Browns Uncensored / Robert Jackson Chat Transcript

Here's the transcript of last night's chat with David Carducci and guest OG Robert Jackson! Check out David's takes from the press box and catch up with the man who blocked for Mike Pruitt and Brian Sipe!

DK welcome Dave!
DavidCarducci Hi Dk
Ramllov Dave? when will William Green be a factor week 5?
DK So what do you think of my theory for the reason they closed practice?
DK They don't want the media seeing the QB's practice
DavidCarducci I think any theory might be right. I really have no understanding of what he is doing and why
Ramllov Dave is Tucker going to start this week?
DavidCarducci Tucker practiced today. He said he hopes to start. I think they need him. Chanoine is also on the injured list
Ore Is it me, or is WAY too much being made out of the QB situation right now?
DavidCarducci Ore, I don't think there is a controversy at all.
Ku I thought Chanoine did a pretty decent job
Ramllov So Tucker and Z... on the right side should strengthen the running game?
Ore Neither do I! That's my point!
DavidCarducci This is couch's team. I polled several players today. All said the same thing. Holcomb did his job. The same job every backup has on this team. Just like Word. Just like White.
DK Did you ask jamir? :-)
DavidCarducci Actually, knowing Jamir and being right there for his comments, I think he would agree that it is Couch's job
Ramllov I read today that ESPN say Jamir Miller is going to be gone next year
DavidCarducci I wouldn't doubt that.
DK McLain said that last week on the forum too.
DavidCarducci It is possible.
Ramllov Loose Lips sink ships
DK Loose Lips also make certain linebackeers look like a horses ass
Ramllov Will the Browns sign the new SSLB to an extended contract?
DavidCarducci Anything can happen, though. I'd have bet that Northcutt would not be a Brown right now, and he is
DavidCarducci Ram, I think that will depend on how he plays. They like him and think he is a better fit for the scheme.
DavidCarducci I think by midseason Hambrick will be playing very well.
Ramllov How much money is left in this year's cap money?
DavidCarducci I haven't figured it out Ram. I don't want to guess. To be honest, I stopped thinking about it when I was told it would not be an issue this season.
DK Dave, I read in Mike McLains article on the site that Butch Davis was really short with the reporters today. Is the stress of the defense playing so bad getting to him or is it the QB (non) controversy? Or both?
DavidCarducci DK. I don't know. He's been short with the reporters for a few weeks now. I'm sure he is tired of being asked the same things over and over. How's Couch? How's Courtney? It's one of those things where we feel we have to ask and he feels he has to give the same response.
Ramllov Dave, I asked earlier, when you thought William Green would be a factor, any guesses? week 5?
DK Anybody will look good agains Balt Ram!! :-)
Ramllov It would be great if he had a breakout game even against the Ravens
Ramllov The last half of the season should be great for the Browns running game no matter who is running
DK Dave - Those are the questions we are going to ask you... :-)
DavidCarducci I think William Green will be a factor fairly soon. It may take him a little while longer to get comfortable. We talked with Eddie George today, and he thought it was laughable the way we all have gotten on Green. I've done it too on occasion. It's because it is frustrating to see a talented back pick his way rather than hit the hole, or create a hole if it's not there.
DK So eddie thinks he will be fine?
DavidCarducci Yep. He had nothing but praise for Green. He said he went to the bowl game in Nashville last year when Green had a big day. He was very impressed by him. He talked a lot about his power, and the fact that he plays so much faster than timed speed would show.
DavidCarducci By the way, I've always been of the opinion that you usually know if a RB is going to be a good one right away in his rookie year. You can usually see a RB bust in his first couple of games ... guys like Tim Worley ... But there have been some backs recently who have come around after a year or two. Thomas Jones is a good example. He looked like a bust and is now running very well
BrownsFEVA I see green improving already, just something more positive each week is surfacing
Ramllov Dave that information from Eddie George on Green made my night
Ramllov James Jackson must be crying himself to sleep each night
DavidCarducci I really liked what I saw out of Green in the 3Q when the Browns were at their 1 or 2-yard line. He hit the hole hard on two or three consecutive runs. Then later on a 3rd and 1, reverted back to the same tentative style. He said today that he knows what he is doing, right and wrong. He is hoping it all becomes second nature very soon
Guest172 Dave - has William Green shown anything more than James Jackson showed last year as a rookie. I haven't seen anything special so far.
DavidCarducci Guest172, not yet in a game, with the exception of the few runs the other day that I really liked. But I saw a difference in a few preseason runs and on several days of training camp. You do see flashes that he can be something special.
Ramllov The front line looks very good
DavidCarducci As the line improves, he will also have a better chance to improve. But, at the same time, his tentative running makes the line look worse than it is at times.
BrownsFEVA if I have any concerns bout our would be courtney, now that dude has me puzzled
DavidCarducci Courtney has been a very big disappointment.
Ramllov I am waiting on Courtney as well, It was nice to see Word have such a nice game
BhamFan I'm afraid Courtney needs a new color uniform
BhamFan Viking purple would be nice
Ramllov They cannot make that trade, from what I read today
DavidCarducci That's right. There will be no trade at least until next year.
DavidCarducci The Vikings can not trade McKinnie, not since after Aug. 6. I believe that is the date. After Aug. 6, a team can not trade the draft rights of a rookie.
BrownsFEVA what did u read ram?
DK BhamFan - I hope you are not holding onto dreams of trading him for McKinnie - aint gonna happen - agains the NFLPA CBA
DavidCarducci I don't have my CBA with me, so I'm not sure exactly about the particulars. But I've had it confirmed.
DavidCarducci It can not happen even if he's signed. Not as a rookie
DavidCarducci That's my understanding
DavidCarducci Not at this stage of the year
DK that is the link to waht Dave said about the trade
Ramllov Dave, do you expect to see more improvement on Lang as the season goes on?
DavidCarducci I like the fire Lang plays with, and I think he could have a pretty good season. He played worlds better this week than he did in limited action in the opener. He's better than I thought on the pass rush, and he's shown that he is a very good DE against the run
teco Dave who benefits from this tangle of rules?
DavidCarducci The rookies
BhamFan hand me that CBA......and some white-out
Ramllov The new rookie DE for Carolina, looks like he is a winner
DK Peppers is having a Jevon Kearse type of rookie year
DavidCarducci He did play well last week, but Courtney had a pretty big week against Pittsburgh early in his career
Ramllov I will not miss Jevon Kearse this week end
DavidCarducci Nor will Ross Verba
Ramllov It was detroit
Ore DK, isn't that kinda early to say? Peppers has only played two games...
DK he has been a highlight reel so far
DavidCarducci True. Carolina still has yet to play a professional team
newdawg yeah, mark word had a better game in his first start.
BhamFan Is Shea worth keeping?
DavidCarducci I think Shea is very much worth keeping, but he has to prove he can stay on the field. He is starting to show that he is incredibly fragile
Guest172 What is going on with McKinnie and Minnesota? That's an awful lot of $ for McKinnie to throw away if he sits this year.
DavidCarducci I don't get it either. I talked with Gonzalez today, and he said he's not sure what's going on other than McKinnie is very frustrated ... Verba yelled over and joked ""he should just shut up and take the $8 million.""
DPG did CB play in preseason vs Detroit?
DavidCarducci Yes, I think he did play against Detroit. Didn't do much. He played his best against Minnesota, I thought, and was held on every play
Ku Has Pgh lost it, or are they just off to a bad start?
BhamFan Pitt played 2 teams that had their #
Ore Pitt played two very good teams, as well.
DavidCarducci I think it's just a bad start. I think they've been caught off guard by the pass-pass-pass-pass-pass-.... gameplan of their first two opponents. They are giving up too much underneath. Townshend looks awful. Gildon disappeared against the Raiders. And Kordell is just awful right now
Ore Wasn't Courtney practicing his technique during camp?
DavidCarducci Ore, he was practicing his technique. Maybe it was something he planned to unleash in the regular season and we haven't seen it yet. I don't know what to think. Maybe Courtney has struggled because he can't get into a rhythm of playing on a regular basis with last year being basically a lost season, then coming back and struggling with injuries.
DavidCarducci again
Ramllov Dave has a replacement been found for FS Bush yet?
DavidCarducci Ram, no it's going to be Bush, and probably for a while
BhamFan I hope Tim continues to use ALL his weapons and not focus on KJ
DavidCarducci Bham, I don't think that's really that big a concern. Couch is very willing to look elsewhere. He does lock on sometimes, but not always just to KJ. Sometimes it is to his first option. He just has a good thing going with KJ in part because they've played so long together and because for three years he was all he could rely on. I don't think there are any negatives in Couch's playing relationship with KJ. As he discovers that Morgan and Davis will make plays for him as well, believe me, he will find them.
BhamFan Is this make or break year for Brown?
DavidCarducci I don't know that it is a make or break year for Brown. It might be in terms of his time here in Cleveland. Of course, it might not be. A guy with Brown's incredible physical skills is hard to give up on. He has everything you would want in a prototype DE. The size, the speed, the quickness. Right now, he just seems very unsure of himself when he's on the field. Butch has hinted to the fact that he doesn't play with a whole lot of aggression.
Ramllov Dave do you think that Q. Morgan has arrived as a Wide Receiver?
Ramllov do you see Q. Morgan having a big game against Tennessee?
DavidCarducci I do. I really believe Morgan is going to have that breakout year I predicted four months ago. I think he is a very good matchup against the Titans secondary
Ramllov Welcome Robert Jackson
DK Robert Jackson is in the house. I have about 7 questions from the forum that I am going to ask him first. If anyone else wants in line please Private message me by double clicking on my name.
teco dave thanx per usual
DK I will be locking the room down for the RJ part
DavidCarducci Hello Robert. Guys, I'll leave you all to Robert. Take care, and thanks
DK I would like to welcome Robert Jackson to the Bernies Insiders Forum. I have some questions form the forum that I will ask first and then we will move on to the room members
DK FROM LITTLEDAWG: 2. What opposing defensive or defensive lineman in particular did you least look forward to lining up against on Sundays? (The one you knew you would have to bring your ""A Game against.)
RobertJackson Joe Klecko of the Jets was by far the toughest!
DK whys that RJ?
RobertJackson He played hard but played clean and was always a challenge to play against.
DK great - next question
DK FROM LITTLEDAWG: 1. Who was the toughest Browns defensive lineman that you faced in practice on a daily basis. (The slobberknocker)
RobertJackson Walter Johnson, known as ""Zoom"" for his first step, welcomed me to the NFL...
DK FROM LITTLEDAWG: 3. What teammate do you think was the greatest leader during your tenure in Cleveland? (In practice and/or game)
RobertJackson in a nutcracker drill in our first scrimmage, zoom went on one when the snap count was two.
RobertJackson he brought tears to my eyes. done
DK just a little welcome to the NFL
DK FROM LITTLEDAWG: 3. What teammate do you think was the greatest leader during your tenure in Cleveland? (In practice and/or game)
RobertJackson Brian Sipe and Bernie Kosar were two great leaders.
RobertJackson Johnny Davis practice harder than anyone.
DK what about defense?
DK defensive leaders that is?
RobertJackson I'd say Dick Ambrose and Jerry Sherk were also great leaders.
RobertJackson done
DK great! cooldj2340 is up next
RobertJackson ok...
DK cooljd - you are up!
cooldj2340 robert, what would you say is more important, a dominating defense or a powerful offense?
cooldj2340 thanks for 11 great years by the way!
RobertJackson Good question CoolDJ, i'd say a powerful offense can dictate what a defense does.
DK fROM bowwowwowyippyyoyippyyay : Why do you think it is that the OG position is so underpaid and underappreciated in the NFL?
RobertJackson OT are known to be the most important position in protecting the QB.
RobertJackson Guards are usually more versitle and not as flashy.
DK Dcoil18 is up next
DCoil18 Hi Robert, thanks for taking my question, I heard you are a coach now, how is that going?
RobertJackson Thank you! I'm coaching at Bay High.
RobertJackson I'm really enjoying the young men as they are very coachable.
RobertJackson They are picking up many of the old tricks and get better every week.
RobertJackson Watch out Olmsted Falls!
RobertJackson done
DK FROM LITTLEDAWG: 4. Besides size and speed, what do you think the biggest changes have been in the game since you last played?
RobertJackson I would say the sophistication of schemes and specialization of positions.
DK anything else RJ?
DK teco is up next
teco were the raiders as mean as we heard? if so can you give us a story from the trenches?
RobertJackson They were very physical and humourous at the same time.
teco funny how?
RobertJackson Scott Nicolas was our long snapper and Howie Long lined up over him..
RobertJackson Howie looked at Scott who was rather small and said ""You call yourself a lineman""
RobertJackson and Scott said ""no but I've got Fat Jacks next to me to block everybody""
RobertJackson with that we all start laughing, scott snapped the ball and howie didn't even rush.
RobertJackson also,
RobertJackson John Matuzak was about as big and dumb and mean as anyone i played against
RobertJackson done
teco classic stuff--tks for being here Robert!!
DK FROM LITTLEDAWG: 5. What do you miss most about the game now that you are a few years removed from playing?
DK no more Private messages please. We only have a few more minutes with Mr Jackson
RobertJackson The excitment of preparing for a game and sharing the comradarie with my teammates.
RobertJackson Working together in the heat of battle was also a lot of fun! done
DK RJ - I have two memebers in line. cooldj and DCoil. Do you have time for 2 more questions?
RobertJackson Of course
DK go Dcoil!!!
DK thanks RJ!!!
DCoil18 robert, I heard your were a QB in high school, how did you make that transtition so easily
RobertJackson You bet!
RobertJackson I also was in college! perhaps the extra weight and being a passer in a run offense at duke helped.
RobertJackson I feel next to the QB that OL have to be the smartest and i was mentally in tune with what we were trying to do.
DCoil18 and, what do you think about derek morris, I heard he went to to your high school, will he go from OT to QB once he is gone from OSU
DCoil18 just kidding, haha
RobertJackson Derek Morris is big and talented but unfortunately not sure where he will end up due to grades.
RobertJackson done
DK cooldj - you are up soon
RobertJackson thanks DCoil
cooldj2340 thanks again, for answering Robert, do your kids follow your footsteps on the field of athletics, or do they do their own thing?
RobertJackson That is a good question also. My son drew played hoops in high school and his sis is a star golfer in high school now.
RobertJackson I wish I had started with golf earlier!
cooldj2340 is your son playing in college?
RobertJackson No as he lacks jumping ability and an outside touch.
cooldj2340 haha thanks dad
DK too funny!
RobertJackson done
DK I have one last question for Mr Jackson. What do you think of our Offensive line this year? Anything about our line you are impressed/disappointed with?
RobertJackson I am impressed with how versatile they are in regards to playing different positions.
RobertJackson they are playing well together but need more time to learn each others moves and be able to communicate rapidly.
RobertJackson I feel the talent is there and barring any long term injuries they will be very good
RobertJackson also, i like Tucker and the center a lot.
DK Thanks! Any parting words RJ?
RobertJackson Thank you all for your time and you were great fans and continue to be the greatest fans in the football world!
teco thanks again Robert It was a pleasure to watch you play as well as listen to you here.
DK AMEN!!!!!!
DK I would like to thank Robert Jackson for joing taking time to join us tonight and remember you can read the transcript of the chat (without all my blabbering) tomorrow..
teco thanks Robert what a pleasure
RobertJackson Goodnight!

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