Adkins: Your Questions, Direct Answers

The OBR's football analyst takes on your questions from the OBR forums...

My PM (private message inbox) from the forums of The Orange and Brown Reporthas been filling up with questions from fans who want to know what's really happening out there on the practice fields. Here are Quick Hits from those the PM messages:

Q: All we heard in the days leading up to training camp is that Travis Wilson has the opportunity to make a statement on offense this season. So far, it sound like he has dropped the ball, what are you seeing?

LA: You have heard it right. Wilson has had some issues holding onto the ball during the early stages of this training camp. On more than one occasion, receivers coach Wes Chandler has gotten on Wilson due to his drops and route running. In the case of the latter Wilson was slipping on the wet grass and Chandler had to show Wilson the proper technique to maintain footing. Since this discussion, I have not saw Wilson slip on the grass when planting to make a cut. It's early, but Edwards, Jurevicus and Tim Carter are certainly ahead of him on the depth chart.

Q: We have not had a legitimate offensive line in Cleveland for years. What does the line look like right now and should we expect bigger and brighter things this upcoming season?

LA: Part of the problem in regards to the offensive line and this organization has been patience and a lack of focus on securing talent. Second-day draft selections and castoffs from other teams will only get a team so far. Thanks to the direction this organization has taken in free agency and in the draft this past year, that is changing. The offensive line on the field in camp is much more athletic... the players can move, pull, and recover when beaten, something we would never see from players in previous years. The potential is there and they have looked good in camp thus far.

Q: I was at camp watching the team workout over the weekend and am impressed with the way the defensive backs looked in the scrimmage type drills. I cannot remember a Cleveland team in recent memory sporting such athletic players and players that hawk the ball. What is your take on the defensive backs?

LA: With Leigh Bodden and Eric Wright, the Browns could have two legitimate shutdown corners on the field at the same time. I have been very impressed with Wright... he is a young player with a very bright future. He has the recovery speed and quickness you look for in a cornerback, but it are intangibles in his game and his intensity which could make him special. Bodden has shown that, if healthy, he can shutdown or neutralize some of the better receivers in the game. Safeties Sean Jones and Brodney Pool are athletic, cover a lot of ground and are not afraid to mix it up in run support. I really like the state of the defensive backfield for this team.

Q: Is Jamal Lewis going to be the real deal for us or is this another case of a player coming here on his last legs to collect a paycheck?

LA: If Lewis fails in Cleveland, I would be extremely surprised. He has dropped about 15-20 pounds and looks very quick. I had the opportunity to watch some tape on him recently from 3-4 years ago and he looks every bit as quick and explosive as he did at that time. Lewis has something to prove and I anticipate very good things from him in the 2007 season.

Q: If the starter would have to be named today at quarterback who would it be in your eyes and why?

LA: I would have to say Charlie Frye would get the nod. This isn't due to overwhelming play. Frye has simply been the more consistent of the two, but Anderson has thrown the ball much better in recent  practices and is in this to the end. Thus far, Frye's accuracy and consistency have been slightly better than Anderson's.

Q: How has Ryan Tucker looked and do you believe he is going to be a player this team can count on for the 2007 season?

LA: Ryan Tucker looks to be in very good physical condition. He has been impressive in camp thus far, and appears to be in great spirits. Hopefully the issues which sidelined him last season are in the past, personally and professionally. I believe there is a spot for him on this roster, although it is going to be interesting to watch the developments at right tackle. Tucker, Kevin Shaffer, and Kelly Butler are all taking meaningful reps at the position in practice.

Q: Brady Quinn... what is going on that we haven't heard in the media?

LA: Brady's representative, Tom Condon is attempting to get the best deal out of the Browns he possibly can. From everything I know about the situation, the Cleveland front office has been beyond fair in negotiations and their offer(s) to Condon for Quinn. If anything, the Browns have made every attempt to get Quinn in camp and ready for the season, I believe the agent is what is sticking the gears at this time.



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