Campbell: Browns Initiated Crackdown

EXCLUSIVE: According to reports from Tuesday's Cleveland Town Hall meeting, Mayor Jane Campbell has stated that the Cleveland Browns organization requested the tailgating crackdown at the popular Muni parking lot.

According to Browns fans, one of whom has a tape of the statements, Mayor Jane Campbell admitted earlier this week that the Cleveland Browns organization initiated the crackdown on tailgating in the popular Muni parking area and other public lots. Campbell reportedly made the statements when addressing the crowd assembled at the town hall, and later in one-on-one conversations with Browns fans.

While there have been limited reports in the media regarding the change in policies, the Cleveland Browns organization has not been discussed as being involved until now.

Campbell stated that her office and the Cleveland Browns reportedly have either mail or email which indicates to them that some individuals are pleased about the enforcement of regulations. Further conversations indicate that the Browns organization is happy with what they perceive as a reduction in disorderly behavior and fights during this season. The clampdown on rowdy behavior in Muni is running parallel to other efforts by the team, such as reducing the number of beers that fans can buy at one time and eliminating the sale of beer in plastic bottles.

Discussions with Cleveland police have indicated that the team is primarily concerned with the Pittsburgh and Baltimore games, which infers that some let-up in the heavy patrols might occur after those games, similar to the manner in which the ban on fan signs was lifted after the Browns played the Ravens in 1999.

During the meeting on Tuesday night, Mayor Campbell was invited to attend a tailgate by one of the fans who spoke that evening. As of today, Mayor Campbell has not acknowledged the invitation, and does not appear to have an interest in witnessing fan tailgates first-hand.

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