The Quinn Files

Just another day in the life of a rookie quarterback, getting his first significant taste of life at the professional level. To put it bluntly, Brady Quinn has some work to do and it appears the Browns' coaching staff is going to put Quinn's training in high gear.

Despite starting off the afternoon practice running with the receivers, as Charlie Frye was in charge of the hurried first team offense, followed by Derek Anderson and the second team offense, while Ken Dorsey headed the third team. Where did this leave Quinn? Without any players to lead into formation, he spread out wide to the left and ran downfield with what soon would be his targets.

Early in the session, the quarterbacks were conducting throwing drills to uncovered receivers. Mainly running go or hitch and go routes, the quarterbacks were throwing approximately 40-yards downfield to moving targets. Surprisingly, Frye, Anderson, and Dorsey were accurate, while cannon-arm Quinn over threw his targets on each attempt. Something is to be said about his timing, as Quinn displayed plenty of arm-strength to get the ball downfield.

Gone were the wounded ducks from the arm of Quinn, he threw some nice, tight spirals. While Anderson is the man with the reported cannon of an arm, Quinn is a close second, and the rookie is very quick getting into his drops.

From checking down and hitting his secondary receiver to reading the blitz and throwing over the rush, Quinn looked much better prepared on Monday to compete, as those initial jitters to impress has subsided. Not everything was rosy for the kid from Dublin, Ohio on this day, as Quinn also made some poor throws, a couple behind the receivers and another batted down at the line of scrimmage.

As the session progressed, Frye practiced the majority of the afternoon with the starting offense, though all the quarterbacks did rotate through individual drills. Interestingly, Quinn worked as the fourth quarterback, rotating with Dorsey, and then he gained significant practice time with the second team. As practice continued, Quinn also took some snaps with members of the first team offense. In his first week of practice with the team, surprisingly has been fast-tracked in preparation, or the coaching staff wanted to see where the rookie is in his progress.

During the practice session one could sense Quinn was gaining confidence and a comfort level he hadn't achieved during the off-season training activities or in the mini-camp practices. Over a period of a couple days, Quinn has gone from trying to throw the ball through a wall to regaining some of the touch he displayed while playing at Notre Dame. While the results were mixed on this day of heavy introduction to the NFL, Quinn walks away a winner, he did not disappoint and clearly showed he has the mental capacity to compete with the big-boys in camp.

Monday may have only been one practice, but if the rookie can continue to improve upon his first couple public viewings, the Browns just may be in good hands, much sooner than later. And the debate goes on, will it be Frye or Anderson. In three weeks, it could just be Dorsey or Quinn, stranger things have happened.

Realistically, Charlie Frye has been the best quarterback in training camp, but experience tells me the battle is going to heat up and not to discount anyone, especially a rookie with something to prove to himself and all those which have doubted him.


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