8/21 Practice Notes; The Rainy Edition

The rain continued this morning, as the Browns were forced to practice indoors. Due to the weather and maybe wanting to get a closer look at some select players, head coach Romeo Crennel modified practice today and selected players he wanted on the field.

8/21 Practice Notes


BEREA, OHIO – Tuesday morning in Berea was no different than it has been for the past few days. Rain washed away practice on the outside fields, as the team turned to the indoor field-house to conduct a limited practice session.


Giving many veteran players the morning off, head coach Romeo Crennel had picked players to practice on this morning. While the majority of name players had the opportunity to sleep in as Crennel noted following practice, it was those players in attendance which could be a telling tale.


Rookie quarterback Brady Quinn was the lone quarterback in the field-house and had plenty of opportunity to work with players making up the second, third, and in some cases fourth string on the depth chart. Working at a crisp pace this morning, Quinn is quickly gaining reps and appears much more comfortable with his surroundings, as he worked exclusively with Michael Mann, Mike Mason, Steve Sanders, Travis Wilson, Joshua Cribbs, Kendrick Mosley, Efrem Hill, and Syndric Steptoe on this wet August morning.


Throughout modified position drills and 11-on-11 drills, the Browns offense sputtered along. Continuing their trait from this past Saturday evening, dropped passes, and a couple false start penalties disrupted the flow of the session, which got under the skin of Crennel, as the offense was forced to run following the practice session.



On the field and other notes -


·        Offensive guard Andrew Hoffman left the field midway through practice with an apparent injury to his right shoulder. Following practice, Crennel noted Hoffman did not have any information on the injury and the player was being evaluated.


·        Wide receiver Steve Sanders met with a group of children from East High School in Cleveland this morning. Sanders discussed his youth and what it is like to be in the position he is in, a potential player in the National Football League.


·        More Sanders. Crennel talked about Sanders following practice and noted he was a player the team liked last season and couldn't keep. But, Sanders went to NFL Europe, worked hard and has come back an even better receiver, and the head coach added Sanders has a chance to make this roster.


·        Wide receiver Tim Carter, recovering from a thumb injury is close to returning to action.


·        Cornerback DeMario Minter has fallen significantly behind the others at the cornerback position due to a foot injury, but is now working in drills. Crennel noted Minter was far behind the others when discussing his status.


·        Third tight-end Darnell Dinkins was on the practice field this morning, along with Ryan Krause and Buck Ortega, as the team attempts to iron out depth at the position. The best blocking tight-end on the roster, it was somewhat surprising Crennel had the veteran on the field, though Krause and Ortega have been fairly impressive during this training camp.


·        Rookie receiver Syndric Steptoe and Steve Sanders hauled in nice passes in tight coverage in drills this morning, with the Sanders grab being one which caught the attention of the coaching staff, as he positioned his body, and swiveled up the sideline.


·        Crennel noted following practice that Charlie Frye would start against the Denver Broncos and noted he would be one of two quarterbacks in line to start the season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. The other quarterback went unnamed, as Crennel toyed with the media regarding the identity of the other quarterback.


·        The P.M. outdoor practice session has not been canceled at the time of this writing, but the rain continues to fall in Berea and there are no signs the precipitation is going to let up anytime soon.




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