Camp Notebook: Wimbley Looks to Improve

After an outstanding season as a rookie, the Browns OLB feels he can elevate his game further. Fred Greetham spoke to Wimbley in Berea and has this report...

BEREA - If the Browns would've only hit on half of their first-round draft choices as it appears they have on Kamerion Wimbley, they would be in much better shape.

Wimbley started in all but one game as a rookie in 2006 and had 67 tackles, including 11 sacks. He had 16 QB pressures and recovered three fumbles. His 11 sacks were the most in Browns history by a rookie. He was second in the NFL among rookies in that department.

"I look a lot at the films from last year to see what I might do to improve," Wimbley said. "I thought I did pretty well for a rookie, but I thought there were some things that I could do better."

Wimbley thinks he was learning on the job last year and has room to get better.

"I had 11 sacks and did pretty good with the moves I had," he said. "However, by working hard on new techniques and with the experience I gained last year I think I will get better."

Wimbley is not one to rest upon his laurels. He has worked hard in the off-season and hopes to improve from a year ago.

"There are lots of areas for me to improve upon," he said. "The technical areas of the pass rush will help me to get better."

Wimbley thinks he should be able to have another good season in 2007, if not better than his rookie campaign.

"I feel much stronger this year, both physically and mentally," he said. "After my college season, I didn't really get a break until the end of last season."

Wimbley should benefit as ‘iron sharpens iron' as he goes upon against Joe Thomas every day in practice.

"Joe gives me some good looks," Wimbley said. "Hopefully, working against him will make me better and make him better, as well."

He should also benefit from the fact the Browns have seemingly upgraded the players in front of him on the defensive line, as well as in the pass rushing department at linebacker with the addition of Antwan Peek, who had six sacks in 2005 with the Texans.

"The linebacker corps could be really good," Wimbley said. "We have to steadily improve for us to get better. It's all up to us.

"Depth is important and to bring in someone (like Peek) to give us a breather and to make us stronger will only help us. Peek has shown that he is able to get to the passer."


Centered in Berea: As reported first in the OBR Live Feed, center LeCharles Bentley was on the practice field today, and watched practice with the offense.  Bentley is scheduled to undergo a team physical in a little over two weeks.

Move In: Due to inclement weather, the Browns moved Sunday's practice indoors and closed it to the public. The team is due to return to the field Monday morning at 8:45 and then again at 5:30 p.m.

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