Vinny the Fly: Here's Da Scoop

The Browns six-legged insect has heard an earful, and passes it along to you. The latest on players battling back from injury (Bentley, Steinbach, Baxter) and more on those faintly buzzing trade rumors...

Beyond the hype, past the useless rhetoric, there are machinations and changes happening within the Cleveland Browns organization.

Some of these the team is willing to discuss. Other things, well, the team does not believe the fans or public should concern themselves with. At the Orange and Brown Report, we let you decide. 

Here's what's going on:

  • Kevin Shaffer is the starter at right tackle and do not expect this to change anytime soon. Though Shaffer has been shaky at times in training camp, he holds down the position. Kelly Butler was hoped to be a legitimate threat to Shaffer claiming the job, but has not achieved at the level expected, sources tell the Orange and Brown Report.

  • Offensive guard Eric Steinbach is progressing from a knee sprain and is on schedule to get on the practice field prior to the regular season opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers, sources have told the Orange and Brown Report. The overall extent of his process will not be known until he takes the field, but the strength and conditioning portion of his rehab are going well.

  • Injured center LeCharles Bentley continues to rehab, in his effort to return to the playing field for the Cleveland Browns. While Bentley has noted he believes he can play effectively at 90%, the Orange and Brown Report has learned Bentley is far from the goal and will be placed on PUP prior to the start of the season.

  • The immediate future of defensive back Gary Baxter is a clouded one. Coming off patella tendons tears in each knee, Baxter improbable comeback is slowing. Baxter has experienced soreness in the knees, which has limited his availability during training camp. If Baxter is unable to practice or compete for a viable role, he could be placed on IR for the season. A feel-good story, the team is not expecting Baxter to contribute on the field anytime soon.

  • Some backdoor rumors are quietly circulating that the Browns are attempting to trade quarterback Charlie Frye. A team source tells the Orange and Brown Report that the team is open to dealing the quarterback, as there are those within the organization which believe Derek Anderson is the better option at this time, despite his below-average showing in training camp.

  • When asking a member of the Browns' offensive unit recently what the problem is on the offensive side of the ball, the Orange and Brown Report was relatively surprised to hear the response. We were told flat-out that the quarterbacks battling for the starting position just don't make quick, accurate decisions. Getting the unit into the sets take too long and there is too much indecision within the ranks.

    When asked as to which player is best suited to be under the center for the team at this time, the player told the Orange and Brown Report that Ken Dorsey knows what to do, but will never be given an opportunity for personal reasons, Frye is too scatter-brained, Anderson too robotic, and Quinn needs a little more time. Furthermore, some players on the offensive side of the ball are concerned their efforts are going for naught, as the quarterbacks are not viewed as legitimate leaders by all involved.

  • Running backs Chris Barclay and Jerome Harrison may be embattled in the best competition of this training camp. Both are young, talented players with something to offer the team. Barclay has gotten the attention of the coaching staff with his quickness, reliability, and versatility. While Harrison, a Browns' draft selection of a year ago has the look of an ideal third down back. We are hearing Barclay has a slight edge in the completion, due to his abilities on special teams and in the return game. The sense of urgency and controlled emotion Barclay has displayed while on the practice field has been noted.

  • The Browns really like offensive guard Fred Matua. His physical style of play and better-than-anticipated mobility have impressed the team. Out with an ankle injury at present, Matua could be one of those players which happen to find a home on the roster. Unfortunately, the injury may ultimately cost him a chance to secure a position.

  • The wide receiver position has been disappointing for the team, but the youth deep on the depth chart could make a play for roster spots. Heading into camp, players like Steve Sanders and Mike Mason were thought of as little more as training camp roster filler. Heading into the third preseason contest, Sanders and Mason have done well and could make the decision process a little tougher, as better-known players such as Travis Wilson and Tim Carter struggle.

Until next time, dis is Vinny da Fly.... and now you've got the scoop. 

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