Fuller Hopes to Play

<B>UPDATED AT 5:30PM EST</B> - Butch Davis challenges Browns fans.<BR><BR>Corey Fuller is about as forthcoming as the Browns front office when it comes to his injury, but the Browns starting cornerback says he will try to play on Sunday. Get the latest from Berea from Insider David Carducci!

After having his knee and hamstring examined, Corey Fuller refused to say exactly what type of injury he suffered Sunday in Pittsburgh when he was forced to leave the game in the third quarter.

While he is officially listed as questionable for Sunday night's game with Baltimore with a hamstring injury, Fuller said he felt a twinge behind his knee when he first suffered the injury.

"I know what it is, but I'm not telling you," Fuller told reporters Wednesday.

Originally, it was believed that Fuller was injured when he collided with Antwaan Randle El early in the third quarter. Fuller said on Tuesday that he was hurt trying to explode out of his break to make a play on the ball on a sideline route. He did not blame the injury on Heinz Field's much maligned turf.

The big question on Wednesday was whether or not Fuller thought he would be able to play against the Ravens. Fuller did not have an answer.

"I don't know," said Fuller. "It's so-so ... My mentality is there is probably some type of modern medicine that will help me (be ready)."

DAVIS CHALLENGES FANS... On Sunday, Butch Davis said the frenzied Heinz Field crowd was a huge advantage for the Steelers.

Today, Davis admitted he has been surprised by the sedate atmosphere in Cleveland Browns Stadium, and challenged the crowd to turn it up Sunday when the Browns play the Ravens.

Davis said he remembered old Cleveland Municipal Stadium crowds being more involved in the game when he came to town as an assistant with Dallas.

"Maybe it was because there were 80,000 people," said Davis. "I don't know if it is because of the corporate numbers, and I know some people wait and tailgate and stay until the last minute, and they don't necessarily get into a real frenzy until certain points in the game. I know some people take an extended halftime. The bleachers are about half empty until the middle of the third quarter. Hopefully that won't be the case Sunday night. Hopefully the action will be good enough on the field that everybody will stay in their seats and scream their lungs out."

... The Browns are calling Sunday night "Orange Pride Night," and are asking fans to wear as much orange as possible at the game.

As part of the promotion, fans will be given posters of the Browns' first four first-round picks when they enter the stadium. The poster featuring Tim Couch, Courtney Brown, Gerard Warren and William Green is courtesy of MBNA. Face painters will also be available in the Gridiron Grille on the south side of the stadium and in the Budweiser Barking Lot on the north side of the stadium.

BEASLEY TO PLAY OL ... Recently signed Chad Beasley played his entire college career at Virginia Tech as a defensive tackle, earning a second-team All-Big East selection in his senior year. He was selected as a defensive lineman in the seventh round by the Minnesota Vikings. The Browns have signed him off the Vikings' practice squad with the plan of turning him into an offensive lineman. He played on the offensive line at Gate City High School in Virginia, earning All-State honors. Beasley's father, Tom, played for the Steelers from 1978-83, and with the Redskins from 1984-86.

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