Chat Transcript: Adam Caplan

Another great chat on Tuesday night. Thanks to everyone who dropped by! Adam gives his unfiltered view of what's happening with the Browns after two weeks of the pre-season...

<Pagedawg> Hi Adam, any injury update on Eric Steinbach?
Adam Caplan: They expect him to be ready for week one, rehabbing

<NewMexicoDawg> Hey Adam, why can't we ever seem to get Joe Jurevicius involved in the offense?
Adam Caplan: NEW: All the other WRs too
Adam Caplan: they have to find a #3 WR

<amore> Could Jerome Harrison and Chris Barclay both make the roster?
Adam Caplan: AM: Harrison has the edge but Barclay can play specials
Adam Caplan: so that gets him consideration

<CCDawg49> any chance both make the team?
Adam Caplan: CC: Sure

<Butzmark> Think there'll be four QBs on the roster Sept 9?
Adam Caplan: BUTZ: Depends if they can deal Frye or Anderson

<ramllov> Adam, how many QBs and how many RBs make the team
Adam Caplan: RAM: Ask me in a week on RBs
Adam Caplan: they could keep Barclay
Adam Caplan: This game is huge for many players
Adam Caplan: third game always is

<nudawg> why would anyone trade for Frye or Anderson?
Adam Caplan: NU: MIN is looking for one
Adam Caplan: They talked to Eagles about Holcomb and may get him
Adam Caplan: Minnesota offered a 7th
Adam Caplan: eagles want a 5th
Adam Caplan: no dice

<ramllov> Could they make Barclay a wide out?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Makes no sense at this point
Adam Caplan: I know you're desperate for help at WR
Adam Caplan: they will have to look outside the roster

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, who offers us a better opportunity Sept 9th, Frye or Anderson?
Adam Caplan: BR: Frye
Adam Caplan: based on Anderson's performances
Adam Caplan: I can't believe how bad Anderson has been so far

<ramllov> Anderson screwed it up, he had the job if he was consistent and did adequate
Adam Caplan: RAM: agreed

<FunkyDawg> Some like Anderson. Why?
Adam Caplan: FUNK: Better arm but he's lost confidence
Adam Caplan: shows in games and practices

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will Williams be a starter opening day?
Adam Caplan: BR: They plan to go with a rotation at ILB
Adam Caplan: Williams will see decent amount of PT
Adam Caplan: they have to play him
Adam Caplan: he brings a physical part which the others don't

<ckindians> does Tyrone Calico have anything left Adam?
Adam Caplan: CK: He had a tryout for the Bears earlier this year
Adam Caplan: he's not part of the good hands people

<ckindians> another chance on Antonio Bryant?
Adam Caplan: CK: None

<ckindians> Dixon did point out that the wide receivers did drop a lot of Anderson passes that should have been caught
Adam Caplan: CK: There were a few but in general, QBs lack consistency
Adam Caplan: and WRs just don't have it

<ramllov> Adam, did you notice anything good on the backup defensive linemen?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I thought the DL this game really didn't bring it

<jevanoff> Adam, don't you think based on Romeo's comment about the #2 QB today that it's obvious that Anderson is gone and
not Frye?
Adam Caplan: JEV: Has to be
Adam Caplan: or at least he has no chance to start
Adam Caplan: Frye will start opening day
Adam Caplan: almost a lock

<BryanK> Adam....back to the DL. What is the biggest problem?
Adam Caplan: BRY: Getting off blocks
Adam Caplan: no penetration at all

<jevanoff> is shawn smith good at end?
Adam Caplan: JEV: He's really out of position

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, what is your take on Quinn's performance in practice and on the field?
Adam Caplan: BR: Can't really judge the last game too much since he didn't play against first or second teamers
Adam Caplan: I want to see him play against better players
Adam Caplan: but when is good is he's learning the offense well

<jevanoff> Adam do you expect Quinn to get some time in the first half at all on Saturday?
Adam Caplan: JEV: Not now
Adam Caplan: but with what they're doing, anything can change

<ramllov> Adam do you see Quinn starting after the bye week?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Depends on too many factors
Adam Caplan: progression of playbook, practices, last two games
Adam Caplan: we need to see how he does
Adam Caplan: I know this, they will not put him in as a starter until he's ready
Adam Caplan: no matter what the fans want

<semitruck> the handling of this quarterback situation is ridiculous!
Adam Caplan: SEMI: I agree to a point
Adam Caplan: Savage takes blame for not having a veteran
Adam Caplan: again
Adam Caplan: and the juggling the first game was a joke
Adam Caplan: embarrassing

<ckindians> Isn't Dorsey supposed to the vet?
Adam Caplan: CK: Veteran that can play

<Brownsfan91171> Adam: After seeing 2 preseason games, what are our chances to maybe split our first 3 games?
Adam Caplan: BR: I hate to judge preseason games but I don't see the progress on offense
Adam Caplan: in passing game

<jevanoff> I think there's a little progress, other then the specific plays that Frye messed up it's obvious he has progressed
Adam Caplan: JEV: I do see a little more from Frye but they need much more
Adam Caplan: Quinn has some things that he doesn't

<semitruck> the offense lacks leadership - neither Charlie or Derek have the "intangibles" necessary to lead this team
Adam Caplan: SEMO: See my last comment
Adam Caplan: you nailed it

<ckindians> Anthony Wright might be cut loose
Adam Caplan: CK: Yes
Adam Caplan: I might take a look at him
Adam Caplan: he's better than Frye and Anderson probably

<sfanScott> Adam, were some of the problems CF and DA had a result of coaching or not grasping the playbook?
Adam Caplan: SFAN: Just lack of overall consistency
Adam Caplan: from practice to practice
Adam Caplan: And it's not about who they are throwing to
Adam Caplan: it's just what they're not doing

<BryanK> How much damage can be done by letting Quinn play now?
Adam Caplan: BRY: You never want to put a QB in until he's ready

<jevanoff> Adam didn't I hear you or someone on Sirius say they knew some teams interested in Anderson or Frye
Adam Caplan: JEV: I think someone will trade for one of them
Adam Caplan: Anderson has a better rep around the NFL
Adam Caplan: so he could be the one

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, can the Browns rely on Lewis until Quinn is ready
Adam Caplan: BR: That's the plan, good running game
Adam Caplan: control the clock...
Adam Caplan: but D has to be good
Adam Caplan: secondary is looking solid
Adam Caplan: DL is not
Adam Caplan: that's a problem, they got run on

<tjm427> can butler beat out shaffer at rt
Adam Caplan: TJ: Unlikely

<bayareaactor> Adam why does Anderson have a better rep than Frye? What does that mean?
Adam Caplan: BAY: scouts feel Anderson has a better overall game

<sfanScott> Adam, any word on Bodden's ankle? looks like he tweaked it Sat
Adam Caplan: SF: He says he's fine

<ramllov> Adam, Savage has said he needed to fix the secondary and the offensive line, are you satisfied?
Adam Caplan: RAM: They need at least one more veteran DL
Adam Caplan: who can stop the run
Adam Caplan: they'll get pass rush from OLBS

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, how much do our LBS affect that problems with the running game?
Adam Caplan: BR: Defensive linemen aren't clearing space for them
Adam Caplan: that's a huge problem

<FunkyDawg> Why hasn't Savage brought in help from FA for the DL?
Adam Caplan: FUNK--they might wind up doing that before season starts

<Brownsfan91171> Adam, will moving Smith back to NT help?
Adam Caplan: BR: Yes

<ramllov> There are no current FA DL men available.
Adam Caplan: RAM: There are a few
Adam Caplan: actually
Adam Caplan: But run stoppers, probably not

<FunkyDawg> When will Orpheus return?
Adam Caplan: FUNL Very questionable for week one

<ramllov> Adam, who do you expect to be available after the roster cuts happen. Have you heard anything?
Adam Caplan: RAM: I do my cut projections about 3-4 days before final cuts

<semitruck> What is C. Simon doing? Does he feel like playing football?
Adam Caplan: SEM: He worked out for the Titans on Monday

<BrownsGettinBetter> Ok Adam, let's get to the point, does Crennel make it through the season? He has demonstrated very little leadership and seems in over his head.
Adam Caplan: BR: No chance
Adam Caplan: Too much going against him

<sfanScott> Adam, who is leading for the third WR spot, Wright,Wilson or does Cribbs have a shot
Adam Caplan: SF: No leaders
Adam Caplan: for #3
Adam Caplan: it's a shame
Adam Caplan: they have to get a veteran in there
Adam Caplan: forget numbers, they mean nothing on depth
Adam Caplan: you can have 10 WRs but if they can't play, you have nothing

<CCDawg49> any vets available FA or via trade that would fit as #3 WR?
Adam Caplan: CC: Good question, I'll look at that for the next chat
Adam Caplan: there has to be some

<amore> Keep Barclay over Cribbs - agree?
Adam Caplan: AM: Cribbs will make it

<jevanoff> Why don't the browns sign Robert Ferguson
Adam Caplan: JEV: MIN signed him, looks like Tarzan plays like Jane
Adam Caplan: CLE has enough of them

<nudawg> david mcmillen has looked good in preseason games. do you think he should be given a chance to contribute?
Adam Caplan: NU: He should be active on gameday
Adam Caplan: potential there

<amore> Vickers is the only back with size behind Jamal - will he get carries?
Adam Caplan: AM: Yes, probably a few

<BrownsGettinBetter> This season looks like a lost cause for the Browns in terms of wins.
Adam Caplan: BR: I'm disappointed certain things haven't happened
Adam Caplan: or progressed
Adam Caplan: QB, WRs, DL

<ramllov> Adam is McKinney the right guard on opening day?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Don't see why not

<Brownsfan91171> Adam: is Savage getting frustrated with Crennel lately?
Adam Caplan: BR: Couldn't say one way or the other
Adam Caplan: it will be interesting though
Adam Caplan: what happens if they get off to a slow start

<ckindians> I think Detroit keeps T.J. Duckett
Adam Caplan: CK: Yes because of Jones' injury status

<dogsqb13> Peter Warrick have anything left...or too inconsistent as well?
Adam Caplan: DOG: Probably not
Adam Caplan: too bad though
Adam Caplan: I had him on the list

<nudawg> with our qb, I can't see getting a fast start.
Adam Caplan: NU: That's a huge part of it

<ramllov> Adam, do you see the Browns starting 2-4?
Adam Caplan: RAM: Lets put it this way, I don't see a good start
Adam Caplan: based on what we've seen
Adam Caplan: we'll see what happens this game, this is the most important one
Adam Caplan: #3

<amore> Bodden's ankle going to be a problem?
Adam Caplan: AM: Nagging

<FunkyDawg> Damn. The season is over before it starts
Adam Caplan: FU: If they could go 2-2
Adam Caplan: that would be huge

<Brownsfan91171> Adam what concerns you most QB, D-Line or WR?
Adam Caplan: BR: QB then WR then DL
Adam Caplan: I guess I was wrong on Anderson, I thought he could at least be average

<BrownsGettinBetter> Adam, Sam Rutigliano is a big proponent of Quinn starting immediately. I think he is right. Quinn is probably the best QB we have. Do you agree with Sammy?
Adam Caplan: BR: I don't agree at all
Adam Caplan: Quinn isn't ready
Adam Caplan: the coaches know what they're doing there
Adam Caplan: Sam also has been out of the league for 20 years
Adam Caplan: loved Sam as a coach though
Adam Caplan: good sound bites

<ramllov> The team is not what I expected in August. I thought we would have a full set of starters with some good developing backup players
Adam Caplan: RAM: I agree to a point
Adam Caplan: Some things I really agree that should have been better

<CCDawg49> adam, what do you think about what chud has shown as an OC so far?
Adam Caplan: CC: I think scheme is good
Adam Caplan: players, eh

<LeBentley> I thought Leon Williams was out of position a lot against the Lions? Does he have a real chance at being a starter this
year, or has this been mostly hype?
Adam Caplan: LE: unless you have their scheme in front of you or coaches tape, hard to really know
Adam Caplan: Williams has caught their eye
Adam Caplan: I know that

Adam Caplan:
See you guys next week, good chat
Adam Caplan: pray for a good game this week

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