Random Notes: Free Stuff and Flushometers

Barry catches up on some site news, including how to get a free DVD or month of the OBR! That, and your regularly scheduled Flush-o-meter update. We're just hoping that "Flush-o-meter" doesn't wind up being an overused media metaphor for the upcoming Browns season.

Here are some random news and notes as the Browns continue hurtling non-stop towards the start of Training Camp 2007. There are a half-million things going on right now on OBR forums and behind-the-scenes now as we get ready for Camp ourselves: 

  • As of this very moment, you can get a free DVD of the 2003 Fiesta Bowl, won fair-and-square by Ohio State over the  Miami Hurricanes. This is a $25 value, tossed in for free if you are a new subscriber who snags an annual Total Access Pass. You must put the Promo Code "OSU2K3" in as you order. This is a sweet offer for new annual TAP subscribers only. We're trying to figure out how to scam some of these DVDs for ourselves. Scout only has a couple dozen to give away, so it's first-come, first-serve.
  • If you haven't seen it in the Watercooler, Browns fans from the OBR will be descending on The Upper Deck Sports Cafe on Friday after practice (which runs from 3:30-5:30PM). A bunch of us from the OBR will be there, and will distributing name tags so folks can be recognized by their forum names. If you're wearing one of those, you get 10% off your food order. Join us after practice for some football talk and the usual adult beverages.  Mmmmm... adult beverages....
  • The team ushered various media types through the bowels of Cleveland Browns Stadium earlier today to show the world what was going on with flood damage repairs and plumbing. Apparently, the chaos was caused not by a water main break, but by a flush-o-meter (pictured). Thanks to the fact that the Scout Network hands the Associated Press some money every year, we've got pictures. Enjoy.
  • If you're mad at the first item because you want a freebie when you join the OBR, but don't feel like ponying up for the annual Total Access Pass right now, you can also get a free month of the OBR if you sign up for monthly access. Just subscribe to the monthly plan. You'll pay for this month, but next month will be free. That offer is good as of this minute and will only run a few days.
  • The Muni Lot, the free and fan-driven home for blogs, photo galleries and more, now has two more terrific bloggers who have joined our gang.  Please welcome Kid Cleveland and Vinny and the Hornless Rhino. These folks are great bloggers... we think they'll help make the Muni Lot even better. We think we've got the best Browns bloggers anywhere posting on the Muni Lot. Check it out when you have a chance.
  •  I had the opportunity to appear on ESPN Radio Gamenight the other night, giving an ten-minute preview of the Browns training camp. Ryen Russilo and Amy Lawrence were great hosts, and helped me avoid coming off like more of an idiot than absolutely neccessary. Click here if you want to listen in.
  •  The Scout Network awarded the OBR their 2007 Publisher Award for "Best Site Content (Pro Sports)" at their annual Publisher Convention. The award really goes to the terrific writing staff here at the OBR, but I'm the publisher, so it goes in my office. So there. The nice thing is that I work out of my home and the award is just the right size to chuck at neighborhood cats when they come sniffing around our garbage cans. Being an award-winner rules. Seriously... thanks Scout.com.

See ya Friday, I hope!

- Barry


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