Adkins: Right to the Point

Lane takes on items ranging from the current state of the Quinn negotiations to which players have (or haven't) made a quick impression in camp. No muss, no fuss, no fluff - just scoop and analysis you just can't get anywhere else!

As training camp progresses, I am going to run a daily "Right to the Point" analysis on players in Browns' camp. We are not going to get into 600-words of gibberish on specific players or positions in this offering, but a much simpler approach, one which is, well, right to the point.

  • Let's get the Brady Quinn issue out of the way immediately. The Orange and Brown Report has been informed negotiations between the two parties are ongoing with some progress made. Indications are both sides are in agreement on numerous issues, but the length of the contract, as well as guaranteed compensation is a sticking point. Additionally, the Orange and Brown Report has been informed if the negotiations continue at their current pace, a potential deal could be in the making, getting the rookie quarterback from Notre Dame on the field sometime next week.
  • As for the other three quarterbacks on the roster and in training camp, the morning practice session brought us some separation between the interested parties. Derek Anderson looked uncomfortable and did not throw the ball well. "Erratic" would be describing his time on the field mildly. Anderson threw one interception and could have been picked off another one or two times. Charlie Frye started off slowly in quarterback/receiver drills, but quickly picked up the pace and threw some nice balls. Frye looked like the player we hear he could become, rather than the player we have grown accustomed to. Meanwhile, Ken Dorsey does not do anything all that impressively, but he is a stable influence and a great communicator.
  • Jerome Harrison definitely has the quicks and receiving ability to be an effective third-down back in this league, but I seriously wonder how effective he would be running the football behind the revamped Browns' offensive line. While at Washington State he amassed significant yardage behind average talent. I'd keep my eye on him, especially in the event something would to occur with Jamal Lewis.
  • Wide receiver Tim Carter can flat-out fly. He is a legitimate threat to stretch the field if he can hold onto the ball. By the way, he did not hold onto the ball very well during the Saturday morning practice session, which has been situation since being drafted by the New York Giants. I will give Carter credit, he made a tremendous catch on a nicely thrown deep ball from Frye in the Saturday morning practice.
  • I like the speed and quickness in the defensive backfield. With any sort of pass rush, the pass defense should be much improved.
  • Brodney Pool taking over for Brian Russell at safety improves the speed and athleticism in the defensive backfield. I want to see how well the communication progresses throughout training camp, as Russell's strength was his communication skills.
  • Starting left defensive end Orpheus Roye looks in great condition and is moving around very well. He appears to be in as good shape as he was a couple years ago, if not better.
  • The Orange and Brown Report has been telling all that would listen Kellen Winslow would be brought along slowly in camp, is in great physical condition, and the knee is doing extremely well following micro-fracture surgery. We said the team would avoid taking any unnecessary chances with his knee, and at the start of camp, the team has done just that.
  • Moving Kevin Shaffer to right tackle may just make the Browns offensive line more athletic, as long as Seth McKinney or Ryan Tucker can man the right guard position. Keep an eye on Isaac Sowells... he could be a player who steps up to assume a role with this team.
  • Wide receiver Braylon Edwards appears to have regain a step in his speed and overall quickness. Now fully recovered from knee surgery, Edwards looks explosive, when he drives in and out of his cuts.
  • Rookie cornerback Eric Wright can flat out cover a receiver. He anticipates extremely well, and he has an uncanny ability to read the receiver when the ball is in the air.
  • If Leon Williams continues to progress upon his late 2006 play, I don't know how the coaching staff can keep him on the bench behind Andra Davis or D'Qwell Jackson, with Davis being an increasingly interesting target.
  • Why is Andra Davis at target? He does not bring as much athleticism and quickness to the position as Jackson and Williams do. Let us not fail to mention, also, that Davis' salary is fairly hefty. Still, I don't see anything happening in regards to Davis until the conclusion of the 2007 season.



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