Death Chat 2007: UDFA Disparagement Edition

The OBR held our Death Chat right after Adam Caplan finished on Wednesday, in front of a live studio audience of folks who hung on after Adam wrapped up. Barry, John, and Rich were the death chatters this week as Fred and Jeff took a summer night off. Here's a free sample of what the Death Chat is like at 3/5th of full power...

Rich: Howdy, boss. You, too, John.
Rich: Hi to everyone else.
John: BTW, Rich, thanks for understanding what I was talking about re: LeBron a coupla weeks back
Barry: Alright, we're going to try this. What I need folks to do is just hang and watch.
Rich: Is this gonna be like the emperor without his clothes?
Barry: Try to avoid jumping into the threads... not that we don't want your takes, but it makes doing the transcript real tough.
John: Barry better be clothed
Rich: Good point
Barry: I was born wearing sweat pants and a t-shirt.
John: I don't need that image burned into my brain
Rich: Pass the Pepto
John: Rich, try and step up your game. We have an audience.

1. In recent weeks, we've talked a lot about the units on the Browns we're most worried about. Noting that the answer
"punter" will be publicly sneered at as weak, which unit on the team are you LEAST worried about?
John: TE
Rich: The offensive line
John: I actually like the LBs a lot as well.
John: The OL doesn't concern me near as much as it has in the past.
Barry: You are both nuts. TE could be bad if Winslow is gone and the Browns and offensive line quality don't mix
Barry: The correct answer is "linebacker"
Rich: Not the inside backers without a strong defensive line
John: That's why they weren't my answer, Rich
Rich: Davis and Jackson aren't that effective if they're making tackles five yards downfield.
Barry: It's the only position where I don't freak out if we lose a starter.
Rich: They still need a lot of help from the defensive line to be effective.
Barry: True, but I'm real intrigued by Leon Williams.
Rich: There is depth at linebacker and the offensive line.
John: And the OL won't be fine if Thomas is a bust, Tucker goes nuts again, Steinbach is Shafferish, etc.
Rich: He won't be a bust.
Barry: Meh. OL needs help from the quarterback, WRs, etc. It's a team game. LB is just deeper.
Rich: That's a lot of ifs.
John: There's still a lot of ifs on this team.
John: Not as many as in previous seasons, but they are still there
Rich: Absolutely.

2. WR Mike Mason was arrested over the weekend for a series of misdemeanors involving a late-night bar altercation. With so
much emphasis on off-the-field behavior this off-season, the Browns have gotten some light (non-local) criticism for signing Mason given previous problems. Do you think the Browns should be criticized for the signing?
John: Feh, no biggie
Rich: He should be kicked off the team yesterday.
John: Agree with that.
Barry: I think at little of the "but all the kids dooooo it" applies. As long as you've got the Bengals and Ravens in this division, it's
tough to pass on anyone with talent.
Rich: Savage said he would draft and sign character players. He should practice what he says.
John: Compared to the rest of the NFL, the Browns are positively saint-like
Rich: Mason came with more baggage that Eric Wright.
John: 99% of the time, he's done that.
Rich: Not when he drafts two "baggage" guys in Wright and Mason.
Barry: The Browns weren't the only team interested in Mason, as we reported earlier.
Rich: Now, they'll get their shot.
John: They didn't expend a draft pick or big money on Mason. What's wrong with taking a flyer on the guy?
Rich: He's bad news, John. Never should have been signed in the first place.
John: Yeah, they took a huge cap hit on that signing.
Barry: Bad news with a 30+ yard average on returning kicks. If Savage passed on guys like that the media would hit him for that, too.
C'mon, Rich. Lighten up
Rich: Why?

Barry: 3. According to the league's agreement with the NFLPA, practices around the league are supposed to be "non-contact" until
Training Camp. But Browns LT Joe Thomas is among many players who have let it slip that, yes, there's quite a bit of contact. Do you think this is a non-issue, or feel that teams should be held responsible for flaunting their agreement with the NFLPA?
John: If the NFLPA allows it to continue to happen, it's on them. The teams will go as far as the union will let them on this issue.
John: It's a non-issue, Rich.
Rich: Agree with Barry on the non-contact issue. Let the infighting begin. To me, it's a non-issue
Everyone loves labor relations questions.
John: I'm getting all tingly inside...
Rich: You, too?
Barry: That's the beer
John: :-)
Barry: Well, there are internet web sites out there who want to make it an issue.
Barry: Are we agreed that we don't care a whole heck of a lot unless someone gets hurt?
John: Yes
Rich: Yep.

4. Our old pal Bernie Kosar recently said that Charlie Frye did a "great job". However, he also said that "there couldn't be a worse-case scenario" for a first-year QB to play with the Browns. Do you agree with him on this second point?
John: Huh? Did BK write that question himself?
Barry: No. BK was not consulted.
Rich: Nonsense. Was it any worse for Peyton Manning in Indianapolis?
Barry: I think it's got potential if Quinn is all that. This offense has underachieved, there won't be a lot of cries for Charlie, and there's talent here.
John: If he wins the job, he wins the job. If he doesn't, he'll sit and learn. the only way it's a worst-case scenario is because it would
leave BK's buddy on the bench or possibly looking for employment elsewhere
Barry: If Quinn has the talent the Browns think he does, I think hope he does, why shouldn't he start?
John: If he wins the job, if he's the best option, he should start.
Rich: Got to give credit to Bernie. He's staunchly behind Frye. Don't know why, but at least he's consistent. BTW, I'm still looking for
the "it" Frye is supposed to have.
John: You and me both Rich
Barry: I thnk they sprayed the complex to get rid of that, Rich.
John: lol
Rich: Better do a respray.
Barry: Alright. No one is on 19's side on this one, I see. Bernie's great, but I'm not with him on this one.
John: Love St. Bernard, but I just don't get or see it

5. Willie McGinest still appears to be the Browns starting OLB opposite Kam Wimbley. Do you feel McGinest's presence as a
start is still a strong positive for the ball club, or would you prefer to see the team focus more on Antwan Peek or another linebacker?
Rich: Peek is strictly a pass rusher. McGinest is better against the run.
John: You'll see Peek getting more snaps as the season wears on.
Barry: The only thing that bugs me about it is that they've dedicated Williams to ILB, and I hope it isn't because of Willie.
Rich: He had better hike his game against the run then.
John: As a DE, Peek was shat against the run. Might see a different player at LB. And notice I said "might".
Rich: Williams is strong enough and fast enough to play outside. Can't figure out why he's stuck inside.
John: That one does kinda boggle my mind as well
Barry: No David McMillan pimps? Going once, going twice... (sigh)
Rich: Gone
Rich: He was an inside backer at Miami, so the coaches must feel he's out of place on the outside.
Barry: So, basically, you both say that McG is a better choice at OLB. I'm the only one who questions this?
John: I didn't say that. I'm just stating what i think is gonna happen
Rich: That position could become situational depending on the down and distance.

John: Lightning round??????

Barry: 1. More on on the QBs. Sorry. SI columnist Peter King recently ranked the NFL's 32 quarterbacks, putting Charlie Frye at #31,
ahead only of Kansas City's Brodie Croyle. Who should be more upset? (A) Charlie Frye (B) Brodie Croyle
Rich: Croyle.
John: Croyle
Rich: Maybe Derek Anderson should be upset, too.
Barry: Lack of QB enthusiasm noted. But what's up with Herm Edwards? Nevermind.
Barry: I'll ask our KC publisher what he thinks of putting Croyle last.
John: Frye's proven he sucks. Croyle hasn't got the chance yet

2. Sports Media Question: ESPN announced their Monday Night Football "B" team, which included omnipresent AM radio team
"Mike and Mike" as well as "Kicking and Screaming" thespian Mike Ditka. Is this more or less suicide-inducing than the old team which
included Joe Theismann and Paul Maguire?
Rich: Just turn down the sound and listen to the game on ESPN radio.
John: The mute button will be in play on that one
Barry: Good idea,Rich. Get Sirius radio and listen to the local broadcast.
Rich: Better Ditka than Stephen A. Smith
John: Theismann and Maguire are Madden and Summerall compared to those yahoos
Barry: BTW, I don't think it can get worse than Theismann, but unless M&M change form their morning schtick, fuhgeddaboutit.
Rich: Best bet: Don't watch at all.
Barry: Can't do that, Rich. I get the shakes.
John: I'm with Barry
Rich: Quaaludes, John.
John: lol

Barry: 3. The OBR digital archives shows that the following answers were provided for a question regarding the probability of an
off-field incident before training camp. Rich: 10%, John: 10%, Fred 25%. In retrospect, were you (A) Exceedingly optimistic (B) Not counting rookie free agents (C) Just being nice because you're a nice guy, good enough, smart enough, and darn it, people like you.
John: B
John: UDFAs don't count
Rich: (D) All of the above.
Barry: Don't go off the menu, Rich.
Barry: Troublemaker.
John: "You" and "nice" don't belong in the same sentence Rich
Rich: OK, B.

4. As mentioned in Lane Adkins article today, Tim Carter is often lining up with the first team opposite Braylon Edwards. How
concerned are you that the Browns seem to have a strong interest in this oft-injured receiver who has disappointed to date? (A) Not at all - he looks like a steal (B) Concerned - He's just not that good (C) Very concerned - I'm having Lee Suggs flashbacks.
Rich: C
John: C
Rich: A strong C
Rich: A powerful C
Barry: C is the correct answer, with a wistful glance at (A)
Rich: Make a quick glance as well
John: This is Cleveland, remember Barry?
Barry: (True dat, but I STILL think the Browns got a steal getting Roric Harrison for Blue Moon Odom. It can happen).

And tonight's final question...
Rich: Ta da
John: Boo!!!!!
Rich: Is that you, Casper?

5. Pick your Mike Mason cut date: (A) As soon as the court date is over (B) Before training camp (C) First wave of training camp cuts (D) He's already cut
Rich: D
John: B
Barry: Correct answer is (A). Fred would have got it.
Rich: If it's B, then shame on them.
John: B and D are technically the same
John: Right now it's before training camp
Barry: Don't get technical with me, mister.
Rich: And you call ME a trouble maker?
John: coughcoughbetterquestionscoughcough
Rich: trouble
Barry: Alright, that's it. Thanks for playing! Floor is open.

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