Death Chat 2007: Bulky Back Edition

The gang was back together, mulling the mullable, pondering the imponderable, and generally talking about the Browns. Topics included the bigger backup backs, loudmouth long-in-the-tooth linebackers, and various other subjects as the Browns head toward mini-camp...

Barry: 1. Jerome Harrison has bulked up to 210 pounds according to Fred's report from camp today. Do you think the added size will
help him become an every-down back in the next season or two?

It can't hurt. But he still needs to learn all aspects of the job.
Fred: no, the ability to catch the ball and block will
Barry: Especially picking up the blitz on third down. I fear for our QBs.
Rich: If he can't protect the quarterback in certain situations, he'll find himself back where he was most of last season.
Fred: in fairness to him, he never was taught to block because he was always a featured back
Rich: Well, he's being taught that here. It helps to be a quick study.
Barry: So that's what the running backs coach is supposed to do. Good luck to him.
Rich: It's all a part of being a running back.

Barry: 2. At 32, Ravens LB Ray Lewis has come to Baltimore's training camp claiming to be in the better shape than he was as a
rookie. Does this concern you as someone who follows the Browns? Have you seen linebackers at that age suddenly come back thanks to their conditioning?
Fred: I think he's just trying to get back in the spotlight. Don't believe it.
Rich: No. He's just spouting off.
Barry: Personally, I love hearing Lewis talk about what great shape he's in, because he sounds like another delusional middle-aged
Rich: He's probably in very good shape because he hasn't played ball in so long. Let's see what he's feeling like in week 4.
Fred: he's trying to convince himself and the rest of the NFL
John: Lewis will never be at the level he was three or four years ago, but he can get closer to that level than he's been the last two.
Barry: "We must protect this house!" Shut up Ray
Rich: Optimism always overflows before they play the real games.
Fred: exactly
Barry: The more he builds himself up, the better it will be to see him burn down.

Barry: 3. Browns LT Joe Thomas says his agent is working with the Browns and trying to get a contact done before training camp.
Think it's gonna happen?
Rich: Yep.
John: Probably.
Fred: If he continues to demand it. Yes
Rich: Now let's see if Brady Quinn instructs his agent to do the same.
Barry: LOL
John: Just remember, a QB was taken #3 overall last year.
Fred: I don't think that will happen
Rich: So?
John: Do you know how the game works, Rich?
Rich: There's quite a gap between the numbers 3 and 22.
John: What?
Rich: Yes, I know how the game works.
Barry: Quinn won't be in on time.
Rich: Agreed.
Fred: If the Browns are convinced before training camp that Frye or Anderson can start the season, I don't think the Quinn deal
will be done
John: What were you saying "so" to?
bring him onto the Browns for this season?
Rich: To the fact a QB was drafted #3 last year. Quinn was drafted 22nd.
John: Has nothing to do with Quinn. Has everything to do with Thomas. Please try and follow along.

Speaking of QBs...
Barry: 4. The Dolphins gave up a fourth or fifth round draft pick to land Trent Green. Would you have given up an equivalent price to get him?
Fred: yes
Rich: No.
Barry: Explain your reasoning
Fred: I think green could play at a better level than Frye and Anderson for a season before Quinn
John: Nope, not at all.
Rich: Because if he comes here, he starts. And I think they'd bring him in to mentor Quinn and Anderson/Frye.
Rich: He wants to start, not mentor.
Fred: It's irrelevant now, but that was my reasoning prior to the draft
John: What's the big deal about giving up a potential fourth Rich. After all, that's where Sowells was drafted.
Barry: Giving up the equivalent of a Isaac Sowells or Jerome Harrison for a one/two year rental/tutor.
John: I would've done the deal. And dumped Frye for anything I could get.
Barry: I'd feel pretty good if the Browns did that.
Fred: That's the infatuation with a middle or lower draft pick
Rich: Which would be nothing.
Barry: Exactly JT... deal Frye for a next-year seventh, cut Dorsey, go Green/Anderson/Frye. School solution.
John: But, he didn't want to come here, so it's moot point.
Rich: Indeed.
John: They couldn't even get a seventh for Frye.
Rich: Indeed
John: It's hard to believe, but Chuck is not highly thought of around the league. Dunno why...

Barry: 5. The Cleveland Cavaliers, a team that plays in the "National Basketball Association" I'm told, are apparently in something
called the "NBA Finals". RAC says "We'd like to build on their success". Is there any way, shape or form that what another Cleveland team does will impact the Browns positively?
Rich: No.
Rich: I'd like to know in what way he meant that.
Fred: no, it just puts more pressure on the Browns
Fred: to rise up
Rich: The Indians getting to the World Series in 1995 resulted in the Browns moving to Baltimore.
John: Has nothing to do with the Browns, except possibly--stress "possibly"--making the fans more forgiving.
John: LMAO!!!
John: Art took his deflated ball(s) and ran.
Barry: Agreed with that, Fred. The NBA season runs from August to June, so the ticket-buying public may go elsewhere. But, then
again, the Browns seem to be coated with Teflon, financially.
Fred: peer pressure
Barry: The only link is through the fans and how they deal with the team. It means nothing on the field.
Rich: Absolutely nothing.
John: This will always be a football town, regardless of whether LeBron wins six titles ala Michael.


John: Wow, those first five went fast
Fred: the browns just need to win and they'll make the cavs/indians look like minor leagues
Rich: This wasn't always a Browns town until the mid-1960s.
John: Exactly Fred
Barry: 1. Your guesstimate at probability that LeCharles Bentley will play for the Browns in 2007: (A) 0% (B) 25% (C) 50% (D) 75%
(E) 100%
Rich: Zero
John: Somewhere between (A) and (B)
Fred: 25%, but if he'd be ready in 08, i'd not chance it
John: Closer to (A), though.
Rich: How much closer?
Barry: I think JT's right on this one.
Fred: 10
John: A LOT closer
Barry: I'd say 0% is closest, but I was skeptical on Edwards and Baxter as well. I'm obviously no judge of these things.
John: A tiny glimmering of hope, but not much
Fred: none of us have any real idea of what's going on. The browns don't even know. He's out there somewhere with Rich

Barry: 2. Gary Baxter was on the field running on the field Tuesday, confounding those who said two patellar tears means the end of
his career. Are you (A) Stunned (B) Surprised (C) Nonplussed (D) Falling asleep because my questions are stupid
Rich: D.
John: (A) and (B)
Fred: b
John: Would be one of the most amazing comebacks in any sport ever.
Barry: A, B, and D are all correct.
Fred: just because he's running, doesn't mean he's ready to play. I can still run
Rich: Remember when Milt Morin overcame complicated back surgery and played the same season? Now that was miraculous.
Barry: I don't remember that, but that was in the 70s, right?
John: This would be every bit as miraculous, if not trumping it by a wide margin.
John: You don't come back from this kind of injury. You just don't.
Rich: Early 70s.
Barry: You didn't... medical progress

Barry: 3. Most likely "Special Project" that Bill Rees will be doing from Chicago: (A) Suing those bastards who make the peanut butter
cups (B) Reviewing film (C) Watching the Cubs (D) Answering email about guys who are being cut around the league
Fred: b
John: That's a BS ? Barry.
Barry: That differentiates it from the rest of my questions how?
Rich: I like (A) because it's inventive.
John: Because there is actually a real reason why he needs to be with his family.
Barry: Really? Pardon my skepticism, but I've lost faith in the Browns when they tell me abotu these front office things.
John: That's understandable

Barry: 4. Probability that Joe Thomas will be the starting LT against the Steelers.
Rich: 100%
John: 101%
John: Haha, I win again
Rich: Trumped again.
Fred: 100
Rich: And the correct answer is . . .
Barry: No school solution on this one.

Barry: 5. Odds of a headline making off-field incident for the Browns before training camp (A) 100% (B) 50% (C) 25% (D) 10% (E)
Don't you wish, you media vulture, you.
Rich: It's also not good.
Rich: (D)
John: (D) and (E)
Fred: C, probably with the initials BE
John: Naaahhh, he changed, remember Fred?
Rich: Or KW2
Fred: that's what they say
John: :-)
John: Screw the fans, BE needs to make up to his teammates first

Barry: OK, that's it, folks.
Rich: What? So who wins?
Barry: Later Fred
John: Later fellas. As always, it was OK

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