Let It Rest...........For Now

Whether it was Cleveland sportstalk radio irresponsibility or rumor mongering, it played all week. Fueled by playing for Butch Davis in Miami, a contract holdout, and a desire to see a mammouth offensive tackle in Cleveland............. Bryant McKinnie was the talk of the town, but shouldn't have been.

While we know with certainty that the Browns have had a long-standing interest in offensive lineman Bryant McKinnie, they cannot get their hands on him during the 2002 season.

Following the 2002 season, it could be a different story. If McKinnie does not sign with the Vikings, we've been told that the Browns could very well make a play for the standout offensive lineman from the University of Miami.

The Browns interest was evident and well-reported in the days leading up to the 2002 NFL draft. There are some strong indications that the Browns expressed an interest in McKinnie as contract talks between the player and the Vikings went nowhere.

If not signed by November 12th, McKinnie can't play this season. Others believe that if he isn't signed, he will be traded.

More on the McKinnie situation and the Browns play can be found here

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