Transcript: Adam Caplan Chat

We had a terrific turnout Wednesday night. Thanks for joining us and making it a great chat! Adam handled a lot of questions and discussed battles at positions like quarterback (Derek Anderson, pictured)...

We had a terrific turnout for Adam's chat with OBR subscribers on Wednesday night. Thanks to all the dawgs who joined us! Adam did a great job with keeping up with all the questions that came up during the chat. He kept his answers short in order to be able to respond to the max number of questions. Here's the transcript, hope you enjoy it! 

Adam Caplan: hi all

<zunit4> Anything on Steinbach??
Adam Caplan: AU: I believe it's actually a sprained MCL
Adam Caplan: grade-2
Adam Caplan: no one will confirm
Adam Caplan: but that's what I was hearing today
Adam Caplan: 2-4 weeks
Adam Caplan: not just a bruise
Adam Caplan: Don't quote me on that but that's what I was hearing today.
Adam Caplan: He should be ready for week one though

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, do you think that Frye and Anderson have the capabilities to be at least average starters, and who do you think has the edge?
Adam Caplan: 911: No and Frye.

<nudawg> we have no depth at guard.
Adam Caplan: NU: Agreed, with Sowells out it hurts
Adam Caplan: Although Friedman can play G

<MoggSquad> Adam, what are your thoughts of Jerome Harrison in TC ?
Adam Caplan: Mogg: What I'm hearing is good, he's doing what they wanted to see, blocking is better
Adam Caplan: does well in outside zone runs
Adam Caplan: which is his bread and butter

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, since you are not fond of frye or anderson, does that mean Brady will be starting sooner rather than later?
Adam Caplan: 911: Depends how Quinn practices

<DawgHowl> Adam how has McKinney looked so far?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Not great but not bad
Adam Caplan: Wimbley has had the best camp of any player from what I'm hearing
Adam Caplan: Basically terrorizing OL

<redright> ADAM, the Browns have great age at DL....Ted & Roye & Smith total 103 yrs bring in McGuinest and we are pushing 140 yrs.  Question....Who is being developed to be our starters in 08? What have you seen of any of the DL that is encouraging? Smith, Harris, Kelly, Parker, Baba, Fraser, Pittman, Purcell??????
Adam Caplan: RED: Shaun Smith
Adam Caplan: that's about it
Adam Caplan: who could start

<zunit4> Does Thomas look like he will be able to hold his own?
Adam Caplan: ZU: We need to see how he fairs in a game situation
Adam Caplan: but he's been decent so far

<amore> Is Tucker finished as a Brown?
Adam Caplan: AM: Could be if Shaffer looks good
Adam Caplan: So much for trading Shaffer
Adam Caplan: no way now

<matthewr99> Adam how does Peek look?
Adam Caplan: MATT: Peek is hurt
Adam Caplan: hammy
Adam Caplan: very limited

<MoggSquad> How is Joe Thomas' progress?
Adam Caplan: Mogg: So far, so good
Adam Caplan: he will get beat from time to time like all rookies
Adam Caplan: but he comes back and does well
Adam Caplan: very coachable

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, who blinked first, the front office or Condon with Quinn negotiations?
Adam Caplan: BR: Not really that, both sides finally found a common ground
Adam Caplan: I will look at the contract this weekend though
Adam Caplan: I'm curious about a lot of it
Adam Caplan: compared to others

<redright> Adam, any chance of improving our DL depth this year? Who? How? trade or roster cuts?
Adam Caplan: RED: Ask me in a few weeks, I should have a better idea
Adam Caplan: my list was updated on Monday

<PhillyBrown> Best guess for when Quinn starts a regular season game?
Adam Caplan: PB: Ask me after a few weeks of practice, he just signed
Adam Caplan: I pray he does ok
Adam Caplan: For the browns sake

<matthewr99> Frye look any better?? Or do you still feel he has no further upside??
Adam Caplan: MATT: he is what he is, apparently at times he's been ok
Adam Caplan: but then is way off
Adam Caplan: Spoke to someone who was watching practice the last few days who said Frye's arm may be a tad stronger than last season but
his accuracy is still bad

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, i am hearing that Braylon Edwards is stepping up in training camp, you hearing the same thing?
Adam Caplan: 911: Edwards is having a solid camp
Adam Caplan: and Winslow actually really is moving well
Adam Caplan: very surprised
Adam Caplan: but then again, I talked to the Dr. on Sirius who does those surgeries and he said it takes 6 months

<i4browns991> Steinbach ready for game 1 Sept 9th???????
Adam Caplan: i4: I think he will be
Adam Caplan: if what I'm hearing is true

<CorDawg> since Bodden and Eric Wright will be the starting corners, with K Wright, and holly as primary back-ups, who will not make it between Minter & Perry? Or will we keep 6 corners?
Adam Caplan: COR: Minter is in trouble
Adam Caplan: I think they may sign another veteran before August is over

<branc> Adam where do u rank winslow as far as the best te's in the league?
Adam Caplan: BRAN: Top-10, maybe top-5 if he can regain explosiveness

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, after almost 2 weeks of camp, I know everyone is concerned about D-Line and QB. On the other hand, are there any areas that you have concern about since camp started?
Adam Caplan: BR: WRs in a big way
Adam Caplan: Edwards is the only real top guy they have

<redright> Adam, do you see RAC letting Brady Quinn do the Troy Aikman pinata for this season or will RAC wait until Brady can get some experience on the sidelines? Looking for a take on RAC's mentality...will he go with the rook that needs seasoning or will he go Anderson/Frye hold the fort?
Adam Caplan: RED: They won't put Quinn in until he's ready
Adam Caplan: Now the question remains, if he's not, who starts? That will be solved by the third preseason game

<DawgHowl> adam: has does pool look so far as a starting safety?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Jones and Pool will be very good
Adam Caplan: There's reason for optimism on defense if everyone is healthy
Adam Caplan: Peek, Wimbley good pass rushing OLBs
Adam Caplan: We need to see Peek though get healthy

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, after a couple weeks of camp, are you more or less optimistic about this season?
Adam Caplan: 911: Hard to say, I need to see a few games
Adam Caplan: but I like what I'm hearing at certain positions

<PhillyBrown> Is Kenny Wright a legitimate starting CB?
Adam Caplan: PB: No, he has no chance to start
Adam Caplan: if E. Wright doesn't tank it
Adam Caplan: or isn't hurt
Adam Caplan: Kenny Wright should be a dime CB
Adam Caplan: if all works out

<matthewr99> How bad is Peek....will he be back soon??
Adam Caplan: MATT: Day-to-day
Adam Caplan: could start real practices next week

<DawgHowl> is bodden finally healthy?
Adam Caplan: DAWG: Looks it
Adam Caplan: good story, I think he's really underrated and Mel Tucker has done a great job with him

<MoggSquad> What's up with McGinest's back? How long will he be out?
Adam Caplan: MOGG: Seeing the same specialist he saw out west when he played for NE

<slug69> Now that Quinn is in and I'm reading that Dorsey may have an in, whose expendable, Frye or Anderson?
Adam Caplan: SLUG: Both are

<matthewr99> Do you think Browns will finish last in division again??
Adam Caplan: MATT: Yes but they will make it closer

<redright> Adam, Is this camp more disciplined? more concentrated? tougher? How would you describe this camp compared to last years?
Adam Caplan: RED: Coaching seems to be good
Adam Caplan: and guys are buying in
Adam Caplan: that's really important

<branc> adam if jamal lewis runs for 1500 yards this year do u thing its possible the browns could make a playoff run
Adam Caplan: BRAN: 1200 is more like it
Adam Caplan: now him i want to see this week
Adam Caplan: he's looked great in camp
Adam Caplan: but we need to see him do it in a few games
Adam Caplan: he's at about 238
Adam Caplan: which is a lot less than last year
Adam Caplan: he was 252-255
Adam Caplan: What we need to see is explosiveness

<zunit4> Is Jerevicous athletic enough to be a threat in the #2 spot?
Adam Caplan: ZU: He would be a #3 on a better
Adam Caplan: that's the issue
Adam Caplan: Carter flashes but he can't be trusted
Adam Caplan: Wilson isn't developing yet

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, is the offensive line that much improved? Can we be at least middle of the road rather than the bottom feeder?
Adam Caplan: BR: For sure if all are healthy

<clebrowns80> Adam, what are the odds that both Frye and Anderson are on the roster on opening day?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Not strong

<zunit4> Can they bring in anyone at Wr??
Adam Caplan: ZU: Not now, maybe in a few weeks when we start seeing cuts

<branc> adam do u think anyone will make the pro bowl this year
Adam Caplan: BR: Wimbley

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, you see Dorsey staying over the loser of the Frye/Anderson battle?
Adam Caplan: BR: Dorsey can't start for indoor league

<PhillyBrown> What are the chances LCB makes the opening day roster?
Adam Caplan: PH: None
Adam Caplan: PUP most likely

<amore> Baxter?
Adam Caplan: Baxter we'll see

<SOBOdawg> Adam, is there seem to be any resentment in camp from other players when they see the obvious preferential treatment guys like Ted and Willie get?
Adam Caplan: SOBO: Players look up to those guys

<clebrowns80> Adam, who do you feel that it is most likely going to be Anderson who is traded?
Adam Caplan: CLE: Whoever has the most value by the end of the month
Adam Caplan: the games will play that out so teams can get the film
Adam Caplan: ATL, MIN could have interest
Adam Caplan: Tavares Wilson never does much in camp

<DawgHowl> adam: do you feel frye or anderson should start? or is it too early?
Adam Caplan: DAW: Neither have proven they're ready

<zunit4> Is Winslow going to be more of a vertical threat or just 2yrd dink an dunks??
Adam Caplan: ZU: That's what we're trying to see

<branc> adam how good is dqwell jackson
Adam Caplan: BR: Developing player

<endzoneeddie> levelands D-Line is to old,sloe and beat up to help this team?
Adam Caplan: END: IF all are healthy, depth is ok

<FLADAWG1> Adam who is your surprise cut?
Adam Caplan: FLA: Ask me in a few weeks

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, are we really the worst team in the NFL as some preseason polls have shown?
Adam Caplan: BR: I think Browns are better than last year so maybe 6-10 or better if QB play is better
Adam Caplan: but we have to see a lot more the next 4 weeks

<redright> Any discernable change in RAC and his coaching this year?
Adam Caplan: RED: Not really
Adam Caplan: new staff is interesting though

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will Tucker be cut?
Adam Caplan: BR: Nah but Shaffer will likely keep RT tackle job if he plays well

<FLADAWG1> Will Crennel get a pass if this team wins less than 6 games?
Adam Caplan: FLA: I can't see RAC back in 2008

<amore> Describe the Savage Crennel relationship
Adam Caplan: AM: Next question, read into that if you want

<matthewr99> Adam do you feel Chud is big improvement over Carthon??
Adam Caplan: MATT: Huge
Adam Caplan: you'll see he take advantage of talent and matchups
Adam Caplan: both weren't done with Carthon

<clebrowns80> Adam, do you agree with Pat Kirwan on Movin the Chains when they were here earlier saying that Crennel should get an extension?
Adam Caplan: CLE: IF they would let him pick his coaches, yes

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will Smith really move from NT to DE, can Mount Washington play that many reps at NT?
Adam Caplan: BR: Smith is a NT
Adam Caplan: he's playing DE because of injuries

<zunit4> Has there been any bright spots to this offense in camp??
Adam Caplan: ZU: Harrison, Edwards, Lewis, Winslow

<amore> Who will make the decision if Crennel stays - Savage or Lerner?
Adam Caplan: AM: Joint decision

<nudawg> how has Robaire Smith looked so far?
Adam Caplan: NU: Holding up well

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, who replaces Crennel in 2008?
Adam Caplan: BR: Other than Ferenz, not many real candidates now
Adam Caplan: but could be in November

<CorDawg> if RAC is canned then will the browns promote from within? i would really like to see the staff stay together for consistencies sake.
Adam Caplan: COR: Grantham maybe
Adam Caplan: but I don't see it
Adam Caplan: they would want a proven guy

<matthewr99> Is Wilson going to make number 2?
Adam Caplan: MATT: Zero chance

<matthewr99> what makes him so bad
Adam Caplan: MATT: Knowing what he's doing, hands

<matthewr99> how does FB look??
<matthewr99> improvement over Smith?
Adam Caplan: Vickers will be ok but we need to see more of him

<FLADAWG1> If Wilson tanks this year, what does it say about Savages scouting?
Adam Caplan: FLA: IT takes three years for a WR to develop but we need to see Wilson pick it up

<MoggSquad> What will the Browns rank in Rushing offense?
<MoggSquad> will they crack top 20 ?
Adam Caplan: MOGG: Depends on Big Ted and R. Smith
Adam Caplan: if he do well, yes

<dvbrowns> Is Jason Wright a legitimate backup for Jamal?
Adam Caplan: DV: They would use a RBBC if Lewis were out

<DawgHowl> adam: who has been the most disappointing player at camp so far
Adam Caplan: DAW: Too many
Adam Caplan: QBS
Adam Caplan: Probably most
Adam Caplan: not shocked obviously

<SOBOdawg> Adam, just to expound more on a lesser known player, could you elaborate on what type of player Seth McKinney was in Miami?
Adam Caplan: SOBO: Before he got hurt he was decent
Adam Caplan: can play G or C

Adam Caplan: Guys: That's all the time I have, great questions...
Adam Caplan: see you next week

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