Week 3 Gameballs and Goats Results

Kelly Holcomb holds onto the top spot in the Bernie's Insiders Gameballs & Goats voting, but there are some surprising players sneaking up behind him. Check out this week's results, the year-to-date totals, and (best of all) the comments we got via email!

This Summer, there would have been few Browns fans who would have felt that Dennis Northcutt would be a hero of an important game, but part of the joy of football is never being able to predict what is going to happen. Browns fans continue to praise Phil Dawson, Andre Davis, and Jamel White, and be unhappy with the progress of Courtney Brown, William Green and Roger Chanoine.

Here are the results for Week 3 of the season, as well as the Year-to-Date scores and comments we got via email to gameballs@brownstng.com.

Week 3 Results

Dennis Northcutt
2. Tim Couch
3. Andre Davis
4. Browns Defense
Jamel White
6. Phil Dawson
7. Earl Holmes

Goat Horns
William Green
2. Roger Chanoine
3. Officiating Crew
4 Offensive Line (run blocking)
Courtney Brown
6. Dennis Northcutt
7. Butch Davis

Year-To-Date Leaders

Team MVP: Gameball Points
1. (1) 
Kelly Holcomb  (13 pts)
2. (2)
Phil Dawson (12)
3. (5)
Andre Davis (9)
4. (3)
Mark Word (7)
5. (4)
Quincy Morgan (6)
5. (-)
Tim Couch (6)

David Modell Award for Uselessness: Goathorn Points
1. (4) William Green (-13)
2. (1) Run Defense (-7)
2. (1) 
Dwayne Rudd (-7)
2. (4) Offensive Line (-7)
5. (-) 
Roger Chanoine (-6)

Method: Gameball or goat points are awarded to the first through seventh place finishers in each category. (Seven points to the top gameball vote-getter, six to second place, etc). Goat points are subtracted from gameball points to calculate a total. 

Weekly Results: Week 1  Week 2

Your Comments in Week 3


Earl Holmes - he was stopping Eddie from breaking it again and again - Joe M

Dennis Northcutt:  His three huge plays showed great athleticism and won the game for the Browns. What dropped punt? - Kevin S.

Phil Dawson--He kicked the perfect onside kick. I can't believe somebody had the guts to kick it to that side! -JMatt

Andre Davis - who said this kid had suspect hands ?? WR corps have really come of age - MykeVS

Andre Davis: looks right now like the best non-first round draft choice the Browns have made since their return; possibly since Michael Dean Perry in 1988 - Bob M.

Tim Couch he showed the stuff of a champion - Glen S.

Tim Couch: Too bad he's not a leader; right, Jamir? - Colorado Dawg

Tim Couch - For shaking off the rust from not playing and then shaking off that (almost) game breaking int he threw to lead his team to 2 TD's with no timeouts to tie the game. WAY TO GO TIM - DK

I think the showing of Tim Couch today should shut some people up about him and Holcomb. I feel he really showed what he was made of today by bringing the Browns back to beat the Titans.  - GGregSch

run D: especially lang, warren, holmes, and griffith...they were making hits all over the field! - Matthew B

Jamel White - Showed he should be the feature back - Donnie H.

Game balls--Andre Davis The guy consistently comes up with the big catch, and holds on after the crushing hits - Chad G.

Tim Couch...he stepped up and answered the critics. 21 for 25 on his last 3 drives! Are you kiddin' me??????? - Heater

Defense -- THese guys played the most complete game they've played since the return. No rushing. No passing. Only gave up pts cuz of the stupid turnovers. - Brian H.

Tim Couch - The Media likes Controversy; "He only has eyes for KJ"......and the 8 others that caught balls!

Kevin Johnson -- Just about caught everything thrown his way, despite taking some big hits - DavidZ

Chris Palmer - must've felt a little redemption on Northcutt's play today. This WAS the guy he thought he had drafted! - Robert Y

Dennis Northcutt: He makes you want to give him a high-five when he returns the punt for a TD, then you want to strangle him after he fumbles his next punt, then redeems himself not once, but twice by recovering the on-side kick then scoring the game-tying TD with a beautiful spin move. - JAM-Dawg

Phil Dawson: Mr. Automatic wins the game. - Eric S.

Northcutt --- ok ok i was wrong about him. So was almost everyone else. Outstanding work . - Yazdawg


Roger Chanoine - yeah, I gave a goat to the whole line... but Chanoine was getting totally manhandled all day. It was sad. - JoeM

Officials--They huddled more than the players. Anthony Henry was robbed. Dwayne Rudd's fumble recovery should have stood. They stunk! - JMatt

C. Brown  When are you going to get off a block!
C. Brown  When are you going to lead this Defense - Glen S.

all the fans/media who think 2 decent games against 2 obviously horrible Ds should warrant replacing couch. - Matthew B.

Roye gets one for his stupid late hit penalty that extended a drive that turned into a TD instead of a FG. - Dave K.

William Green - take your punishment Willie, look to Northcutt for comeback inspiration. - Robert Y

Butch Davis: For starting William Green

William Green:  Sooner or later he's gonna make us all shut up and show what he can do... The fumbles are a function of his frustration and his desire to make something happen.  But theres no denying he sucked bad today and he clearly does not deserve to start of Jamel right now. - Kevin S.

William Green (hold on to the ball, fool!) - David Z.

Officials Worst officials I've ever seen. They acted like they were all drunk - Dave P.

Rudd - I'm still pissed off about week one - Donnie H.

Dennis Northcutt - never absolutely never, catch the ball inside the 10.- Myke VS

Dwayne Rudd - For throwing your helmet in game one. We would be 3-0 if it wasnt for that bonehead play!!! - DK

Roger Chanoine: If only Courtney Brown could go against Chanoine, he'd look like a hall-of-famer.
Courtney Brown: As far as being a pass rusher, he might as well be named Cleveland Crosby. - Bob M.

Orpheus Roye...his late hit not only earned a 15-yard penalty, but injured team mate Brant Boyer - Heater

Butch Davis for questionable challenges that cost us time outs - Red Hawk Dawg

Steelers: (no one else to put here, might as well be the Sqealers) Time to bow down to the mighty BROWNIES on Sunday!! - Eric S.

William Green (again) --- can i vote for him twice? - Yazdawg

Butch Davis - For playing Green, I realize he was drafted to be the starter....but let's face it.....Jamal is the better player right now and gives us a better chance to win. Games are on the line.....no more free rides! - Bayou Dawg

We should have a new award "The Green Weenie Award" and the first annual recipient is William Green.  Bring back Ben Gay for god's sake – much cheaper and similar upside.  Early signs indicate a major draft bust. - David M

Replay Officials- Wouldya quit giving me a goddamn heart attack all the time? Tell us what the call is first saying, "there wasn't enough evidence" or "the ruling on the field stands" and then give a long speech explaining it!! - John T.




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