Week 4 Gameballs and Goats

Butch Davis takes it on the chin, and Jamel White gets most of the props, in this week's installment of Gameballs and Goats. Here are this week's results, the year-to-date totals, and (of course) your comments via email!

Here are the results for Week 4 of the season, as well as the Year-to-Date scores and comments we got via email to gameballs@brownstng.com.

Week 4 Results

Gameballs (Votes)
1. Jamel White (45)
2. Andra Davis (20)
3. Gerard Warren (12)
4. Orpheus Roye (11)
Dennis Northcutt (9)
6. Courtney Brown (8)
7. Kevin Bentley (7)

Goat Horns (Votes)
1. Butch Davis (32)
2. Bruce Arians (19)
3. Coaching Staff (14)
4. Quincy Morgan (13)
5. Tim Couch (11)
6. Ross Verba (10)
7. Phil Dawson (9)

Year-To-Date Leaders

Team MVP: Gameball Points
1. (1)
Kelly Holcomb (13 pts)
2. (8) Jamel White (12)
3. (2)
Phil Dawson (11)
4. (3)
Andre Davis (9)
5. (7) Dennis Northcutt (8)

David Modell Award for Uselessness: Goathorn Points
1. (1) William Green (-13)
2. (-) Butch Davis (-8)
3. (2)
Dwayne Rudd (-7)
3. (2) Offensive Line (-7)
3. (2) Run Defense (-7)

Method: Gameball or goat points are awarded to the first through seventh place finishers in each category. (Seven points to the top gameball vote-getter, six to second place, etc). Goat points are subtracted from gameball points to calculate a total.

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Your Comments in Week 4


Jamel White - The best back on the team, and it's not ever close. - MikeJ

Jamel White- Why isn't this guy starting? Could someone please explain this to me? Oh yeah. I remember now. Read the blurb below on Butch Davis about being narrow-minded and stubborn.- FGMDawg

Jamel White- Can you say starter? I'm all for keeping Green as part of the game plan, but you HAVE to get this guy in the game. He makes way too many plays. - Dave K.

Jamel White - He's the starter Butch! Get a clue already. - David H.

Jamel White is a passionate runner. Green is a dog. Bring back Ben Gay. - GhostDawg

Jamel White - Nice running there Mr. White. Don't take that fact that you are not the starter in Butch's eyse cause you are a STAR in the fans eyes - DK

Andra Davis--Rookies picked that low in the draft shouldn't make interceptions like that! - JMatt

Courtney Brown, Kevin Bentley, and Robert Griffith- All three were around the ball all day long. Coutney Brown finally came out of his shell today. - DXDawg

C. Brown: Played with passion, and made plays. Blew up a screen, pass back to Kordell, and was a force against the run. - William R.

Kevin Bentley : great punt block and tripped up Randle El a time or two, too! - Yogi8

Bentley & Davis(LB) Both have shown a lot of improvement and the future looks good!!! - VaDawgLB

Special Teams: A blocked punt and a blocked field goal should have been enough to get the win. - Kevin S.

Dennis Northcutt - For the magic hands and feet...he should start in place of oops-I-did-it-again-hands-of-stone-Morgan.

Northcutt - continues to make plays and displays incredible body control and sideline awareness. - DawgUSA

Browns run defense - George, Bettis, Zeroue and Fuamatwhateva didn't all have a "bad game" on their respective days - Phil S.

Andra Davis - Incredible interception right when the Browns needed it the most. Key to the game if we'd won. - P. Pot

Earl Holmes...Leading tackler for the 3rd straight game. He's looking great - Heath

O-Line: With the exception of a couple late (and questionable) penalties, the offensive line pretty much manhandled the Steelers front seven. - Jeff M.

Warren / Roye: These two guys shut down the run and quite simply Plugged the whole line of scrimmage - DJDawg

Warren / Roye: These two are the reason Bettis averaged 1.7 yards per carry.- Browns Beer

Run defense- it is nice to watch those backs that used to beat on us week in and week out, get stuffed at the line time and time again. Two weeks in a row now....... - Buce

XFL: Who would have thought that Maddox will finally help us get rid of Cryin Kordello. Thank god there won't be much life left in the trials and tribulations of Kordell and Cowher. Or worse, yet another camera shot of the two of them. - JS in CT


Butch Davis - As much as it pains me to give one to the savior of the franchise, placing the offense in the fetal position in the 4th quarter may win some games, but never championships. Go for the throat!! - MikeJ

Butch Davis is a big goat!! .....'cause he doesn't know how to win in the NFL. Only he only directs the team not to lose. That's fine for winning against the Bengals and the Ratbirds.. . ... but not better teams in the league! - Alvin "Steamed in Indianapolis" H.

Anthony Henry and Daylon McCutcheon - We was Madduxed I tells you! - David H.

Von Oelhoffen's head! - Buce

The OL - Couch was under pressure all day. They couldn't pick up the blitz worth a damn. Even though they were opening some lanes for White they weren't dominating the way they should considering the Steelers were dropping back as many as 8 defenders on 1st and 2nd down. - P. Pot

Quincy Morgan - from the man without whom Bottle-gate would not have been possible....he would make a good Batman villian. Holy dropped touchdown Batman! The Bobbler strikes again! - Scott B.

Butch Davis- Some of the worst coaching decisions I've seen him make yet were on display during this game. During the fourth quarter and in OT, he basically "played not to lose" and went conservative. This guy has not shown me that he is a brilliant game day coach. He is reminding me more of Marty Schottenheimer: a good coach overall, but narrow-minded, stubborn, conservative, and somehow finds ways to lose important games. - FGMDawg

Butch Davis deserves a goat for running a conservative, "lets hope we do not lose" game plan. We have example after example of the Steelers being beaten by the passing game. Cincinnati did it last year, New England did it last year and this year, and Oakland did it this year... What happened to finishing the other team off? The Eagles learned that lesson in losing to the Titans. We should have learned that leason in beating the Titans. - WVDawg

I give up. They are all goats. A winning football team cannot/doesn't let games like this slip away. If there is a way to lose, why do the Browns always seem to find and use it? Unfortunately, it all starts with the leadership and Butch Davis gets my vote this week. - David M.

I am sick and tired of playing safe with a lead. We need a coaching staff, and more specifacly an offensive coordinator, that has an attitude of going for the throat. The most critical point in that game came when we got the ball back in overtime following the interception. At this point we need to go after their defense and put them on their heels. Instead we run three times and settle for a 45 yard field goal attempt. Where's the killer instinct? Come on coachs!!!! Your team is in danger of taking on the personality of the coachs. That's a scary thought. Gutless, scared, and wimpy is no way to go through life young man!!!!! - Ron C.

Pete Garcia..............I mean you recruited Clinton Portis, Davis coached him for two years, and you still didn't see he was three times the player William Green is? - Robert M.

Special Teams--After you block a kick like that, you have to cover the ball. On the replay, it appeared some of the Browns were celebrating while the ball was still live. I don't think they knew it was third down! - JMatt

Goat to-NFL Rules Committee, that is a bogus rule on blocked FG - Gene G.

NFL Rules Committee...a FG attempt that is actually kicked and blocked goes back to the kicking team for a second try???? Why would you "penalize" the team that block the FG attempt?????? That's like saying, "You saved that girl from choking with the Heimlich maneuver! You're a hero!! Oh, but now she's suing you for cracking her rib!" It's just not right. - Heath

Phil Dawson : I know it wasn't an easy kick, but if you make it, you woulda had a gameball, you missed it, you're a goat. yogi8

CBS network - for assigning a lousy crew with no sideline reporter to tell us why Jerome Bettis wasn't playing - MattW

Brent Jones. Always thought he was an idiot. Good to know he hasn't proven me wrong. - JS in CT

Foge Fazio: For all of his hard worked he gets punked by an XFL'er. Somuch for the D. - Jeff M.

Tim Couch - He through one impressive pass all day, a 20 yarder on a rope to Davis. That's it! He does not make good or quick decisions. He looks better throwing the ball away than he does to our receivers. Unnecessary sacks also. What happened to our downfield passing over the past two weeks? It is NON-EXISTENT. I waited a week to blast him because we won last week, but quite frankly he did not impress me last week, the Titans gave us that game. We will Not go anywhere with Couch at the helm unless he vastly improves. Bring on Kelly! - DjDawg

Couch - When is he going to learn to read the defense and make his progression reads quicker. LB's do drop into cover over the middle! - VaDawgLB

I know I am not a football expert, but what I do know is that as long as Tim Couch is the Browns starting quarterback we can kiss this season goodbye and probably many more. - Michael M.

Special Teams Blocking: Is there a reason that you wouldn't want to get a good push if you were trying for the win in OT? If the ball hit some ones helmet you aren't doing your job. - Browns_beer

Offensive line: 5 minutes to go, we have the ball at the 40. 15 yards in penalties gives the Steelers the ball back. That is crunch time. Get your attitude, T off on the guy in front of you. Seal the deal. They didn't get it done. William R.

Earl Holmes - Helping the other team up and patting them on the butt. This is his old team but DANG it is also the Squeallers used to be that you poked them in the eyes and spit on them in the pile. - Mark M.

Anthony Henry - He's getting exposed much more this year...how do you let a 6'6" dude get behind you down at the goal line? - Dave K.

Defensive Secondary played 12 yards off the WR and allowed continual short yardage passes that turned into much more. Why no bump and run or jamming the WR? - FlaDawg1

Every Fan that Bashes Couch for this Loss!!!!!! Cleveland is sick and tired of hearing the small minority cry every week whether he does well or not! Start Bashing Butch for being afraid to go for the juggler when you've got them on their heels in the fourth and in OT!! That was Horrible! - Rob in Massilon

Coaching staff - It's a game of adjustments. When the Steelers go to a different non-mobile QB. "SWITCH GAMEPLANS!" If your getting torched on pass plays in a no huddle offense with 2 time outs. TAKE ONE. Get your defense to regroup. Then come out and kick butt. - Atomic Dawg

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