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Scout's NFL Insider talks about rookie signings, veteran comebacks, and more, including Adam's insights into how Jamal Lewis (pictured) has changed his running style. Get the latest in the transcript this week's chat with Adam Caplan...

Adam Caplan: hi all

Adam Caplan: Nothing new on signings... I expect Steptoe to sign by the weekend or at the latest early next week. McDonald by early next week

Its got to be the slowest time of the NFL calendar how do you guys stay busy?
Adam Caplan: ZU: I cover all 32 teams so there's always something, but I'm glad it's slow.

Do you expect Steptoe to make the team?
Adam Caplan: ZU: Not out of the question because they have the need for speed or a returner

Hey Adam, thanks for your time. coming out of minicamp, who do you think is the front runner for the #2 cb slot
Adam Caplan: TU: Wright by default... and I would expect him to start unless he falls on his face

Where does that leave Holly, solid nickel?
Adam Caplan: TU: Pretty much so at this point

What are they going to do with Shafer? Trade or Move to RT side and how long?
Adam Caplan: ZU: They will make that decision after a few weeks of camp, but would they would like to do is for Thomas to prove he's ready to start and move Shaffer in a trade. They already have Butler as the backup RT and they can't pay Shaffer to be a backup

I just hate to see them lose depth and get nothing for it
Adam Caplan: ZU: I agree to a point but Shaffer is making too much money to be a backup, hard to justify it... My sense is unless Thomas just isn't ready, Shaffer would stay.

Do you anticipate them bringing in another RB because outside of WR and CB its got to be the thinnest spot on the roster?
Adam Caplan: ZU: No on RB. WR and CB is possible as camp progresses. Problem is there is little left at WR to sign. At CB there are some decent ones for depth

Mel Tucker did a great job with what he had last year!!
Adam Caplan: ZU: No doubt and they found some players when the top guys went down, Holly for instance.

adam, any looming cuts from other rosters that may take us by suprise? potential late savage pick ups?
Adam Caplan: TU: As I noted in the last chat, teams rarely cut and sign players now. Darius was about the best FA that was available. Although if McCardell has anything left, he wouldn't be a bad #3. But his play really fell off last season. The Saints brought him in for a visit

tutorofthestudents: adam, who is your lightning in a bottle player this year? someone with low expectations that will really suprise and impress
Adam Caplan: TUT: Harrison, Wilson on offense, Peek on D. But no real deep sleepers at this point.

jimherbert: going back to offensive line...who would you say is better..Tucker or Shaffer as right tackles?
Adam Caplan: JIM: Tucker is a natural RT if he's got his head on right. I really didn't think Tucker would make it this far so we'll see how he holds up

If Thomas doesn't start game 1 would you be shocked??
Adam Caplan: ZU: Not at all, minor surprise. Again, he would have to really not be ready to not be able to play right away

Adam what is up with signing all of these wide receivers? Are the ones we have doing that bad?
Adam Caplan: BR: They need depth/competition... Mann is an interesting prospect... Good run after catch, size but doesn't run fast. He never really got a shot in his two years in the league

tutorofthestudents: adam, who is in camp first, Thomas or Quinn?
Adam Caplan: TUT: Ask me in about a week or so... it's a little early. The sense of urgency doesn't happen until about a few days before camp.

Adam I am hearing good and bad reviews about Edwards in camp, what have you heard?
Adam Caplan: BR: Good for the most part. Physically he looks all the way back from the ACL surgery.

Adam, that is great news. Any news on signing Quinn, Thomas or Wright?
Adam Caplan: BR: Only late round guys, I expect them to be in next week. Guys around those picks are signing, so that will bring them in.

If Anderson is the starter is Frye a gonner and does he have any value in this league?
Adam Caplan: ZU: I can't see them getting anything other than a conditional 6-7th for Frye, so he could stay.

Adam if Frye stays -who do we cut?
Adam Caplan: BR: Dorsey. The top three are set, just the pecking order needs to be determined. I'm very interested to see how the QBs do in camp. Defensively, Peek, Wright, and Leon Williams too.

zunit4: Are you as worried about Jamal Lewis having anything left? It seems like the national media is writing him off at this point?
Adam Caplan: ZU: IF he gets his weight down to 235 like he said he will, that will help big time. He hasn't been that light since his rookie season. But he still isn't the same back, he changed his running style a few years ago after his ankle injury... he stops and starts... a plodder now.

zunit4: Is he healthy?
Adam Caplan: ZU: Close on Lewis... I will be interested to see how he runs in pads with contact

Adam, on a percentage 1-100, what are the chances of the top 3 being in camp day 1?
Adam Caplan: BR: I expect Wright to... As for the other two, 25%

Adam, long holdouts on the other two?
Adam Caplan: BR: Thomas, if any happen, would be it

How will the LCB saga end?
Adam Caplan: No one can say either way, he still has to get cleared by the Browns medical staff. Just the fact that he has a chance is great but don't be let down if he doesn't play this year... you have to be realistic... Even if he does play, no one knows if he can be effective. There are a lot of steps in the process

John Clayton has been brutal in his evaluation of the Browns - can you really tell that much from just the OTA's and minicamp?
Adam Caplan: AM: No, I rarely make predictions out of camp because they aren't in pads. If everything works out, 7-9 is possible but QB play has to improve for that to happen as does pass rush

What's going to happen in the supplemental draft tomorrow?
Adam Caplan: AM: My guesses are: Oliver-4th-5th
Adam Caplan: Gaither and Patrick 6th-7th

I noticed that Bodden was out most of OTAs any word on availability for start of Camp? and if not does he still start?
Adam Caplan: ZU: He's expected to start. He did some stuff but was limited... they don't want him to have a setback with the ankle

Adam, do you really think LCB has a chance?
Adam Caplan: BR: Other than Baxter and LCB, Winslow
Adam Caplan: BTW, I had the surgeon who did the procedure on his knee last week with me on Sirius, it's a minimum on 6 months rehab but he's on target to be ready for the season... Dr. Richard Steadman... he also did Amare Stoudimire's

Winslow looks like he has bulked up....and with another knee surgery I wonder how his mobility will be affected? He's not going to run a 4.5 anymore
Adam Caplan: ZU: We'll get an idea once he can practice. He was running hard straight ahead back in early June, so he should be cutting now. The expectation is that he practices once a day

If the Browns are sub .500 after the first 6 games - is RAC finished?
Adam Caplan: AM: I have to see how the first 3-4 games are

That is great news about Winslow!!!
Adam Caplan: BR: Now how effective he will be is a different story. We'll get a better idea when they clear him to practice in pads

Adam, thanks for throwing a wrench in my optomism
Adam Caplan: BR: I have to always caution on microfracture surgery. Guys who come back too early suffer set backs some times

Adam - read where you drafted KW2 as your starting tight end, true?
Adam Caplan: AM: In a fantasy league, yes, late

Adam...are the browns looking to add depth to the defensive line? Any names from free agency that is of interest?
Adam Caplan: JIM: Possibly a DE, veteran type in camp

Are you impressed with Chud or will this offense be as predictable as Carthons'?
Adam Caplan: ZU: I like his philosophy. They will move TE and WRs around to take advantage of matchups.

Adam, you spend time evaluating many teams, who are your three teams on a upswing and three on a
downswing these next couple years?
Adam Caplan: BR: Up, Lions (don't laugh), Cardinals (ok, you can laugh), SF. Down: KC, WAS, TB

Will the NFL ever have a team in LA again?
Adam Caplan: AM: Yes but it will be a while

zunit4: I think Kitna is way overrated at this point? But who knows
Brownsfan91171: But Kitna said he was going to throw 500 tds this year...LOL
Adam Caplan: BR: 25 TDs for JK

Adam Caplan: All: see you in a few weeks, good chat.

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