This, That And The Other

Fans not paying attention this time of year won't notice it, but OBR readers do: the Derek Anderson bandwagon is starting to get kind of full in recent weeks. But... does it have any wheels?... will it get anywhere? John Taylor tackles this, contract holdouts, and more much more in today's installment of This, That, and the Other...

This, that and the other from the world of your Cleveland Browns:

  • While the ceremonial "Leg-Up" award for spring non-contact drills goes to Charlie Frye, there is an ever-growing faction among members of both the coaching staff and front office that are pushing hard for Derek Anderson to be the man-under-center come September 9.  If Anderson overcomes his accuracy issue—which some say he's already beginning to do—it would be more than a mild surprise if he were not the starter by the time the team takes the field against the Steelers in the season opener.

  • If the Browns had their druthers, Brady Quinn would not see the field at all in 2007.  One member of the organization went so far as to call it the "Carson Palmering" of Quinn.  As it stands now, the club would like for their future at the position to sit and learn ala the Bengals QB at the start of his career.  That being said, he will be given every opportunity to win the starting job and would be the man if he is clearly—and let me stress the word "clearly"—the best option at the position.

  • Speaking of Quinn, the organization is of the belief that there will be at least a minimal holdout on the part of their second first-round draft pick.  How long the holdout would last would depend solely on how entrenched Quinn's agent, Tom Condon, is in his bargaining position.  The club fully expects Condon and company to seek a top-ten type contract, and while the club is willing to give a contract worth more than his draft status, they will not give Quinn the guaranteed monies that a player taken in the first third of the draft would expect to receive.  And you know what?  The Browns are not exactly losing sleep over the possibility of a Quinn holdout.  "Why would that be?" you quietly ask yourself.  For the answer, re-read the note directly above this one.

  • Should Quinn holdout for any portion of camp, he will have, in the words of a Browns source, "no shot in hell at being the starter, at least for the early parts of the season."

  • Forget the quarterback competition; here's the one subplot to watch if you happen to head out for the early days of training camp: the interaction between new wide receivers coach Wes Chandler and Braylon Edwards.  Chandler is not a position coach who puts up with a lot of BS, and Edwards has the tendency to drop some fertilizer here and there wherever he goes.  This dynamic has the potential to be one of the most fascinating aspects of camp.

  • The above will make more sense in the coming days with additional installments of "This, That and the Other".

  • Yes, Chris Barclay finished as the second-leading rusher in NFL Europe.  While it will raise his profile somewhat in the organization, it will ultimately mean almost nothing as far as his chances of making the regular-season roster are concerned.

  • The Browns will have a little over $23.2 million in 2008 salary cap money tied up in Kevin Shaffer, Eric Steinbach, LeCharles Bentley and Joe Thomas.  Thomas' cap number is estimated and based on the contract of Vince Young, whose third-overall selection in the 2006 draft matches Thomas' draft status.  It's estimated that the 2008 NFL salary cap will be $114 million—up from this year's total of $106 million; therefore, 20.4 percent of the team's salary cap for that year will be tied up into 7.5 percent of the roster.  Of course, that's provided that there are no restructures, releases, trades or injury settlements reached among the Fantastic(ly-Paid) Four.

  • Keeping on the salary cap tip, the Browns currently have a little over $89 million committed for the 2008 season.  Of course, that total does not include any money that will be spent toward the 2007 draft picks, plus whatever roster and performance bonuses will come due during and after the 2007 season.

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