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So, you don't understand the deal with the quarterbacks. That's OK, neither does the head coach. Which is not necessarily a good thing. (shaking head in bewilderment)

The following is a quote from head coach Romeo Crennel following yesterday's practice, presumably after being peppered with yet another quarterback question: 

"I don't understand the deal with the quarterback position. I know it's an important position, but I told you last week that Charlie was going to start and then Anderson was going to come in. I'm telling you this week that Charlie is going to start and then Derek will come in. We're going week to week and that could be the same for every position."

You don't understand the concern and questions with the position?  Really?  Seriously?

Forget for a moment that it's the most critical position in this team game, whether people want to admit it and especially on this club.

(Please see 2007 draft day trade-up for further clarification.) 

You, more than anybody else, should understand exactly why you are getting a barrage of QB questions on a seemingly hourly basis.  See, because it's you and your indecisiveness that has caused this situation to linger.

Certainly, the play of the two QB's fighting for the job--Charlie Frye and Derek Anderson--has left a lot to be desired and has not made pulling the trigger on a decision any easier.  As has the rapid development of rookie Brady Quinn.

That still doesn't change the fact that you have made yourself look like a coin-flipping, timid, uncertain professional football coach.

This is not a Porsche vs. McLaren Formula One battle.  Just decide between the Yugo and the Ford Fiesta and get on with it.  Get on with one man at the position as your team continues to implement an entirely new offensive scheme.

And, please, stop being taken aback by the daily QB questions.  You're a smarter man than that and it's beneath you to feign shock and disgust over it.

: Over the last week and a half, a multitude of people--myself included--have been beating the drum for Crennel to name someone, anyone, as his starter and get it over with.

That same multitude, again with myself included, have lamented the fact that we are X games away from the start of the regular season and the naming of a starter is not anywhere in sight.

Well, take heart, for we are not alone.  In Oakland, the fans and media are going through a similar issue.

Just yesterday, new Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin finally announced that his one-time three-horse race for the club's starting QB competition has been shaved to two.  And that's after three preseason games plus a full training camp.  And the league's over number one draft pick, JaMarcus Russell, sidelined in a contract dispute.

At least Crennel had his competition down to a two-man race after the second preseason game and before the end of camp.  So, the Browns have that going for them, which is nice.

POINT OF ORDER: In his normally astute Monday Morning QB feature, Peter King wrote the following - "Three touchdowns by Brady Quinn now, all in garbage time. But it's encouraging to see a guy who missed so much practice time playing competently."  Memo to Peter: Quinn's touchdown versus the Broncos came midway through the third quarter and with more than a sprinkling of starters from both teams still littering the field.  Hardly garbage time.  I know that's picking a nit, but please make a note of it.  Thanks in advance for your cooperation in this matter.

RANDOM THOUGHT: Why all of the hand-wringing over whether Michael Vick gets to play again?  What he did was despicable and shows a serious flaw in his character.  I would think that working on Vick, the man, is more important than worrying about Vick, the football player.  Then again, that doesn't make for good TV, does it World Wide Leader In Sports?

ODDS & ENDS: As is normally the case, there were no huge surprises in the announcement of the first round of cuts yesterday afternoon.  Of the nine players who were outright released, only two--Kendrick Mosely and Orien Harris--could even be labeled as mild surprises... As an aside, the Browns still must make one more roster move by 4:00 p.m. EST this afternoon to get down to the NFL-mandated limit of 75.  That move could entail anything from another outright release to LeCharles Bentley being placed on the PUP list... Both Eric Steinbach and Orpheus Roye returned to the practice field yesterday, but have been ruled out of the preseason finale on Thursday.  Both players are expected to be ready for the regular-season opener against Pittsburgh in twelve days.

STAT OF THE DAY: Brady Quinn's QB  rating is 119.8, which is second to Peyton Manning's 126.1 this preseason... Quinn's QB rating, minus the four clock-killing spikes in his professional debut? 137.27.

QUOTE OF THE DAY: "We knew exactly what we were doing and we were able to execute it. When you put in a whole new offense and it's so complex, it takes a couple of games to really understand it and be able to run it perfectly." -- Rookie offensive tackle Joe Thomas, on the first-team offense's struggles the first two preseason games.

QUOTE OF THE DAY, THE SEQUEL: "I still can't tell from our coach's video. It's inconclusive. At the time when I looked across, I saw the official right on the play. He didn't hesitate one minute and he ruled it an incomplete pass." -- Head coach Romeo Crennel, on the Quinn non-TD pass to Joe Jurevicius this past Saturday.

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