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A nifty cold front has come into Tennessee so that there's no real "weather advantage" for the Oiltans. Adelphia Commcast Enron SBC Ameritech Whatver Coliseum's field is in great condition for today's game. Click for Nashville Forecast


1PM Start!

CBS television, including channel 19 in Cleveland. Ian Eagle and Soloman Wilcots will do the required fawning over Eddie George and Steve McNair.

The game will be broadcast live on appoximately 10% of all CBS Stations.

The game will be broadcast on DirectTV NFL packages. Channel 707, reportedly.


Internet: WMMS, Browns Official Site

WMMS 100.7
WONE 97.5
WJER 101.7

WHBC 1480
WKVX 960


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Game Preview Thing

I would like to point out that last week I was actually right when I said that Corey Dillon would get barely over 100 yards but the Browns would win anyway. ** Bows ** Thank you, thank you.

Blind squirrel, meet nut.

Anyhow, the Browns are going to lose today. I will tell you now, so that it's less painful later.

While Eddie George will not be 100%, the Titans offense is much better balanced than the Browns. The Browns running game has been putrid, and the Titans have allowed only an average of 70 or so yards per game. I anticipate that it will be a fairly high-scoring affair, but the Titans running game advantage will allow them to control the clock when they need to, and ultimately defeat the Browns by between 7-10 points. The total score will be over 60 points.

There are two things that can change the Browns almost-certain doom in this game:

1. Disruption of the Oiltans passing game due to a serious rush from the Browns defensive line. We haven't seen this to date, but this will be the first game where the entire front four will start and be healthy. I'm still hoping. If Brown does as well as some of the team hope he will, it could change the outcome of the game.

2. Turnovers. Duh. The Browns have been opportunistic this year, much the same way as they were in 2001. If the ball bounces their way and they have a turnover advantage of two or more, they can keep the game closer or possibly win.

There. Now you won't what won't happen. Enjoy the game. I'll be hanging out in the chat room so you can make fun of me.

Injuries / Unlikely to Play

We've got a lot of players coming back. Tim Couch and Aaron Shea will be back and Ben Taylor is also likely to see action. Ryan Tucker is about as likely to play as I am, but he's paid better. Chris Akins and Alvin McKinney aren't likely to be seen today, the former of which is a bummer from the special teams perspective.

My man Zuk will get some starting time because of Dave Wohlabaugh's hand, and I think he'll hold his own. Shaun O'Hara takes over for Wohlie in the middle and will do a better run blocking than last week.

The Oiltans are playing with Jevon Kearse, which serves them right. But we're playing without Jamir "Travelling Man" Miller, so I guess that sort of evens out.

I would put the Titans injury list here, but Fisher sandbags like a maniac which means their list is about 50% total crapola. I won't give him the pleasure of thinking that any of us fall for it. Shame on you, Jeff Fisher. Shame.

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