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Three weeks into the season and the Browns are nipping at the heels of the #10 Buccaneers in this weeks power rankings. Next weeks opponent, that team down the pike, reside at #25 with a sterling 0-2 record. Miami's strong showing against the Jets, pushes them to the top of the heap this week. To add, I know it's hard to believe, but Detroit - and not the 'Nati – are bringing up the rear. <b>MORE</b>

On the QB rating front, Couch opens his season with a 100.9 while Holcomb's overall 111.0 gives the Browns QB's a combined 106.8 rating! Not bad at all, ey? Also, give a look see at the SOS numbers, if you aren't already numerically overloaded!

Browns 28, Squeelers 15

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