Right to the Point: PM Practices

Here's the REAL latest on the Quinn negotiations, and which players are impressing in camp...

As training camp progresses, I am going to run a daily "Right to the Point" analysis on players in Browns' camp. We are not going to get into 600-words of gibberish on specific players or positions in this offering, but a much simpler approach, one which is, well, right to the point.

  • For starters, let's clean up some loose ends. If you have been following along, the Orange and Brown Report has been on top of the Brady Quinn situation. Again today, we have a little more to add to the ongoing saga of "When is Brady going to sign?" We can tell you this, we posted some significant activity between the team and player early Sunday afternoon (approximately 12:45p.m.). A deal with Quinn is on the horizon from what we have been informed, and we're sticking with our initial prediction of a Monday/Tuesday timeframe for the deal to occur.
  • Over the last two practice sessions, Derek Anderson has thrown the ball much better. Following a couple practice sessions where his timing and accuracy were terrible, Anderson looks more like the player we saw during the off-season training activities and mini-camp, which will make for a tough competition between him and Charlie Frye. The only knock I see with Anderson over the past to practice sessions is he can become erratic quickly and he holds onto the ball too long at times.
  • Speaking of Frye, he has done well in avoiding turnovers, getting the ball in the playmakers hands, and holding his own in the pocket. I must add the Browns' starting offensive line appears considerably stronger and much more athletic than any Cleveland line in recent memory. What surprises me the most thus far with Frye is he is throwing the ball outside the hash-marks better and hasn't been pulling the ball down to run under the slightest bit of pressure.
  • Cornerbacks Leigh Bodden and Eric Wright have been very good in camp thus far. Wide receiver Braylon Edwards has come to camp in tremendous shape and has regained his speed and quickness, and he is not creating separation when lined up against the two before-mentioned cornerbacks. Bodden appears completely recovered from off-season ankle surgery, while Wright has the look of a veteran. What makes Wright so solid is his ability to see the play, understand the play and communicate. On one play Sunday, Wright had the coverage on Edwards, he played on Edwards the right shoulder 20-yards downfield before releasing him to Brodney Pool. Doesn't sound like much, but Wright the rookie and Pool replacing Brian Russell in the secondary worked perfectly in tandem.
  • It's early in camp, but defensive tackle Orpheus Roye concerns me. At 34 years of age and coming off another knee injury, he hasn't shown much during the opening days of training camp. Here's to hoping he is pacing himself, because the more I watch him, the more interest I have in seeing Simon Frasier and Orien Harris.
  • Just how strong a runner is Jamal Lewis? During a drill where a stretching band is attached to the player and they have run run/lunge with the football, Lewis was strong enough to cover 12-13 yards on a couple occasions. No other back during the drill covered more than 10-yards, which included the fullbacks.
  • Speaking of the fullbacks, second-year player Lawrence Vickers is seeing plenty of time split out in formation. An interesting look and lets note Vickers runs exceptionally well and has shown the ability to catch the ball.
  • As the Browns' offense lined up to conduct offensive drills Sunday, focus was not at the top of the agenda. Prior to the first snap, members of the offense were out of position, causing offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski to bring the second string offense onto the field to run the play, while the first team offense watched. The remainder of this drill was conducted in slow motion, as Chudzinski conducted some very up close and personal coaching.



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