EXCLUSIVE: Quinn Breakthrough?

Sources close to the negotiations give the OBR some new info on how talks are progressing... Click it here for the latest!

Over the last week or so, the Cleveland Browns and Superagent Tom Condon have exchanged offers and talked (or not talked, depending on the day). Both sides have postured a bit in the press, suggesting that the other side isn't communicating well or making unreasonable demands.

The truth is somewhat less melodramatic. Quinn's representatives have been asking for certain levels of guaranteed money as well as financial escalators built within the contract. Both have been sticking points in the negotiations, with the Browns offering less than Quinn's representatives demand and with gaps that refuse to close.

Sources close to the negotiations have told the Orange and Brown Report's John Taylor exclusively this morning that the impasse may be nearing an end. We have been informed that Quinn's camp would be likely to compromise on the guaranteed money if the team bends on the escalators. Such a deal would break both factors holding up a contract.

It should be noted, however, that the differences between the sides on guaranteed money are relatively small. At this point, the differences between them appear to be less than $1 million.

In addition, sources involved in the negotiations continue to tell the OBR that a deal is "possible, but not probable" by this weekend. Arriving in camp by next Monday is still likely too late for Quinn to realistically compete for a starting job early in the season, but would still provide enough pre-season game time to give the youngster enough exposure to rationalize coming in to the lineup later in the season.

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