Jeff B: Random Observations After Game 1's Jeff Biletnikoff offers his observations after pre-season game one...

* Take everything I say with a grain of salt because it's likely a lot of guys on the field Saturday will be saying "do you want fries with that" before long.

* In spite of my disclaimer above, Antwan Peek looked like a beast Saturday night. Willie McGinest who? Actually the whole D looked pretty good but we all have to be a little disturbed that Larry Johnson's backup Michael Bennett was able to run on them. It looks like the Browns D will have to carry the team at least in the early part of the year and if they have the same old troubles stopping the run, then it's going to be another long year.

* Charlie Frye is continuing his trend of looking halfway decent at times and then making the boneheaded turnover that really costs the team. Thank God this wasn't a regular season game as the backwards pass gone bad would have probably cost the Browns a win.

* Jerome Harrison: How do you NOT know that ball is live especially since KC's backup corner (Benny Sapp) knew darn well it was.

* Let's pray that Leigh Bodden stays healthy and Eric Wright and Daven Holly continue to make strides. The Browns will have 2 legit corners starting with another guy in the nickel package that is talented as well. This could be the best crew of corners since the team returned.

* I'm not comfortable starting the season with either Frye or Anderson. Frye looked like the same old Frye with flashes of brilliance to go along with "why'd he do that?" type of plays and Anderson just looked pretty well out of sync. Let's hope they elevate their game----fast.

* How do you NOT play Quinn for at least a few snaps during mop up time? For that matter, how do you not give Anderson and Frye extra work? We all know that if Ken Dorsey ever starts for the team during the regular season, the Cowboys will be licking their chops in anticipation of the top 5 draft pick they're about to get from the Quinn trade. It made no sense to me to have Dorsey in there when Quinn could have gotten much needed work or at the very least, take the time to get more film on Frye/Anderson.

* I guess that anyone that is willing to "flip a coin" to name a starter shouldn't be counted on to make smart choices with the QB position. Anyone getting deja vu about the summer of 2003 when "gut feelings" named the starter? As sad as it sounds, I'm more comfortable with the coin................

* Someone better step up among the WR's/TE's besides Winslow and Edwards otherwise the offense will struggle even more than I already think it's going to.

* Lots of field goals where their could have been touchdowns out of the Browns offense. Talk about deja vu.............

* C Hank Fraley is the only returning starter on the line in the same position, a new complex offense by Chud is being installed, there's a new feature back and there may be a new QB under C. It's not too realistic to think the offense can gel quickly at the beginning of the season.

* Having said that, I'm going back and forth in my mind over the Quinn situation. If he comes on strong in training camp, do you start him and let him grow with what will eventually be a good offense or sit him and let Frye/Anderson take the lumps of the early season growing pains? The more I see of Frye/Anderson the less I want them doing anything but holding a clipboard so I'm praying Brady Quinn plays lights out the rest of camp and earns the start for the season.

* Is it just me or does the preseason serve to do nothing but get key starters injured while you learn little to nothing about how the team is actually going to perform when the games count?

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