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So it's a little late this morning. Big deal. Lighten up. It's the weekend, for crying out loud. Anyway, here's a brief--and we do mean "brief"--DN&WR to get your game day started.

QUINN UPDATE – Rookie quarterback Brady Quinn was neither impressive nor unimpressive during yesterday's practice, mainly because there were no practices scheduled for the day before the second preseason game of the year.

In spite of the lack of on-the-field activities, though, there were no shortage of opinions on how Quinn should be handled in both the short- and long-terms.

John Czarnecki of FOX, in no uncertain terms, called out the Browns for not "fast-tracking" Quinn, while Rob Oller of the Columbus Dispatch brought up the dreaded "TC" word (Tim Couch) in pushing for the Browns to slowly ease the Notre Dame product onto the field.

My guess?  Quinn himself will determine whether he's fast-tracked or eased into the lineup, although I get the feeling that the Browns would indeed prefer Oller's approach.  Although, given the current state of the quarterback position, that may not be possible.

If Romeo Crennel wants to keep his job, that is.

– Two notes on the above-mentioned and well-written Oller piece: 

  1. Jamal Lewis won't turn 31 until August 26 of 2010.
  2. Oller writes that "coach Chris Palmer panicked after losing the opener to Pittsburgh 43-0 and benched (Ty) Detmer in favor of Couch…".  I hope, one of these days, that it really comes out and people realize that it was Dwight Clark and Carmen Policy, not Palmer, who panicked and pushed for Couch to become the starter following the season-opening fiasco.  The quote credited to Palmer was mere window dressing and the organization's way of publicly showing that the bespectacled coach was indeed the Head Mother Fudder In Charge.  In reality, Palmer was in no way, shape or form the HMFIC.  Palmer deserves a lot of the blame for the team's performance and most certainly wasn't head-coaching material, but the botching of Couch sits squarely on the shoulders of the twosome responsible for running this organization into the ground.

REALLY? THERE'S SOMETHING ELSE? – As the Warren Tribune-Chronicle points out this morning, there are many ongoing positional battles throughout the depth chart, although the harsh glare of the Great QB Debate somewhat overshadows everything else.

One of the battles mentioned, though, isn't really a battle at all.

Barring injury, Eric Wright has already sewn up the starting corner spot opposite Leigh Bodden.  In deference to veteran Kenny Wright, the man the younger Wright is up against, Crennel will not name the rookie as the starter just yet, but that's mere semantics.

The job is Eric Wright's, and it's his to lose.

– Yesterday I failed to mention that the second-overall pick in the 2007 draft, Calvin Johnson, would be making his first NFL start against the Browns tonight.  I apologize for the oversight.  It won't happen again, mainly because Johnson will never again have a "first" start… Reading stories like this makes me miss Hal even more, and makes me realize that he was a true, once-in-a-lifetime sportswriter… Thanks to the reader who gently pointed out that Tim Carter was acquired via a trade with the Giants.  I guess I should've listened to my mom when she told me "Son, never, ever start drinking at four o'clock in the morning."  Take that message to heart, young readers… According to the Detroit Free Press, the Lions will be without the services of starters Kalimba Edwards, Mike Furrey and Roy Williams for tonight's game.  The latter two are wide receivers, so perhaps Detroit will only throw for 397 yards this weekend.

: "I sure am." – NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, when asked if he was looking forward to the professional debut of Brady Quinn.

It's a big game. But it's a preseason game and we're going to try to get work and build on it. I just need to be ready to go whenever Coach says it's my time." – Quarterback Derek Anderson, on tonight possibly being the night where a starter at the position emerges.

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