Transcript: NFL Insider Adam Caplan

Another terrific chat last night with Scout's NFL Insider and Sirius NFL Radio host Adam Caplan. Adam offered his thoughts on the Browns off-season progress, depth chart battles, news around the league, and more. Great inside stuff from one of the terrific new additions to and the OBR over the last year...

Adam Caplan:
Hi all

jevanoff: Hey Adam, is there really a reason for optimism about Lecharles Bentley, or just postponing the inevitable?
Adam Caplan: JEV: It's unlikely he plays this season. Lets put it that way.

Brownsfan91171: Adam, any truth about the rumors that Quinn will be a hold out? On the other hand, Thomas seems like he is pushing his agent to get in on time.
Adam Caplan: BR: I talked about that a few weeks ago in the chat, Condon has a history of holdouts.

amore: How likely is it that LCB will ever play again?
Adam Caplan: AM: Only his doctor can answer that.

ramllov: Adam, How do you rate the Browns defensive line. Last year it was poor. With a healthy Roye, Robarie Smith and Shawn Smith, do you now rate it fair?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Talent and depth has been upgraded.
Adam Caplan: So it should be better.
Adam Caplan: Depth is really esential with Washington and Roye there.

jevanoff: adam, all things being equal, what QB has looked the best THIS year in OTA's with the new offense?
Adam Caplan: JEV: Too early to say, all are in a learning curve. Good thing with Quinn is he's grasping the scheme well so far, that's really big. His throws are off but that's typical when you're new.

Brownsfan91171: Adam, how long before Thomas is first string LT?
Adam Caplan: BR: We'll see what transpires during training camp but unless he kicks ass then, expect to see Shaffer starting.

cmayer2222: Were would you say our 3 biggest weakness' our adam!
Adam Caplan: CM: CB, QB based on for this season, OL depth

ramllov: Adam, defensive line again, Is Orien Harris DE going to be on the team or practice squad, does he have an upside?
Adam Caplan: RAM: A little based on college projections

BleedingOrangeandBrown: Adam, Based on the latest article it looks like THomas may be the first in the top 5 to be sighned. DO you see that as a reality?
Adam Caplan: BL: His agents have a good history of getting guys signed on time.

jevanoff: is there anyone who has been a major dissapointment so far in OTAs other than perkins?
Adam Caplan: JEV: Not that I've heard.

amore: Is there more to the story in the Browns scouting staff shake up or was it simply a family matter?
Adam Caplan: AM: The guy replacing him is very good.
Adam Caplan: That's all I really need to say.
Adam Caplan: Very well respected and could be a future GM.

redright: Adam, what is your thoughts on Sowells for this year?
Adam Caplan: RED: Hopefully he will develop as the #3 G

ramllov: Adam, Have you heard anything about McKinney and his recovery, I hear he is practicing, but there is no contact?
Adam Caplan: RAM: So far, so good with McKinney.

jevanoff: i still don't understand why they won't move Leon Williams to OLB to start over Willie McGinest. Is there some magic reason other than he is 'considered an ILB.
Adam Caplan: JEV: I asked RAC that at the combine, he said for this season, he's at ILB.
Adam Caplan: But I would agree with his skills and size he projects more to OLB down the line

Adam, If McKinney is healthy without any effects from his injury, is he the starting RG September 9th?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Don't see why he wouldn't be at this point.
Adam Caplan: They have no one else

What can you say about our coaching staff this year? Can you say that they seem to be working in unison?
Adam Caplan: RED: So far, so good

Any more updates on Baxter?Think he will make it in time for season kick off?
Adam Caplan: BLE: He's running so that's good
Adam Caplan: Best case is he practices once a day in training camp but he has a long way to go.
Adam Caplan: BTW, Harrison looks good so far... increased size could help him in his projected passing down, change of pace role.
Adam Caplan: But again, no contact

Hows tucker looking?
Adam Caplan: JD: OL you really can't tell much because they can't hit

ramllov: Adam, Have you heard if Simon Fraser, DE, has become stronger since last season? I read that he had problems holding the corner last year. What is your take?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Hard to say with them in shorts
Adam Caplan: RBs you can tell a little more

Lewis, Wright, Harrison - is this enough at RB?
Adam Caplan: AM: Rotation should be good

Adam, what about Baba Oshinowo? I keep hearing he's too small for NT...
Adam Caplan: SM: He may have to play DE, we'll see how he looks in August.

1,0Think the added size to Harrison's frame will help him in his blocking assignments?
Adam Caplan: BL: That but his technique must improve
Adam Caplan: you don't have to be strong to block

amore: Frye, Anderson, Quinn, Dorsey - who is the odd man out?
Adam Caplan: AM: Dorsey
Adam Caplan: has to be
Adam Caplan: unless they can trade Frye
Adam Caplan: but at this point they can't give him a way

Brownsfan91171: Adam, is there any option to make dorsey a coach?
Adam Caplan: BR: Possibly when they tell him he's cut

jdailey23: Any chance Dorsey goes on the practice squad, or will someone grab him before
Adam Caplan: JD: He's not practice squad eligible

amore: Is Frye the opening day starter or does Anderson have a real chance?
Adam Caplan: AM: Anderson has a pretty good chance to start over Frye
Adam Caplan: He gives them a better chance to win

ramllov: Adam, Have you heard anything about Braylon Edwards, on how he is looking in camp? Running good routes etc?
Adam Caplan: RAM: He's picked up the pace
Adam Caplan: He'll be fine

redright: Curious isn't it to think that Frye is our likely starter come Sept and the Browns can't give him away? What is the story?
Adam Caplan: RED: Not sure what you mean,
Adam Caplan: Who said Frye is the likely starter?

amore: Is Trent Green ever going to get to Miami?
jevanoff: he went today amore
Adam Caplan: Green went for a conditional 5th
Adam Caplan: could be a 4th
Adam Caplan: if he meets playing time requirements

grinch: Do the Falcons regret trading Schaub given the whole Vick dogfighting investigation ?
Adam Caplan: GR: I would bet they've thought about that

ramllov: KC ' s GM did a good job
Adam Caplan: RAM: Very good, he told Miami they had to do the trade this week or they were keepinghim

redright: Adam...the Browns cant trade Frye. There are no takers. Most post and article I read "predict" Frye to be our starter until Quinn in week 6 or so can start. Curious? How do you see it?
Adam Caplan: RED: Again, as I said previously, Anderson gives them the best chance to win.

amore: Only hope to trade Frye is if there are a lot of QB injuries in training camp
Adam Caplan: AM: Probably so

ramllov: I am surprised that Atlanta did not make a run at Green considering their dawg QB.
Adam Caplan: RAM: They have Harrington
Adam Caplan: so they're locked in with him

ramllov: Maybe frye will go to Atlana
ramllov: so what good is Harrington, he is worthless
Adam Caplan: RAM: I don't see it, he's no better than Harrington
Adam Caplan: Frye has more athleticism

Brownsfan91171: Adam who has looked most impressive through all of the OTAs to date?
Adam Caplan: BR: Hard to say because there's no contact but Harrison is getting off to a good start.

jevanoff: adam how is the browns starting OL not one of the best in the league? what more can they do or upgrade? the odd man out may be a starting NFL left tackle ..
Adam Caplan: JEV: I can't see Shaffer being traded unless Thomas does really well in training camp.
Adam Caplan: They're somewhere in the middle of the pack

amore: Could Shaffer be traded during training camp?
Adam Caplan: AM: Mid to late August if Thomas is doing well

amore: Do Giants still have interest?
Adam Caplan: AM: CLE called NYG from what I understand
Adam Caplan: Not other way around.

ramllov: Adam, how many good QBs do you see in the NFL today?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Too general a question for chat

BleedingOrangeandBrown: Why would Browns be willing to take the cap hit by trading Shaffer this season Admam? They could use the depth
Adam Caplan: BL: Again, they plan on keeping him which I've said for weeks

redright: If quinn is our future and Anderson is the best chance of winning, does it mean that Frye and Dorsey are gone it the Browns can get anything? does it mean that we may still see a veteran QB before the season starts?
Adam Caplan: RED: Dorsey is going to be let go, that's pretty certain

ramllov: Adam, do you see Charlie Frye as an NFL quarerback three to five years out?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Nope
Adam Caplan: As far as a starter
Adam Caplan: backup maybe

jevanoff: does dorsey know that
Adam Caplan: JEV: My mom knows he doesn't have a chance
Adam Caplan: Smart guy but really doesn't offer much for on the field

amore: KW2 recovery from microfracture going well? What kind of year can we expect from him?
Adam Caplan: AM: Key will be how he looks when the pads go on, how well he moves
Adam Caplan: In this scheme TEs will stretch the field so he has to move better

ramllov: What have you heard about Derek Anderson in camp? Adam
Adam Caplan: RAM: The QBs have been pretty much the same, learning the scheme, Anderson too
Adam Caplan: None of them have separated themselves
Adam Caplan: That's pretty much par for the course in OTAs

amore: Does Chud have what it takes to be a decent offensive coordinator?
Adam Caplan: AM: yes
Adam Caplan: has worked under good coaches

redright: What chance is there of the Browns getting a veteran QB before the season starts?
Adam Caplan: RED: Depends on how the top three look during training camp
Adam Caplan: Holcomb is available

ramllov: Adam, Ethan Kelly, NT, does he have a future with the Cleveland Browns?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Probably, Pats liked him

clebrowns80: Adam, do you see Travis Wilson starting this year?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Nope
Adam Caplan: Hopefully he will be the #3

redright: Tim Carter, considered a bust in does he look so far? Can he hold onto the ball? Run a route?
Adam Caplan: RED: Fast but has a long way to go

jevanoff: adam i really like what i've heard/seen about shaun smith so far, is it possible he takes over the starter at NT some point?
Adam Caplan: JEV: We'll see how he does when it counts when the pads go on

amore: Does the new salary cap year start on June 1? What happens to all the cap room the Browns had left as of June 1?
Adam Caplan: AM: June 2 is when you can cut guys for relief
Adam Caplan: but changes in CBA gave teams 2 guys to cut early
Adam Caplan: to do that

redright: After three years in the pros can anyone teach Carter to catch?
Adam Caplan: RED: IT's up to him

ramllov: February they were talking about it, now they are practicing it. I just wonder if they are doing what you expected.
Adam Caplan: RAM: They're all learning it and applying what they're taught in classroom setting.

Cheesedog: What do you think would prevent Wilson from taking the #2 position from Joe J? Experience or something else? Thanks.
Adam Caplan: CH: Experience and he didn't really play last year
Adam Caplan: no reason to think he'll start unless he has a great training camp
Adam Caplan: But as I've said before, he could start down the line
Adam Caplan: he has that kind of talent.

redright: I assume our roster is 99% set. Is there any player or position you see a change at?
Adam Caplan: RED: You could see OL depth get improved by August
Adam Caplan: CB also
Adam Caplan: that's a problem, they have bodies but talent upgrade is needed

musicdyn: Adam, now that Harrison has bulked up can he be a long term solution at RB?
Adam Caplan: MU: Ask me at the end of August
Adam Caplan: August
Adam Caplan: I may actually be able to answer that
Adam Caplan: this year
Adam Caplan: Brian Westbrook really bulked up and it helped
Adam Caplan: and he didn't lose any speed
Adam Caplan: that's really key for Harrison

jevanoff: adam, CB's can be evaluated a fair amount without pads, has eric wright looked like a starter?
Adam Caplan: JEV: Footwork and knowledge of scheme is about all you can see
Adam Caplan: Nothing bad so far
Adam Caplan: which is good

Brownsfan91171: Adam, you think OL depth is that bad? The fans think it is a strength now.
Adam Caplan: Other than Butler, no one can start of their backups

Adam Caplan: Guys: That's all the time I have, we'll do it again in two weeks

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