Transcript: NFL Expert Adam Caplan's Adam Caplan hung out with Browns fans on Wednesday night and provided his thoughts on the team to date, including how Antwan Peek (pictured) will impact the defense. Great objective analysis as always, from someone with a national perspective.

Adam Caplan: hi all
BarryMcBride: Welcome back from vacation.
Adam Caplan: I have some stuff on Harrison for next week's notes
Adam Caplan: kind of how he may be used

Adam, what have you heard about Tim Carter?
Adam Caplan: Ram: Caught the ball fairly well

Adam do you feel Quinn will be in camp on time?
Adam Caplan: CLE: I doubt it
Adam Caplan: based on Condon's history
Adam Caplan: but again, he was selected at #22
Adam Caplan: no way around it

You think that Anderson will be the starting QB?
Adam Caplan: CAL: That was my prediction weeks ago and I'll stick to it

Adam, can Anderson get rid of the ball quick enough?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Was just writing that
Adam Caplan: as you said it
Adam Caplan: that's why he can't be the starter long term
Adam Caplan: He's very much like Byron Leftwich that way

Adam, first time chat room participator here, but had a question - how has Brodney Pool looked? I think his emergence is going to be key for our defense...
Adam Caplan: RX: I'm expecting Pool to have a big year
Adam Caplan: Keep in mind he was moved around a bit last year
Adam Caplan: and now he's in one spot

Adam, do you feel that whoever learns the playbook the best will start?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Accuracy is huge
Adam Caplan: for this scheme

Adam, is it fair to say that you believe that Derek Anderson has a higher chance of getting the Browns wins during the first six to eight games.?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Yes, that I'll go out on a limb even now
Adam Caplan: I think most of you know where I stand on this issue

great. everyone of our QBs have accuracy issues.
Adam Caplan: NU: Yep but the key will be how they will respond to coaching as the weeks/months go by

I'm read that Shaun Smith looks quick at NT What's your take? We could use someone to penetrate and get into the backfield.
Adam Caplan: CAL: Smith has a high motor, he would have started for the Bengals had they matched the RFA tender.

Adam, since you have some questions with Anderson, even if he starts, do you see Quinn taking over the reigns some time during this season?
Adam Caplan: BR: If and when they're out of the playoff picture Quinn should get some starts in

Adam any concerns on Winslow being able to participate in Training Camp?
Adam Caplan: CLE: I think he has a chance to practice once a day
Adam Caplan: depending on how the swelling goes

Any new info on LeCharles Bentley? Is there a problem between LCB and the front office?
Adam Caplan: AM: We had the scoop there, the DR. told him to hold off surgery for a few weeks
Adam Caplan: Savage hadn't talked to him then, that was the miscommunication

Adam, Antwan Peek and Leon Williams, do you see them challenging for starting positions on the defense?
Adam Caplan: RAM: From checking into it, they think Williams gives them a physical presence that the two projected starters don't so that's why they want to keep him inside
Adam Caplan: That's kind of what RAC said when I asked him earlier this year

calkins14: Do you think that the Browns defense will step up this year? I'm hoping at least a top 15 ranking
Adam Caplan: CALK: My concern, and it's a big one, is the play at CB
Adam Caplan: There will be a lot of pressure on Wright, I think he will wind up starting

Brownsfan91171: Adam, will Roye be a liability this year?
Adam Caplan: BROWN: They will be able to rotate him more

What about Antwan Peek, designated pass rusher or three down OLB?
Adam Caplan: RAM: There are very few 3 down LBs
Adam Caplan: But Peek will be a big factor
Adam Caplan: in this scheme
Adam Caplan: I feel the same way about him as I did when I brought his name up in a chat before free agency started
Adam Caplan: I think he can be an impact player
Adam Caplan: for their defense
Adam Caplan: If he wants to play more than in situations, he has to be able to cover
Adam Caplan: that I can't make a judgment on now

Adam, do you think Joe Thomas starts this year?
Adam Caplan: CLEB: As of now, not on opening day unless Shafer is traded

Adam, do you see the Browns picking up another veteran defensive lineman, especially a defensive end prior to the start of the season?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They really need one more veteran 3-4 DE
Adam Caplan: But you can get one in August after first cuts

Hopefully the defense this year will bring some pressure and help the CBs
Adam Caplan: CALK: Exactly

clebrowns80: Adam, dont you think it would be better for the Browns to move Shafer to the right?
Adam Caplan: CLEB: Agreed but we have to see how that plays out
Adam Caplan: That would be best case scenario

Adam, Lane alluded to Peek's impact as well on today's front page article. My question is, How long will Rac continue to use McGinest because of their past relationship. IMO, McGinest was lousy last year against the pass and the run. Thanks in advance.
Adam Caplan: LUMP: I kind of touched on Peek a while back but they will rotate him in as needed. But he can play both sides
Adam Caplan: I asked RAC that at the owners meetings

Adam, have you heard anything about McKinney, at RG, is he healthy and does he look good?
Adam Caplan: RAM: So far so good, I think he's an upgrade there

Adam, who will be the top backup at safety, if Jones or Pool get hurt? Will Baxter move to safety? How has Hamilton looked? Sorry for so many questions....
Adam Caplan: RX: They won't make any judgment on Baxter for a while
Adam Caplan: Mike Adams is clearly their best backup S, he has starting experience but he's too small to play SS
Adam Caplan: he's more of a FS

Adam, do you see Baxter as a posssible PUP player?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Most likely
Adam Caplan: But the fact that he's progressing is at least a good sign

What will they do with Chaun Thompson? Its seems that he just doesn't get it but will add depth. If he is used in certain situations
Adam Caplan: CALK: Good question, he's not a lock to make the team
Adam Caplan: That's something that will play out in August
Adam Caplan: he could be traded

Has Jerome Harrison's increase in size seem to have affected his speed or agility?
Adam Caplan: SH: Nope, not at all
Adam Caplan: That's the key thing there
Adam Caplan: Now how he can block in training camp will determine how much more time he gets
Adam Caplan: they have a specific role for him

ramllov: Adam, have you heard anything about the backup offensive linemen, Sowell, Matua, Dorsey, etc, have any looked better than others? Butler?
Adam Caplan: RAM: It's hard to judge linemen because there's "no contact" but my sense is Sowells has a chance to be active every game this season
Adam Caplan: they like how he's done so far

Adam, is Sowell's a future fulltime RT?
Adam Caplan: BR: Guard
Brownsfan91171: opps I mean RG
Adam Caplan: he's not athletic enough to play outside

Is there a marked contrast between how Chud runs things vs. Carthon? If so can you elaborate any?
Adam Caplan: CH: Chud is more open to what the players want
Adam Caplan: and will do a better job of communication
Adam Caplan: he will structure scheme to what they do best

browns81: The LCB situation seems very strange from a communication perspective. Very little communication for such a large $ investment. Is there more there than meets the eye?
Adam Caplan: BRO: No on Bentley

ramllov: Are you saying Chud is willing to listen to the players suggestions?
Adam Caplan: RAM: It comes down to what they will do best and he will take feedback
Adam Caplan: Carthon wasn't willing to do that
Adam Caplan: and the players nailed him for that

Adam, will this offense be more productive than we have in the last couple years?
Adam Caplan: BR: I expect it to
Adam Caplan: but several things are key, how Lewis runs
Adam Caplan: how upgrades at OL are
Adam Caplan: how QBs do
Adam Caplan:
and score of game, defense has to keep games close

And your take so far on those questions?
Adam Caplan: BR: Optimistic that almost all will be somewhat better, how much is the issue

Adam, do you see this new offense scoring on average betweeen 20 to24 points a game?
Adam Caplan: RAM: If all goes well, 18-20 a game

With the Fullback from the Ravens cut, and Vickers not being a strong lead blocker...did you see and do you expect a lot of two TE sets, since that position seems to be a relative strenght onthe team?
Adam Caplan: LUMP: This scheme will have a lot of two-TEs

Adam, do you see the Browns going after Cowher for next year no matter what happens this year?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Cowher or Ferenz
Adam Caplan: once RAC is canned

How has Tim Carter done so far?
Adam Caplan: NU: Has caught the ball fairly well
Adam Caplan: he's notorious for looking good in OTAs etc then doing poorly in preseason games etc
Adam Caplan: RAM: I don't judge guys now but he can run
Adam Caplan: good attitude but he's always been a major underacheiver

Adam, my last question.....Have the Browns finally turned the corner on being a competitive team?
Adam Caplan: BR: YOu have to define competitive

Adam, do you have an update on how Travis wilson has done?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Wilson has been decent, not great
Adam Caplan: but he's more confident than last year which is key

Chances on Rac's survival? 50/50, 10/90 ?
Adam Caplan: LUMP: 35-65

There has been some stuff about a lot of dropped passes. Who has been doing the dropping?
Adam Caplan: NU: It's a combination of poor passes and WRs not being where they're supposed to be all the time
Adam Caplan: that's what happens when you install a new scheeme

Adam do you think if they can RAC they will keep the OC and the DC?
Adam Caplan: CLE: That would be up to the new coach
Adam Caplan: most likely
Adam Caplan: depending on how much clout the guy has
Adam Caplan: Cowher picks all coaches
Adam Caplan: you can take that to the bank

With so many teams playing the 3-4 now, is it a disadvantage finding enough quality players?
Adam Caplan: AM: Not really, scouting is huge
Adam Caplan: and I think Savage does a good job of understanding what is needed

ramllov: If Cowher comes to Cleveland, he will have some nice young talent
Adam Caplan: RAM: For sure
Adam Caplan: there's plenty on Browns
Adam Caplan: But they need more and to develop

In terms of the front office does it looked settled down? i.e. no mid-season coups, possibly a football guy pres.
Adam Caplan: SH: I like they guy who replaced Rees
Adam Caplan: T.J. McCreight
Adam Caplan: very well respected
Adam Caplan: up and comer type
Adam Caplan: If you're a Browns fan, there should be some stability there now
Adam Caplan: coaching staff is the issue
Adam Caplan: we have to see how they do in August and the rest of the way
Adam Caplan: I have my issues there

Adam, can the Browns compete with the rest of the teams in the AFC North, and maybe win a couple?
Adam Caplan: BR: Winning at home is key, I can't understand why they can't at least win them there

Adam, Is Pittsburgh going to be down this year?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I'm very intrigued with their offensive scheme change

Does Jamal Lewis really have some gas left in the tank?
Adam Caplan: CALK: Can't really tell with RBs until they're in pads but the good sign is that he's dropped some weight
Adam Caplan: so hopefully he can move better with contact
Adam Caplan: he tends to stop and start more when he's heavier
Adam Caplan: he played close to 250 last year

Adam Caplan: guys: Great chat and questions

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