Berea Report: Quinn's on the Way

It's finally over. Fred brings us reaction from the team's training camp after the rookie QB signs...

BEREA - It took awhile, but rookie quarterback Brady Quinn and the Browns reached an accord on Tuesday. Quinn agreed to a 5-year deal and is on his way to Cleveland. If he passes his physical and signs off on the contract, he could be on the practice field on Wednesday (team practice is closed to the media).

"He's on his way in and soon as he hits the ground he'll have a lot of work to do," GM Phil Savage said . "It's unfortunate it took so long to get the deal done, but we're glad to have him here."

Quinn missed 11 days of training camp and might not be ready for Saturday's preseason opener against the Chiefs.

Savage said there was nothing magical in getting the deal done.

"The key was just doing some serious negotiating," Savage said. "We've kicked ideas back and forth since May 26."

Savage said Quinn's status from here on is up to Romeo Crennel.

"Where he's at is a coaching decision from this point on," Savage said. "He has a lot of work to do, but he has the intelligence and work ethic to do it."

In typical Crennel fashion, the head coach said Quinn will start at the bottom and work his way from there.

 "When he gets here and signs and passes his physical, we'll put him on the field," Crennel said. "He's agreed and that's a good sign. As far as moving forward, he's behind and he has to catch up. We're going to put him at the bottom of the chart and see where he is. This is a competitive sport and we'll see where he is."

Crennel didn't rule out the possibility of Quinn playing against the Chiefs.

"When we think he's ready, we'll put him in," he said. "If we think he's ready for two plays Saturday, he'll play two plays."

Crennel knows Quinn is behind, but thinks he has the work ethic to catch up.

"I think he's a smart guy and will come in here and work really hard."

Fellow first round draft choice, Joe Thomas was glad to see Quinn come in.

"I'm really excited about having him in here," Thomas said. "I thought he had a good start in mini camp and the OTAs."


Injury Update: WR Tim Carter (thumb), DB DeMario Minter (foot), DL Orpheus Roye (knee), OL Isaac Sowells (concussion) DB Kenny Wright (groin), LB Willie McGinest (back), LB Matt Stewart (shoulder). During practice, OL Eric Steinbach fell on his knee and they're evaluating his knee. OL Andrew  Hoffman fell on his elbow and was taken in to be evaluated.  Crennel said he thought Steinbach's knee was bruised, but that has not been determined.

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