbach is very smooth, he moves exceptionally well for a man his size. His physical attributes are solid, but it may be his ability to communicate that sets him apart.

*       Wide receivers Travis Wilson and Joe Jurevicius are catching everything thrown in their direction and running very good routes.

*       Inside linebacker Leon Williams just appears to be step quicker than anyone else manning the inside for the team during OTA's.

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