From Berea: Grantham Sticking Around

From Berea: The Browns defensive coordinator has signed a contract extension through the 2009 season, and the team's offense continues to lag the defense. Here's the latest...

The Browns came close to losing Todd Grantham last year when he was a finalist for the head coaching job at Michigan State. They want to do their best to keep him around for a long time and on Thursday gave him a contract extension through 2009. His contract would have expired at the end of this season.

Grantham thanked team owner Randy Lerner, General Manager Phil Savage and Coach Romeo Crennel for the faith they have in him. He also talked about what the defense has to do so the Browns can turn the corner.

"The bottom line in this business is wins and losses because you're a team," he said. "No matter the situation you have to go out and perform. Just like just now – we finished a two-minute drill. In this league it is going to come down to the [last] two minutes of the game. That's where they have it set up. That's what they want. You have to produce under pressure.

"As we move forward, the big thing with me is finishing. Really, wins are very important. There are certain things you have to do in saying that. One, you have to be physical and stop the run. Two, you have to affect the quarterback. If you do those things, you'll be hard to score on, which ultimately is what you want on defense. You want to be hard to score on."

The Browns ranked 27th in team defense last year. They ranked in 2005, Grantham's first year on the job. Injuries in the secondary and on the defensive line accounted for the decline.

"You can read into anything with stats, but I think the way the offense works off the defense and vice versa, and the rapport he has with the team makes him successful," Savage said in announcing the extension. "He's put two years into rebuilding the team. The fact that we are a 3-4 team and he has experienced that these two years, it just made sense to keep him around. It will help the team.

"We're making a step to continuity which we are really striving to get to. He's a terrific coach, has tremendous upside and we think he has potential to be a head coach."

Now head coach Romeo Crennel, Grantham and offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski are all signed through 2009.


Defense's Day: Minicamp ended on a sour note for the offense. Derek Anderson, Charlie Frye and Brady Quinn all had chances to stitch together drives in the two-minute drill and none of them produced a touchdown. Anderson and Frye did move the team into field goal range.

Crennel was so disgusted he made the offense run gassers after practice as the defense watched.

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