Tucker Says He's Sorry

The suspended right tackle apologizes to the team for taking a controlled substance, and still hopes to return at right tackle.

BEREA - Ryan Tucker says he will take his four game suspension and will not appeal it.

"I didn't intend to compromise the integrity of the team or the NFL," Tucker said. "I apologize to the team, my family and everyone involved."

Tucker indicated he took the banned substance last season when he was trying to return from an undisclosed mental disorder.

"The bottom line I took a banned substance and now I have to deal with it," he said. "In my attempt to come back last year, I took a substance. I was down and out last year. I just want to get on with it."

Romeo Crennel said the Browns will be without Tucker for the first four regular season games and then they have a week to decide to add him to the roster.

"We will not have him, nor will he be around the team," Crennel said. "He needs to keep in shape and stay up on football and then we'll evaluate where he is.

"Ryan has not been a problem for us," he said. "He had a medical problem last year he had to deal with and we've supported him."

Crennel said Tucker has made good progress and it will be a blow to the line, as he was holding down the starting right tackle slot.

"It's disappointing because we were depending on him."

Tucker said he intends to put this behind him and return for his 11th NFL season.

"Things happen in life and it makes you appreciate all the more what you have," Tucker said.

The suspension allows for Tucker to take part in training camp and even play in the preseason, but he must stay away from the Browns facility the first four weeks of the regular season.

For now, said Kevin Shaffer will take more reps at right tackle and either Shaffer or Kelly Butler will carry the load there. Meanwhile, the door is now open for Joe Thomas to take over at left tackle.

However, Crennel said Thomas doesn't necessarily win the position by default.

"Joe is making good progress," Crennel said. "Don't assume he is going to be the starter. If Kelly Butler does a better job at right tackle, we'll leave Shaffer at left tackle."


Injury Update: The injury list is starting to get longer: WR Tim Carter (hamstring), OL Isaac Sowells (concussion), RB Jason Wright (concussion), DB DeMario Minter (ankle) and WR Mike Mason (leg). DB Gary Baxter was to practice in the afternoon.

Troops Give Browns a Flag: Seargent Zurga from the Army presented a flag to Romeo Crennel that was flown over Iraq by U.S Troops.  Crennel present Zurga an autographed Browns jersey with the No. 9 on it.

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