Browns Uncensored / Reggie Langhorne Transcript

Here's the transcript from Wednesday night's Browns Uncensored chat. With these last several weeks.. Jerry Sherk, now Reggie. We've had some great chats. Here's the transcript for those of you who missed the chat last night.

tdog Hey CarducciDawg.
DavidCarducci Hi tdog
redright Greetings Dave
DavidCarducci hi redright
ArtBtz So.... Dave... will Holcomb start this week, or Couch? ;-)
tdog I hear we're trading both to the Vikes for McKinnie, and Booty gets the start.
DavidCarducci My guess is Tom Flick, AB
BryanK Dave, were you surprised by Couch's performance?
DavidCarducci Bryan, I wasn't surprised at all. I have a lot of faith in Tim that he will develop into a very good quarterback, and more than that, I believe he is a very gutsy guy who would do everything he could to put together a performance like that.
BryanK Can he do it again against Pgh?
DavidCarducci Bryan. He definitely can do it against the Steelers. He's played well against Pittsburgh in the past, and some of the thiings that have been successful against that defense this season play into Tim's strengths
redright Dave is anyone talking about White, Green and Jackson? :-)
DavidCarducci redright. I think most of the players are very much behind Green. They know he is going to be a good player and they think he needs to play at least some.
tdog Any speculation on Pittspuke's defensive adjustments?
DavidCarducci tdog, I think they'll continue to do the same things on defense. I've heard that Bell probably will not play. They'll still use the same scheme. Cowher talked to the Cleveland media today, and he said it's more a matter of individual breakdowns and poor job of tackling.
DavidCarducci Especially on third down
BhamFan How did Zuk grade out last week?
DavidCarducci Zukauskas really impressed me. When I rewatched the film of the second half, it looked like a light turned on with him. I still have a good feeling about Zukauskas over the long haul
BhamFan thanks dave
professordawg Dave, Holmes vs the Bus - who are you taking this week?
DavidCarducci professordawg, sorry. I missed your question earlier. I think Bus wins in that they'll try to run him more this week, and he'll probably have a good chance to put up some numbers, but I do like the way Holmes appears to be adjusting to the defense, getting comfortable with the scheme and trusting his teammates
tdog Any word on Tucker's status?
DavidCarducci Tucker said today that he is playing this weekend
professordawg Dave, a reporter in Cower's press conference asked him why he took Farrior over Holmes. How about you asking Butch why he took Green over Ricky Williams, and if he would trade Green and next year's first pick for Williams now?
DavidCarducci professordawg, he would never answer that ... honestly, I think Green will be just fine. I was in favor of drafting Duckett, if you will all remember, but I'm not ready to give up on Green. I have seen some good things on him, and some of the better backs in the league have had similar starts to their careers.
KyMaverick Did our defense finally put it together or was it mostly because Mcnair and George were at less than 100%%?
DavidCarducci KyMaverick. Sorry I didn't get to your question earlier. I think the defense is starting to put it together. Warren and Roye are really working well together right now. Holmes does appear to be getting more comfortable in this system. There really is something to it when coaches talk about players coming from different systems and comparing it to going to another country and learning a new language. The new starters are starting to get comfortable
tdog Any talk about what Pittsburgh might have cooked up, defensively, during the bye week?
DavidCarducci tdog, I think you'll see the same things from Pittsburgh defensively. You'll also probably see the Browns try to spread the field, trying to avoid the zone blitzes of Pittsburgh, force the LB's out in coverage, etc. The Browns like the match-up of the Browns 3 and 4 WR's against the Steelers 3 and 4 cb's
hammb Dave, what do you think of Lang? It seems to me that he's really playing well the past 2 weeks as well
DavidCarducci Hammb, I agree. Lang really is adding something to the defense, especially against the run. When Davis said Lang could be one of the best DE's against the run, he was right. Lang moves well, and he more than holds his own against big RT's. Courtney has played well against the run, as well. I'm still waiting to see him really dominate with the pass rush, but he appears to be getting better
redright Dave, How is the O-line coming along this week? Who will play and who will be back-up? What do you see as a line?
DavidCarducci redright. I have heard that Wohlabaugh might be able to play, but he was not in the locker room today, so I couldn't ask him. I did talk to Tucker, and he said he is playing. I think you'll see the same line, only with Tucker at RT. That's a gut feeling
hammb I agree that Courtney has still been disappointing while rushing the passer; however, wouldn't you say that Lang has been better than advertised in that regard as well?
DavidCarducci Hammb, yes, I would say that. I had always heard about Lang's ability against the run, but I had also heard he was a disappointment rushing the passer. That he never lived up to his billing coming out of college. He is much better than what I heard from scouts. I think some of that might be the fact that (like Roye the last couple of years) he was moving between DT and DE. adding weight, cutting weight, and never quite getting comfortable in one position
Ramllov Has anyone updated Courtney Brown and his current development?
Ramllov It almost looks like we are waiting on Courtney to become a very good defense
DavidCarducci Hi Ram. I did a little bit. Courtney did a pretty good job against the run on Sunday. He really was very good. I've talked with a few other defensive players who say they think Courtney is ready for a breakout game similar to the Bears game last year. My understanding from them is that they see it in practice. He was close to breaking free a couple of times last week. I remember him getting held (badly) on one play and slipping on another. Still, he needs to do more
professordawg Dave, I was high on Andre Davis the day they drafted him because he is so smart. I figured he would learn the NFL fast, but I never figured this fast. My question: can he sustain this level of play or did things just come together for him these first three games?
DavidCarducci professordawg. Nothing would surprise me from Andre. I expect him to get better and better, not just sustain
DavidCarducci He is very impressive.\
DavidCarducci especially when you talk to him
Ramllov Pro Football weekly thinks that Couch is going to have a great opportunity
Ramllov They have fantasy match ups to exploit and avoid
Ramllov Couch is an exploit against the Steelers
DavidCarducci KJ recommended today that anyone with Couch on their fantasy team should play him
teco what's the steeler locker room like head wise?
teco mentally?
DavidCarducci I'm sure they are fine. They've been through slow starts before. I actually asked Orpheus Roye about it today, and he said that Cowher is very good at keeping the team focused and believing. I think the fact that they are right back in it should they beat the Browns helps to keep them focused this week. They've had an opportunity to work on themselves for a week, and the Browns this week, so they'll be focused.
DavidCarducci There really is no reason for that team to panic. They know that if they beat the Browns, the are a 1/2 game back and there is a good chance the other two teams in the division will still be winless.
BryanK I think the key is the 1st qtr; if the Browns get a lead, the Stillers cannot come back
DavidCarducci They can't come back if Kordell continues to struggle and make poor decisions (obviously a good chance of that) ... But the Steelers have done a good job of coming back against the Browns in the past.
Ramllov Dave, Lane? Do you see Bettis as being a factor in the Cleveland/Pittsburgh game? Is he all the way back from his injury?
DavidCarducci I think Bettis will be a big factor. I've heard he is healthy. The thing about him the first couple of weeks was that the Steelers were instantly playing catch-up and that basically took Bettis out of the game.
DavidCarducci Look for the Steelers to try to establish Bettis right off the bat. That's what Roye and Holmes said they are expecting
newdawg was the team's defensive performance due to the team's improvement, or injuries to george and mcnair?
DavidCarducci newdawg, a little of both. The defense is getting better, and the new players are getting more comfortable in the system.
teco Dave, will the no huddle be a big factor in this game?
DavidCarducci teco. I think you may see some of the no huddle, but it won't be an entire game thing, as has been suggested by some experts. While it would put a strain on the defense, it would also be difficult for the offense. You might see them come out that way.
redright Dave, Do we have an advantage in speed? team speed?
DavidCarducci Redright, I wouldn't say the Browns have an advantage in team speed. The Steelers have more speed at linebacker. They have probably similar speed at wideout
Ramllov Do you see many 4 wide receivers
Ramllov with White in the backfield?
DavidCarducci Ram, I think you'll see 3 and 4 WR sets the entire game. White, I'm not sure. I think they have to play him more, but Green still needs to play
newdawg Hines is fast?
DavidCarducci newdawg, he's not as fast as he was at Georgia, but he is not slow
DavidCarducci Randle El is very, very fast
newdawg I would think morgan and davis are faster than that duo.
newdawg Well, El, yes.
DavidCarducci They are, but as a whole, they are comparable
DavidCarducci The Steelers have a very good receiving corps. Good mix of speed, size and athleticism ... and experience
ArtBtz Welcome Reggie Langhorne!!
teco Hey Reg!!
SRQDawg Welcome Reggie!
DavidCarducci Hello Reggie
ArtBtz Hi everyone!!
DavidCarducci Well, I will leave you all to Reggie. Take care everyone
SRQDawg Bye Dave
BryanK Thanks, Dave
Lane Hey Reg...........what's up, dogg
professordawg Good to have you here, Reggie
ReggieLanghorne Hi everybody!!
ArtBtz Are there questions for Reggie?
ArtBtz Reggie, MarkTroy asks: ""The offense suffered severely after Infante left. Marty was lousy as OC, and I still defend Modell for firing Marty for not hiring an OC. Marty got Bernie killed. Do you have any insider thoughts to shed more light on that situation.
ReggieLanghorne That was the same year we had so many injuries... the biggest one was Bernie getting hurt.
ReggieLanghorne Opening day in KC...
ReggieLanghorne From that point on, we lost two more QBs, Ernest got hurt... our offense really didn't have a chance to gel.
ReggieLanghorne The plan was still the same after Lindy left, but Marty didn't have the offensive specialty to do the things that Lindy did.
ReggieLanghorne And we lost a lot of players to injury...
ArtBtz Anyone else?
teco Reggie, you were with the colts and got to play the Browns...You scored that game and after catching the TD pass you ran up the Reggie when you were with the Colts , you got to play the Browns, and you scored a TD...After you pulled in the scoring pass you ran up the Browns sideline and threw a head high BULLET at belichoke--I gotta know, did you hit him?
ReggieLanghorne No, I didn't...
teco oh well
Ore C'mon, Reggie! Lie to us!
teco lol
ReggieLanghorne It more about the way I was treated... Marchibroda let me have a lot of fun... I just thought of throwing toward the bench, and Bill was the closest one... it was directed to him.
ReggieLanghorne It was a lot about frustration built up... sort of a release... I loved playing in Cleveland...
ReggieLanghorne When I left Cleveland I had a big talk with Ozzie and said they wouldn't win against me...
teco I could tell, we hated you leaving to brother
professordawg You were certainly a fan favorite in Cleveland, Reggie
ReggieLanghorne So when i scored the touchdown, it was just about frustration towards Belichick
BryanK Reggie, who was the toughest corner you went up against?
ReggieLanghorne BryanK... Alfred Lewis was one of the toughest... he was in KC...
ReggieLanghorne Kevin Ross... they were two of the toughest...
newdawg Reggie, the colts cut you after you had the best statistical season ever. what was up with that????
ReggieLanghorne newdawg... what we did in Indy... we did what Buffalo did, I played the same position as Andre Reed.
ReggieLanghorne Jeff George threw a lot of balls to me and believed in me.
ReggieLanghorne Indy was a different place...
ReggieLanghorne Indy was a team that hadn't won anything and didn't know how to win. I was asked to play a big role as a leader.
ReggieLanghorne First week there I was pretty much a captain
ReggieLanghorne I was trying to bring these guys up... stayed there in the off-season tried to be a leader the best I could.
VaDawg Reggie, do you rember a birthday party at Curzer at virginia beach, va many years ago?
ReggieLanghorne VaDawg, my birthday party,,, I remember that. We had a PARTY!
ReggieLanghorne Were you there?
VaDawg I have a picture of you & me the bar just before the naked people started jumping for the 2nd floor it was a great time.
ReggieLanghorne VaDawg ... :-)
redright What was it like to suit up for a game against Marty when he returned with kansas city? The 10-10 tie--any thoughts about that game? Would you like to suit up against bellechick?
ReggieLanghorne redright - I have a lot of respect for Marty
ReggieLanghorne He gave me the first shot - took a shot on me -
redright Reggie that's good to hear
ReggieLanghorne You got to play with your guys, focus on your game. Marty taught me.
ReggieLanghorne one play at a time, one game at a time.
ReggieLanghorne I wasn't concerned with Marty because he wasn't playing... I was concerned with the Chiefs. We were disappointed we didn't win.
newdawg were they better than dixon and minnifield?
ReggieLanghorne newdawg - they were the same type guys.
ReggieLanghorne smart, tough, played well together,
ReggieLanghorne they were compared a lot against each other. Man-to-man coverage real big back in the 80s.
ReggieLanghorne I learned from Frank and Hanford... it helped to play against those guys
ReggieLanghorne I practiced against the best... played against the toughest.
SRQDawg Reggie, do you follow the Browns closely now and if so do you have any interaction with the current players?
ReggieLanghorne SRQ Dawg... I spend time with Shaun OHara and Jamel White. Mark Campbell.
ReggieLanghorne They've befriended me and have run into each other.... met through charity events.
ReggieLanghorne All good strong kids. I have a lot of respect for them.
BryanK What's your opinion of Andre Davis and Q Morgan? Can they go BIG TIME?
ReggieLanghorne Bryan K - They are in the NFL they are big time.
ReggieLanghorne The future is bright for both of them.. rookie and second year guy... doing what is asked of them
ReggieLanghorne Davis will break my td stats within a couple of years.
BryanK Thanks
VaDawg Are you still in Virginia? if so the Tidewater browns backers would to see you
ReggieLanghorne VaDawg... I'm up here in Ohio now... I work with Kosar family and with the Cleveland school system, and I work for MinuteMen staffing.
VaDawg If you ever come back to Virginia Please look us up. We have a even wilder party place now.We will take VERY good care of you....
OklahomaDawg What current reciever do you think most mirrors the way you played the game?
ReggieLanghorne OklahomaDawg... Morgan probably
ReggieLanghorne He's bigger, stronger... I haven't seen them attack the middle... they're young so it isn't expected now
ReggieLanghorne In terms of physical ability... Morgan.
SRQDawg All underdog-type who seem to overcome as well
redright Reggie, I've been looking over your responses and they say you really loved being a Brown. See a lot of respect for you teamates.
ReggieLanghorne rr... we were a bunch of guys who found out how to become one.
ReggieLanghorne Its like anything in life... business family, or in love.
ReggieLanghorne You find a match... when that match becomes good
ReggieLanghorne It gets better when everyone works together
ReggieLanghorne Byner late round draft pick
ReggieLanghorne Fontenot.. free agent
ReggieLanghorne Brennan fourth round pick
ReggieLanghorne OL from everywhere
ReggieLanghorne Not a lot of first round picks... we were placed into the puzzle
ReggieLanghorne played together for 6-7 years... ate together... drank together... prayed together
ReggieLanghorne Our families were close then
ReggieLanghorne and they are now
teco Reggie, do you like our chances Sunday in Pitt?
ReggieLanghorne Teco...
ReggieLanghorne Yes yes YES
ReggieLanghorne :-)
redright lol
ReggieLanghorne Pittsburgh comes off a week off... will be prepared... but we can walk in and walk away with a victory...the Browns will be prepared.
SRQDawg In your discussions with Jamal, Shaun and Marc, do you think the current team is finding that unity?
ReggieLanghorne SRQ... I think so. Through adversity, you find a way to come together
ReggieLanghorne They are young kids but have that old player thought process...
ReggieLanghorne ... they know it will take a team to come together. They are the glue that will keep us together in years to come.
teco you got me pumped man
ArtBtz Littledawg asks:
ArtBtz As a rookie from a small school coming to the big leagues and the city of Cleveland, what did you do or what helped you to adjust to the NFL game and lifestyle?
ReggieLanghorne My first year I had no clue what the NFL was about
ReggieLanghorne Second year I expected to play... when I got a chance I had prepared myself by hard work
ReggieLanghorne The only way to do it in the NFL is to do it... run the routes get in the end zone.
ReggieLanghorne It's what you do in your profession... you know what it takes to get better....
ReggieLanghorne In the first year I couldn't see how to get better... then I started taking film home... focused more on being a professional....
ReggieLanghorne I learned a lot from Hanford and Frank
ReggieLanghorne They were using computers to understand things... this was in the 86 87!
SRQDawg Reggie - How does a coach restore the confidence in a player like Willie Green who's stats are sub-par and had a couple fumbles?
ReggieLanghorne SRQ
ReggieLanghorne For a number 1 pick as young as he is
ReggieLanghorne sometimes the coach figures a way to motivate him
ReggieLanghorne but not in front of the team
ReggieLanghorne pulls him aside talks to him
ReggieLanghorne tries to figure out if this kid is going to step up or step down
ReggieLanghorne also give him opportunities to succeed
ReggieLanghorne get him the ball in a winning situation
ArtBtz Another question from the forums...
ArtBtz Fans talk an awful lot about how rookie WRs take longer than players at other positions to adjust to the NFL. Do you agree that this is the case, and if so could you take us through the learning curve a little bit?
ReggieLanghorne I think its true..
ReggieLanghorne WRs are more visible and if you don't catch it or run the wrong route it's easy to see
ReggieLanghorne William Green is going through that same learning curve and its visible
ReggieLanghorne offensive linemen go through the same thing...
ReggieLanghorne I played with a guy named John Jefferson
ReggieLanghorne He was the greatest thing I ever saw catch a football when he was in San Diego
ReggieLanghorne But he got here the offensive system didn't suit him and he looked just like a rookie...
ReggieLanghorne but everyone knew what John Jefferson could do
ReggieLanghorne But he couldn't do it in this system...
ArtBtz Reggie's going to have to leave in a second... one more from the forums and one more from here...
ArtBtz bowwow asks: Who would you rather play catch with or who threw the better ball, George or Kosar?
ReggieLanghorne Bernie threw the better ball... Bernie threw all different kinds of balls
ReggieLanghorne He could throw the fade, the deep ball, the crossing route, and the slant
ReggieLanghorne Bernie had great anticipation.
ReggieLanghorne Jeff had pure talent.
ReggieLanghorne But that was it... didn't'
ReggieLanghorne t take himself any further... didn't work mentally or physically to get better.
ReggieLanghorne Wasn't "coachable".
ReggieLanghorne But he's still my friend.
ReggieLanghorne The difference between the two was leadership.
ArtBtz Any questions from the floor?
Aqib can I get in Art?
ArtBtz Shoot!
Aqib REggie first of thanks for the great memeories, do you think guys who played at Small schools like yourself coming out of Elizabeth City State, have it a lot tougher making the transition to the pros or is that overstated
ReggieLanghorne I believe its overstated
ReggieLanghorne Again it's always the system
ReggieLanghorne I came from a system where pro things weren't taught
ReggieLanghorne You had no knowledge of what it was like to be in the NFL
ReggieLanghorne I washed my own practice uniform.
ReggieLanghorne Guys who go to major college football have an idea of what its like to play in major football competition
ReggieLanghorne The one thing that remains constant (this is a quote)
ReggieLanghorne No matter where you came from... what university how small or how large... given equal opportunity
ReggieLanghorne there are small school guys who can stand up to large school guys
ReggieLanghorne When it comes to Xs and Os
ReggieLanghorne Its the person, not the school
ReggieLanghorne You have to convince yourself to want to be a pro
ReggieLanghorne Small school guy
ReggieLanghorne has to commit himself twice as hard!
redright Art---there's a book in these chats---something on the line of football for a Browns Fan's Soul. The last chats have been exceptional! These vignettes are priceless.
ArtBtz Thanks Reggie!
SRQDawg Reggie, thank you for your time and insight!
ArtBtz This has been great!!
ReggieLanghorne No problem
ReggieLanghorne nice talking to you all
redright Thanks Reggie It's been great listening to you.
ReggieLanghorne we'll do it again

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