Davis Remains Mum on Starting QB, But....

David Carducci reports the latest from Berea, and takes a look at the clues to see who is likely to be Sunday's quarterback. Also, the latest on the incredible jigsaw puzzle known as "the Cleveland Browns offensive line".

BEREA - Butch Davis still wants to keep the Tennessee Titans guessing.

The cloak-and-dagger game continued Friday when Davis refused to name the Browns starting quarterback for Sunday in Tennessee.

Davis couldn't keep his starting quarterback as tight a secret as he hoped. All signs point to Tim Couch re-claiming the job after missing the first two games with torn scar tissue in his right elbow and forearm.

Sign No. 1 ... Couch had a normal week of practice, taking the majority of the first-team snaps and running the offense in all of Friday's seven-on-seven and team drills.

Sign No. 2 ... Couch said that while he hasn't been officially told he would start, he is preparing as if he is the starter. He said he expects Davis to tell him he is the starter sometime on Saturday.

Sign No. 3 ... Kelly Holcomb, who filled in admirably for Couch in the Browns first two games, said Couch has made every throw the Browns have asked this week in practice and "he looks as good as he did before the injury. "This is Tim's team, and it looks like he's ready to take it back," Holcomb said Friday.

Sign No. 4 ... And this might be the most telling sign. In what looked like a symbolic move, before the team stretched at the start of Friday's practice, Davis introduced Couch as one of the Browns four captains (joining Kevin Johnson on offense and Earl Holmes and Gerard Warren on defense) for Sunday's game.

OFFENSIVE LINE SETTLED ... Davis said Sunday's starters on the offensive line would probably be the same as last week against Cincinnati.

Roger Chanoine, who was questionable on Wednesday and Thursday's injury report, finally practiced full-go on Friday. Davis said he was in for all the snaps at right tackle he was scheduled to take. Meanwhile, Ryan Tucker (knee) did not practice for the third consecutive day, meaning Chanoine should get the start on Sunday.

While Dave Wohlabaugh may give the Browns eight offensive linemen in uniform for Sunday, it appears he would be an emergency option at guard. Paul Zukauskas practiced with the first team at right guard on Friday. Wohlabaugh is still trying to adjust to playing guard while the broken bone in his right hand keeps him from playing center.

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