Week 2: Gameballs and Goats Results

Bernie's Insiders visitors have sounded off, yet again, awarding gameballs and goats to deserving (and undeserving) players and team units. Get the results and comments from your emails, along with the first totals for the year! Don't agree? Then send an email next week to gameballs@brownstng.com to get your vote counted!

Bernie's Insiders visitors blasted away at the run pass defense this week, but saved some props for Mark Word and Kenard Lang. Robert Griffith got gameball votes despite his role in the lackluster running game. Most of all, though, the love affairs with Kelly Holcomb and Phil Dawson continue.

Here are the results for Week 2 of the season, as well as the Year-to-Date scores and comments we got via email to gameballs@brownstng.com.

Week 2 Results

1. Mark Word
2. Kelly Holcomb
3. Phil Dawson
4. Andre Davis
5. Kenard Lang
6. Jamel White
7. Robert Griffith

Goat Horns
1. Run Defense
2. William Green
3. Offensive Line (run blocking)
4. Running Game
5. Anthony Henry
6. Defensive Unit
7. Lewis Sanders

Year-To-Date Leaders

Gameballs (Team MVP)
1. Kelly Holcomb  (13 ptsl)
2. Phil Dawson (10)
3. Mark Word (7)
4. Quincy Morgan (6)
5. (tie) Kevin Johnson (4)
5. (tie) Andre Davis (4)

Goat Horns (Team Booby Prize)
1. Team Defense (-8)
2. (tie) Run Defense (-7)
2. (tie) Dwayne Rudd (-7)
4. William Green (-6)
5. Chris Gardocki (-5)

Method: Gameball or goat points are awarded to the first through seventh place finishers in each category. (Seven points to the top gameball vote-getter, six to second place, etc). Goat points are subtracted from gameball points to calculate a total. 

Your Comments in Week 2

I'd like a gameball to go to Phil Dawson.  He is getting more kickoffs into the end zone for touchbacks, which is helping the field position game. - GhostDawg

Goat: The Browns Prevent Defense in the Fourth Quarter - CR

Gameball - Phil Dawson. What was this guy eating during the off season anyhow? - Yogi

Goat: Anthony Henry : Thank goodness Westbrook sucked yesterday. - Yogi

The first game ball is easy. Mark Word, what a nice surprise. - Ramllov

Goat: William "I'm gonna be a bust" Green
Gameball: Kelly "I'm gonna be our starter" Holcomb - Brad B.
Goat: Foge Fazio - Does anyone in the NFL love the prevent defense more than Foge? Has any other team been brutalized by it more than the Browns in the last two years? The Browns could have easily have shut out the uber-hapless Bungirls. - Flynnberg
Gameball: Kelly Holcomb. He didn't lose the game, and provided enough spark to overcome the team's trademake anemic running game. - Doc Gonzo
Goat: W Green Too hesitant, twice as many carries as white with the same yards... Where's that signing bonus? I smell refund. - JSinCT
Goats to Tim Brando and Spencer Tillman for trying to start a QB controversy. - Ben W.
Gameball to Mark Word for making plays and blowing the bengals up - Joe M
Goat to William Green. I'd really like to see him stop sucking one of these games. - Joe M.

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