The OBR FREE Through July 4th

One thing I learned shortly after getting out of high school: FREE STUFF RULES! Free beer, free food, free love, free clinics. Yeah, that was all great. Well, relive your misspent youth for the next couple of days with FREE access to the OBR and the rest of Scout. Details lurk inside this article...

Happy birthday, America! (Almost)

Here at Scout, they're celebrating by basically making the entire network free through the Fourth of July.

This is a slow time for the NFL, but the OBR gang here in Cleveland will try to crank out some stories and articles over the coming days to give you a sense of what the OBR is all about. Unfortunately, our popular subscriber forum called "Ask the Insiders" isn't included.

Still, this is a great chance to sample what has to offer, including all stories in the recruiting database, college preseason updates, NFL pre-camp news and content, NBA draft coverage, and the MLB network's minor and major league coverage.

No registration or credit cards are required. Just enjoy the free access! Take advantage of this terrific opportunity to see all that the Network has to offer.

 Here are some comments from a recent thread in our subscriber TAP room forum that have us smiling, though:

 "We are in the slow time of the NFL, OTAs are over and camp is about 30 days away.  The boards and articles are going like it was almost prime time.  Great information and thanks for the great efforts in keeping us informed."

"Frankly, I am SO glad I joined - it's been great. I know you guys are working hard and have somehow managed to make the slow part of the season exciting. And I must say that Lane A was an outstanding off-season acquisition."

"I've really been enjoying the insight from LA, JT & V the F.  It's even more wonderful to be able to ask follow up questions and get clarifications on ATI."

No, thank you, folks. We've got the most dedicated, passionate Browns fans anywhere hanging out with us, and that's what makes this gig so much fun, all year round.

Have a great and safe 4th of July Holiday!!

* NOTE FROM SCOUT'S MARKETING, LEGAL, AND NUTRITIONAL ADVISORY DEPARTMENTS: This promotion does not include premium message boards, audio or video clips.

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