HPOTD 9/26: Tim Couch: Something Special

<i>You all didnt see it at first, and maybe you still haven't. Sunday I knew as I was watching the last five minutes of that game, probably the best five minutes of being a Browns fan since the return, that we were witnessing the type of excellence and raw skill that it takes to get it done at the big time level in the NFL.</i><P><A href=""><STRONG>READ THE POST</STRONG></A></P>

Tim Couch: Something Special

You all didnt see it at first, and maybe you still haven't. Yesterday I knew as I was watching the last five minutes of that game, probably the best five minutes of being a Browns fan since the return, that we were witnessing the type of excellence and raw skill that it takes to get it done at the big time level in the NFL. The reason I say something "special", is because often times we find ourselves looking at other franchises, saying I wish I had Donovan Mcnabb or Micheal Vick, or Daunte Culpepper instead of the Deuce #2, Tim Couch. I know many a time although I have tried not to ever falter in my support of Timmy, I have said in my head "Maybe this just wasnt meant to be." I dont think there is a bigger Tim Couch fan out there than myself. I know there isn't. He's my idol, I look up to him, I think he's really a great guy, but I needed him to prove to me still that he is a great player.

There's been those flashes of brillance, those great games he's won us come to mind '00 Pittsburg at home, and last year against the Ravens, Chargers, and Titans, but Timmy Couch was really yet to have one defining moment in a game that really mattered and said something about his career; until yesterday.

In my opinion, I was starting to believe that maybe after a lousy game or two by Timmy, it'd be better to rest him and put in Kelly, afterall Timmy looked uncomfortable, and unsettled after that first strong drive of the game. His passes wobbled through the air, and his feet stumbled over themselves. I was saying to myself even if Tim finished this game today, Kelly should probably go against Pittsburgh, it hurt my heart and my insides because I really love Tim couch's heart, desire, drive and LOVE FOR BEING A CLEVELAND BROWN.

But I love the Browns, and I want them to do well, they deserve it, so I thought maybe that Kelly Really did deserve it and it was time to surrender the fact that Timmy's brialliance I had always hoped for would never pan out to anything more than a flash.

Then Timmy showed us all that Brilliance thats been overlooked and underappreciated for 4 years. With an Offensive line that would have had anyone trying to hide and run for their life behind, no timeouts, and everything seemingly decided, Timmy Couch led back our team, your team, ya know, the one you'd bleed for you want to win so bad, well he led them right back into the game. How easy would it be for TC to say "I lost the game and maybe my job, forget this I'll collect my paycheck and go home, and I don't care about this city that's bashed me for eating the wrong food to how i throw my ddep ball". He didnt do that did he? His heart proved to be something more, he showed something special, the same ingriedient that made Montana a legend, will make Brady a great one, and helped guys like Bradshaw and Marino stick around for almost 20 years, and Helped a guy your more familiar with play longer than he probably should, he showed the heart and the competitive fire.

For the first time since their return, I was so happy for the team and Timmy I could have cried. I am so proud of tim couch. The doubters can all shut their mouth, because it was pressure under fire, and he went out and beat a good team on the road, with every element against him. Tim Couch is the leader of this team, he has been since we returned. He'll take this team to the superbowl one day, I now know that. I doubted him for a second, and sundays game was tim's way and the football gods way of saying "it's gonna be ok, your prophecy about the #1 pick golden boy leading us to the promised land will happen." I hope that you all realize how lucky we really are to have this guy and stop being so ignorant in your non support of him. He's the second best QB right now of that 99 draft and he might prove to be as special as Mcnabb in a different way once he gets the attention of the bandwagoning, national media. This also should make you realize that the Media is a circus of story hungry, attention happy fellows, who care nothing more than you clicking the mouse to read or throwing down moeny to buy a paper. TC's arm isnt a season or career ending injury is it? Those 50 passes tell me that it was never as serious as the rumors stated throughout. 36 completions, a browns record say, that the only QB controversy is the one the media tried to create and it was fed by ignorant and bandwagon cleveland browns fans. I remember in the 80's when I was a kid, no cleveland fans would treat a guy like TC like they do now. You've all changed a bit, Clevelanders. It's sad. Your cell phones and rolex's have really done damage to your blue collar image. Your what have you done for me lately attitude is unbeleiveable. Soon no one will want to play here. We used to be the best fans in the league, now most of you are nothing more than high running front running lovers. You should think about the man who wears #2 in that huddle, and when you say things about him, think about what he's done for this franchise, what he's done for your team. He loves this team as much, probably more than any of us. Stuck out 4 tough years hasnt said a word. Yesterday, he knows that he was breaking out, he's gonna turn the corner now and the couch bashers will forever be silent, but still, you were never happy with such a hard worker, great attituded compeptitor. Very sad browns fans, very sad.

I hope some of you take a lesson from this post and remember back to a time when you loved the Browns, and didn't root against a player on the team and didn't wish for someone else under the helm at QB. We have a 25 yr old star in the making, who comes off injury to throw for 300 yards and 3 tds and we still have people saying Holcombe could have done it. COUCH DID DO IT!! So leave it alone!! Stop beating the dead horse for at least 4 more years or until Tim Couch gets sick of hearing your ignorant thoughts and leaves after his contracts up. Then we'll see.
Support your team, support these blue collar guys even if you arent the blue collar fans we used to be. Think back to the past when the dawg pound and the stadium in cleveland used to get nasty on sundays, and even if u hate TC you'll think twice about booing him for an overthrown ball or claling for his execution because a pass got batted at the line because some guy named ZUKAUSKAUS couldnt keep the wolves from him. And as time will prove you'll realize that you two are part of the problem. Save the boo's for the opponent, save the support for us, its a great equation fellas. Brown and Orange is who I am for. I think TC is for Brown and Orange why attack him?

I'm gonna enjoy watching everyone from writers to broadcasters to you guys become fans and Tim lovers. If he goes to the pro bowl or takes this so so team to the playoffs.....what a scene it will be.

Get nasty again Cleveland, be what you used to be.



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