Taylor: This, That, And The Other (June 26)

You want the Kudla!?! YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE KUDLA! (That makes no sense at all, but saying "Kudla" makes us happy). John Taylor rifles through his bag of info and comes up with yet more stuff you're not really supposed to know. It's OK that you know it, I guess, but you're not really supposed to know it. The world's just gonna have to deal...

This, that and the other from the world of your Cleveland Browns:

  • Reports have been floating across the vast expanse of the Internet in recent days that the Browns and former Ohio State standout Mike Kudla have reached agreement on a contract.  However, earlier this afternoon The OBR spoke with Neil Cornrich - head of NC Sports, LLC, and employer of Kudla's agent of record Jonathan Hurst - -and the Beachwood-based agent shot down the rumors.  "The Browns have not signed (Kudla).  That has not happened," Cornrich said.  Cornrich would not discuss whether or not his agency has had any contact with the Browns, but a Berea source tells The OBR that there have been discussions between the two sides, although nothing is "imminent in regard to Kudla".
  • On a personal note, Cornrich had some nice things to say about both myself and The OBR website, and I would just like to publicly thank him for his kind words. 

    (The preceding sentence ends the Dr. Z portion of our program, for those playing along at home and are taking notes.)

    (And if you are playing along at home and taking notes, I've got two words for you: GET A LIFE!)
  • Here's one thing I was told the other day that struck me as kind of odd: don't forget about Kelly Butler when discussing potential starters on the right side of the offensive line.  I can't see it with Ryan Tucker the starter right now and the potential of Kevin Shaffer moving to right tackle once he loses his battle for the left tackle spot with Joe Thomas, but, hey, stranger things have happened.
  • Don't expect Chaun Thompson to make it all the way through training camp and the four pseudo games.  Well, at least not in a Browns uniform.  The club is growing increasingly frustrated with a player who possesses all of the physical gifts in the world but cannot grasp seemingly simple defensive concepts.  And, the OTA's and minicamps further entrenched that line of thinking.
  • There seems to be more than a few fans who are interested in salary cap numbers, so we'll throw you all a bone and give you the five Browns who will count the most against the cap for the 2007 season.  And, oddly enough, four of the five reside on the defensive side of the ball.  The player with the highest number for 2007 is rehabbing miracle Gary Baxter, who comes in with a cap value of a little over $5.3 million.  Next in line is veteran Willie McGinest at about $5.1 million, followed by injured center LeCharles Bentley at $4.6 million.  The remainder of the top-five consists of defensive linemen: Orpheus Roye ($4.5 million) and newly-signed free-agent nose tackle Shaun Smith ($4.2 million).
  • Interestingly, Daylon McCutcheon, who was released by the Browns on March 11, still counts roughly $2.3 million against the '07 cap.  That's the 15th- highest total on the team.
  • And, for a slightly humorous slant on the 2007 salary cap, released quarterback Darrell Hackney takes up the least amount of '07 space.  The amount?  A shade under $700.  Yes, you read that write: the number "7", followed in quick succession by two "0's".

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