Trade Winds Blowin' In?

The OBR reported last March that the Cleveland Browns were willing to part with starting QB Charlie Frye via a trade. What's the situation as of today? The OBR's John Taylor digs up the truth (again), and here it is...

In March of this year, The Orange & Brown Report reported on the willingness of the Browns to deal last year's starting quarterback, Charlie Frye, although no teams even hinted at biting on a deal at the time.

Fast-forward five months, and apparently that is still the case.  On both counts.  With another player being tossed into the deep end of the trade pool for good measure.

Multiple league sources over the last week to ten days have informed The OBR that the Browns have made it very clear on several occasions that both Frye and/or Derek Anderson are available.  While the sources say the organization is not actively shopping either QB, it's known around the league that both could be had.  For a fairly small price.

"Let's just say that the feelers have been put out there," one source said.

"Teams talk all the time.  Then those teams talk to other teams, and so on and so on, and in the end everyone knows everyone else's business.  Right now, teams know that if they want either (Frye or Anderson), they're available."

The only problem, though, is that teams aren't interested.  At all.

While the Browns would be willing, according to one source, to take a mid-to-late second-day pick for Frye, and a late second-day for Anderson, teams have not responded with any measure of excitement or interest.

"Personally, I know of no teams who have any type of interest.  I know we don't," said the front office exec of one team who's in the market for a quality backup QB.

There seems to be two reasons behind the league-wide lack of interest.

One, teams know that Brady Quinn is the starter-in-training, and he has performed well enough in preseason for teams around the league to think that either Frye (less likely) or Anderson (increasing likely) would be a roster cut this year and thus become available without giving up anything in return.

Two, NFL clubs simply do not hold the two in as high a regard as the club, the fans and certain media types do.

"Why would any team in their right mind trade for either one of them?  I'd rather have that second-day pick and hope he turns into something than trade for players who have hit their ceiling or are damn close to it," said another source.

Interestingly, two Browns sources that The OBR speaks with on a semi-regular basis would neither confirm nor deny the availability of either QB, even off-the-record. 

One of the Browns sources did hint that the availability of Frye is overblown, saying that he "doesn't know of too many teams that give up their starting QB just before the start of the season.  A rumor like that just seems odd to me."  

One other interesting sidenote to this whole trade discussion: of the six front office-types The OBR spoke to regarding the Browns current QB situation, four of them stated that, if they had to trade for one of the two, they would go with Anderson.

And their reasoning?

Frye has pretty much hit his ceiling and there is little hope for progression, whereas Anderson has the potential to get better.


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