Browns to Cut Roster to 53

The day that players and coaches alike dread is here: roster cut-down day. All NFL teams have to trim their active rosters to 53 players, a task more difficult for the Browns in 2007 than in previous years...

Phil Savage with speak with the local media at 1PM to discuss the changes. The OBR will provide immediate coverage of roster cuts and comments.

All NFL clubs are required to reduce their rosters to 53 active players this afternoon, which means difficult messages have been communicated to NFL hopefuls over the last 24 hours. Clubs generally begin informing players about their status on Friday, after having a chance to review tape of the final pre-season game.

For some players, it's not over. As many as eight players can be re-added to the team's practice squad tomorrow afternoon.

The Browns have a number of difficult choices to make today, at a number of positions. Quarterback and running back both have four players vying for spots, with the organization forced to decide whether three or four players will be kept at each.

Competition for roster spots is especially fierce at linebacker, where new additions Kris Griffin and Jason Short have provided little excuse to be dumped. At wide receiver, the team needs to decide which athletes might best evolve into the third and fourth receivers the club so badly need.

As always, stay tuned to the OBR for updates throughout the day.

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