Right to the Point: Mid-Week

Here are Lane's no-nonsense observations from the sidelines in Berea...

As training camp progresses, I am going to run a daily "Right to the Point" analysis on players in Browns' camp. We are not going to get into 600-words of gibberish on specific players or positions in this offering. Let's cut through the nonsense and get right to the point.

  • Now we know what could have been behind DL Orpheus Roye looking rather slow in the past few days during drills. Roye is scheduled for surgery to correct a cartilage problem and could be sidelined four weeks or longer. In Roye's absence, Simon Frasier, Shaun Smith, and Orien Harris could play a prominent role. There's little good news coming from a player like Roye going to the sidelines, but at last  the team will get a better opportunity to evaluate the depth on the roster.
  • Wide receivers Kendrick Mosely and Maurice Mann are faring well in the reps they are receiving thus far. Both young receivers are showing discipline in their route running and displaying an ability to catch the ball.
  • All three quarterbacks in camp have had their moments, but none has displayed the consistency the team needs. Anderson appears to be the only quarterback taking shots down the field. Frye locks in much quicker on the short-routes, and while Dorsey looks more towards the intermediate routes.
  • While I anticipate very good things for Jamal Lewis this season, I am starting to believe Jason Wright could run well behind this offensive line. The 2007 line is much quicker and stronger at the point of attack.
  • Rookie cornerback Eric Wright makes impressive plays in every practice session, although he was beaten today by Travis Wilson in the end zone during red zone drills.
  • Steve Heiden always seems to be underappreciated or unnoticed. All the tight end does is catch everything thrown his way. He has improved his blocking over the couple seasons.
  • Linebacker Kamerion Wimbley is an impressive physical presence. When Wimbley comes around the corner, his first two steps extremely quick. His strength and understanding of how to play the position may be what sets him apart this season. Wimbley now consistently leverages his left shoulder under the offensive lineman to gain an advantage. When the lineman adjusts, Wimbley displays a swipe move with his arm to rattle the lineman. His versatility is improved, and his production should improve with it.
  • Nose tackle Ted Washington feels good and it shows on the practice field. Washington continues to show the ability to clog up the middle and he is keeping his feet. A fresh and healthy Washington could make a difference for this team in the 2007 season.
  • Linebacker Antwan Peek may be onto something. A couple months ago, Peek told the Orange and Brown Report he believes he can be a three-down player at this level. Over the past several practice sessions, Peek has looked solid against the run and is adequate in coverage. Peek really has an ability to get after the quarterback, which is exactly what this team wants him to do.
  • I am somewhat concerned about a trend I'm seeing in the Browns defensive backfield. Safety Brodney Pool has been beaten to the inside of the field during the last two practice session by bottom-of-the-depth-chart receivers. In a backup role last season, Pool played reasonably well given the circumstances. Now as the penciled in starter, Pool must elevate his game.
  • Throughout the six days of practice thus far, I have only viewed Braylon Edwards drop one catchable ball, while making a number of outstanding grabs. Braylon is headed in the right direction, as a player and teammate.

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