Saturday PM Practice Recap

Notes from Saturday's evening practice session, including a talk with new WR Tim Carter...

The Browns were back on the practice field Saturday evening, and things were crisper than in the morning practice. Click here for our stream of comments live from practice. Here are some jottings from our notebook:

DA COMES BACK: Derek Anderson was much sharper in the afternoon practice Saturday than he was in the morning. He whipped a pass to Braylon Edwards in a 7-on-7 drill and later in 11-on-11 connected with tight end Steve Heiden, hitting Heiden in full stride. Anderson's results would have been even better, but Edwards dropped a pass in 11-on-11 and so did tight end Ryan Krause.

GOOD GUY BRAYLON: Edwards is scoring a lot of points with the fans early in training camp. After the morning session he spent time with a young man in a wheel chair. The fan is coping with cerebral palsy, yet he is not letting it get him down. He proudly waved a Braylon Edwards bobble-head doll. When Edwards stopped to visit the young man said, 'This is the greatest day of my life!

In the afternoon session, after catching the pass from Anderson in 7-on-7, Edwards ran the length of the field and flipped the ball to the crowd.

TURNING UP THE HEAT: One of the best battles throughout training camp will be the search for a punt returner. Joshua Cribbs has the edge now, but during practice Saturday afternoon Cribbs, Syndric Steptoe and Brandon McDonald each fielded punts without any drops.

Most of the drill was conducted without 11 players thundering down on punt coverage, but near the end of the drill special teams coach Ted Daisher turned the coverage unit loose. Cribbs and Steptoe fielded the ball with no problems (although they knew they would not be hit).

The horn sounded, ending the session before McDonald got the chance to catch the ball with the coverage unit closing in.

TALKING WITH TIM CARTER: One of the more intriguing players in camp is newly-acquired Tim Carter, who has made enough of an impression to be sharing reps with Joe Jurevicius at the #2 WR spot. The OBR cornered Carter and talked to him about his experience early in camp.

OBR: You've been rotating with Joe Jurevicius with the first team. How do you see that going throughout camp?

I'm not really sure. Right now we're just trying to polish up on the system and get some of the cobwebs off from spring football. As far as how the rotation is going, I'm not really sure how that works.

When you were traded to the Browns did you think you were going to compete for a starting spot?

It was definitely my understanding that I would have a great opportunity here to play for a team that's looking to win. I'm really excited about that. We've got a new system, new coaches and the team made some great moves in the offseason as far as personnel. I'm just excited about being on a team that's looking to win and an organization that has a lot of history and deserves to be out there winning.

What are your early impressions of the new offensive system?

I love it. It's an aggressive, attack offense. We're going to be physical with the run game and attack with the pass game. That's what I like about the system the most.

Is it more complex than other offenses?

The terminology is a little different, so everybody just has to get a full understanding of it. The install was pretty tough (in OTAs).

What do you think of Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson?

Both quarterbacks have great arms and both of them are learning the system to a degree. They put in a ton of hours.

How was the first day in pads?

It's a little shock to your body. First of all, I was a little sore from yesterday, just from all the running we did yesterday and you add the pads to it. And you add a slippery surface. It's football, so that's what it's about.




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