Berea Report: Fraley is Glue in Middle

Fred Greethem reports from Thursday's Browns practice in Berea as Browns training camp comes to a close. Here's the latest...

BEREA - When LeCharles Bentley went down on the first day of training camp in 2006, panic was all around the Browns, especially when Bentley's backup, Bob Hallen, abruptly retired.

However, before training camp ended, Phil Savage was able to make a deal to bring Hank Fraley to the Browns just prior to the regular season. Fraley stepped in immediately and did a nice job as he played in all 16 games as the starting center.

Even though the Browns don't know if and when Bentley will be able to return to the field, Fraley has been more than an adequate insurance policy. They signed him to a four-year contract his past off-season.

"Last year, it was a crash course learning the playbook," Fraley said. "I literally had just a couple of days to get ready for the season."

Fraley has been here for all of last season and the off season and feels good about his situation.

"This year has been great," he said. "I've been able to take it one day at a time and learn with everyone else through training camp."

"I'm a very blue-collar guy," Fraley said. "I fit in very well with this team and this town."

Fraley thinks the Browns can really make a big step up on the line with the improvements and additions made.

"I think we can be as good as we want to be as a line," Fraley said. "We definitely could be good. If we concentrate and work together to do well, I think we can accomplish that."

Fraley is also excited to have a back the caliber of Jamal Lewis behind him. Lewis has shown in the preseason he still has some explosiveness.

"To have a back like Jamal back there is exciting," Fraley said. "It doesn't take a lot to open up a hole for him. Usually, one guy can't bring him down."

Fraley is excited to be a part of helping the Browns turn things around.

"It's a new year," he said. "We have a new offense with an up tempo game. We can set the pace."


Camp Over: Training camp is officially over as the Browns toiled in heavy humidity and hot conditions Thursday afternoon in Berea. The team will travel to Denver for their third preseason game on Saturday against the Broncos.

"It was the last day of training camp, officially," Crennel said. "We had a good camp and appreciated all the support of the fans."

Crennel said the starters would play the first half against Denver.

Frye Moves; Quinn Stalls: The Browns worked a two-minute offense. Charlie Frye moved the ball to the three before settling for a field goal. The big play was a nice catch by WR Braylon Edwards at the three-yard line as he narrowly took the ball from CB Daven Holly. On Quinn's series, he moved the ball to the 15 on a pass over the middle to TE Ryan Krause. The drive stalled there. Quinn had a couple of bad passes behind the receiver and one that sailed over the head of the receiver. Jesse Ainsworth made the field goal.  QB Derek Anderson didn't run the two-minute offense, nor did QB Ken Dorsey.

Dorsey had performed well in the preseason thus far and has been under the radar. Some think the Browns will keep him over Anderson or Frye as the third quarterback when the season begins.

"I just go out and work hard," Dorsey said. "I'm a blue collar guy and want to do whatever I can. I want to play just like the other guys, but I want to do what is asked of me."

Vickers Out: FB Lawrence Vickers pulled his hamstring in Thursday's practice and will held out for Saturday's game. Crennel said he is day-to-day. The following players were ruled out for the Broncos game: LB Andra Davis (ankle), DL Simon Fraser (abscess), OL Andrew Hoffman (shoulder), LB Mason Unck (knee), WR Efrem Hill (shoulder), FB J.R. Niklos (knee), CB Gary Baxter (knee), S Justin Sandy (knee) and OL Eric Steinbach (knee). WR Tim Carter was back at practice and caught a couple of passes. CB Kenny Wright was back at practice and took some reps with the first team.

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