Muni Lot: Get Your Copps Cards!

The creativity of Browns fans continues to amaze, and continues to be displayed in the Muni Lot. June is when things slow down around the NFL, but new blogs, videos, podcasts and more are showing up in the Muni Lot every day...

Usually, when a huckster in sunglasses and a suit appears on a playground, it's a signal to call the cops. Fortunately, in this case, it's just the latest sign that the Serious Fans are still on the job, poking fun at whatever in the Cleveland Browns or NFL universe deserves a ribbing. Often this involves the much deserving-of-abuse groups of Ravens or Steelers fans, but today involves those teams in a more indirect way; namely, the large numbers of NFL players getting some quality time with law enforcement officials.

Copps Trading Cards? It's just another abnormal day on the OBR's Muni Lot. Even in late June, about as dull a time as you can find in the NFL, the Muni Lot is still hopping.

Lots of people in the media speak in revered tones about the passion of Browns fans and of our bad fortune over the past decades.

One thing that's rarely mentioned - but should be - is how Browns fans display their love of their team with huge amounts of energy and creativity. From the Dawg Pound emerging essentially out of nowhere, to all the songs, signs, and Browns-themed vehicles we've seen over the years, to fans who have created their own identities, the orange and brown faithful take a back seat to no fans anywhere in the way they express themselves.

The OBR's Muni Lot has been a place where fans are free to express themselves. That includes some terrific blogs, including the efforts from founding blogfathers Ace Davis and the Dawghouse Blog, OBR writers, and many new blogs like Dawgbeat. tdc productions has been cranking out some cool videos.

Parking is can get full in the real Muni Lot. In this one, though, there's still plenty more room for more fans who want to express themselves via blogs, video, or whatever digital outlet they prefer. Contact the OBR gang if you're interested in jumping in!


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